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Last Updated: 28th May 2015

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Branch Secretaries are requested to forward cases to CS through email 

All Circle Office Bearers,executives and Branch Secretaries are requested to meet every Thursday at Association Office in the Evening from 4-30 PM  

WHO SHOULD BE PRINCIPAL EMPLOYER IN BSNL? (click here for some expert comment)


PA/PS residency order(click here)



Click Here For Diary 2015 Order

AIBSNLEA re-schedules the notified dates of its 2nd Central Working Committee Meeting after 4th All India Conference held at Nashik  in November 2013 to be held at SWAMI VIVEKANANDA AUDITORIUM OF MOULALI RAJYA YUBA KENDRA at Moulali Crossing, 142/3, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata - 700014 on 25th August 2015 and 26th August 2015. Revised notification is being issued shortly.



CONGRATULATION! Our effort yielded result. CGM/CTD is pleased to modify the date of effect of Officiating JTOs.He is convinced by our positive argument.We have come to know the file has been approved just now.and formal order may be released soon.

Thanks to all concerned in CTD Administration for their co-operation.Continue to support AIBSNLEA to uphold the justified demand of the executives.


CS & ACS  met CGM/CTD at his chamber on 27/05/2015 and explained about the financial loss of officiating JTOs due to long gap in renewal. CGM accepted our explanation and assured to consider.We also reminded him about the PA/PS 67% promotion approval.He assured to look into.We hope that our demand will be fulfilled.We wished him happy retired life as he is retiring this month.



Viewers are aware about the RTI application made by our veteran leader com Amit kumar Gupta on 60:40 pension sharing issue which revealed the cabinet approval of this 60:40 pension sharing with BSNL (Uploaded in this site on 10-02-15). Further Com Gupta made a 2nd RTI asking several questions and copies of the note sheets of the relevant file. DOT has replied most of the questions and also supplied 10 pages of note sheets of the relevant file. All the documents are being uploaded now for information of everyone. It is now revealed from the note sheets, that while processing the cabinet memo dated 29-12-2010, mention of the DOT letter dated 5-1-2009 was there including the brief content that if BSNL is unable to pay then Govt. will still pay the pension, in the draft cabinet note (page 60/N) which was subsequently removed from the final draft cabinet note (page 79/N). The reason of the removal is still unknown as DOT has not furnished the in between note sheets from 63/N to 76/N although they are also relevant to the RTI question no 7.


As understood presently DOT is granting only a relaxation on 60:40 pension sharing with BSNL, in the present cabinet note under process for 78.2% IDA fixation for pensioners, and not removing the clause permanently. However we have to be careful and wait for the final order on 78.2%. Further DOT has admitted that they have not consulted BSNL while processing the cabinet Memo dated 29-12-2010. Pl Read the documents. (1)((compiled questions and replies))<<<Click here for letter>>>> (2)(( note sheets))<<<Click here for letter>>>>  (3)(( RTI application and replies 1))<<<Click here for letter>>>>  (4)(( Replies 2 ))<<<Click here for letter>>>>


 Meeting of the Committee on introduction of PSU Cadre Hierarchy:

BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued letter regarding holding of the Meeting of the Committee reconstituted on introduction of PSU Cadre Hierarchy at 15.00 Hrs on 28th May, 2015 at the Conference Hall of 8th Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan.   <<<Click here for letter>>>


GS writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, Chairman-Cum- Managing Director, BSNL regarding Undue delay in Finalization of new JTO –RR- 2014/15 and Regularization of Officiating JTOs- Reluctance of the BSNL Board to endorse formal approval.  <<<Click here for letter>>>>


ACS & other Branch leaders of Srirampur met DGM/NWO/Srirampur and protested against arbitrary transfer order of one of our members.DS,AIGETOA accompanied us.We demanded that order for all executives working in sensitive post in the area should be issued simultaneously.No discrimination in this regard will be tolerated.This order should kept in abeyance till review.


CS & ACS,BS/North and other branch leaders met DGM/NWO/North at Belghoria exchange on 23-05-2015 regarding review the decision of closing external office.We argued that as Belgharia RLU contains more than 5000 DELs and many PW ccts and the area is fastly developing it is necessary that SDE/JTO should sit there and Linestaff may move from there.Although we agreed that the effort to move offices from rented house is economical & we are in favour of it.But it is to be examined case to case basis especially in case of operative offices.We proposed a committee at appropriate level may be set up to judge whether it is justified to close down the office to save a paltry sum & causing inconveniences to customers.

DGM appreciated our view & agreed.


CS & ACSs met GM(Fin) & then PGM & GM(HR & Admn.) regarding PA/PS 67% promotion & long  break in JTO(offtg.) due negligence and lack of responsibility of the CTD administration.We also sought an immediate meeting with CGM/CTD for discussion over these cases.

We demanded that there are precedence where retrospective effect of officiating & LA promotions are being given in CTD for different cadres & this is being done for the smooth functioning of administration.In this case this can be done.We will continue to pursue these cases.

We also reminded GM(Fin.) & requested to consider the transfer case of Debasis Chakraborty AO/Plg early.


Members of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA from every nook & corner of CTD gathered in Telephone Bhavan to participate in lunch hour demonstration against MT recrutment & other HR related issues.Despite the hot & humid day a large number of member were present.Com.Tridip Chakraborty President AIBSNLEA presided over the meeting.On behalf of AIGETOA com.Dipak Sahoo & Com.Sadhan Chandra Mondal & from AIBSNLEA Com Prasun Kr.Mukhopadhyay & Com Subhasis Mitra addressed the gathering & explained the underlying conspiracy of the Dept. idehind the decision of MT recruitment.They also emphasized on maintaining the unity of executives in order to achieve our demands.

Signature campaign programme revealed that many executives other than the members of the two agitating associations extended their support to our justified demands to ensure the status & importance of executives in BSNL.We congratulate them for showing the solidarity.  (click to see glimpses)


All BSs/BPs CWC members Circle OBs are requested to mobilize all members alongwith AIGETOA members to participate the Lunch Hour Demonstration at TELEPHONE BHAVAN today 0n 25/05/2015 at 1-00 PM to protest against MT recruitment & in favour of implementation of other HR issues.

Ensure your timely presence to make agitaion programme successful.


CS writes to CGM/CTD about immediate solution of  3 acute problems in CTD (click to see letter)


CS alongwith BS/TB went to CGM Office at Tele Bhaban & served the notice about joint organisation action by AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA from 18-25 May 2015 & 9-10 June 2015 against MT recruitment notification & non settlement of other HR issues.They met DGM(HR) also and conveyed our dissatisfaction about delayed JTO(Offtg) order issue,non issue of washing allowance of washing allowance of Job contract labours & PA & PS 67% promotion order,etc.



Our South Branch Comrades under the leadership of BS/South organised a massive protest against the hooliganism by a section of security workers supported by outsiders.They forged a unity of all executives irrespective of association and compelled them to back out & apologise for their misconduct.Circle leadership of AIBSNLEA informed the matter to CTD administration & ultimately in presence of Police personnel the hooligans were dispersed.

We extend our sincere thanks to SNEA & AIGETOA for extending unqualified support & active participation in this spontaneous protest.We also acknowledge the role of CTD Administration in regard.

We have to move forward unitedly to condemn & eradicate this type of hooliganism in BSNL. 


Circle Co-ordination Committee of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA met on 15-05-2015 to implement the Agitation Programme wef 18-05-2015 to 25-05-2015.It is unanimously decided that:

1.Black Badge displaying our demand will be worn by every member of both the Association during the week.

2.Group meeting will be organised jointly at every workspot to make the signature campaign programme & 25-05-15 Lunch Hour demonstration at TB a grand success.

3. All Joint convenor of Co-ordination Committee & other office bearers are instructed to organise the programme successfully & effectively.

                 ---- WE  DEMAND---


             01     No MT Recruitment other than JT0/JAO equivalent.

             02     Finalization of  Standard Pay Scale(E-2 for JTO/JAO & E-3 for SDE/A0)

             03      Holding of CPC for Group-B/ STS/JAG etc. immediately.

             04      CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.

             05      30% Superannuation Benefit for BSNL Recruited.

             06      First Promotion for all Executives in 4 years.



               AIBSNLEA                                        AIGETOA


CS,ACSs & BS/South met GM(NWO)/CFA-II at TB on 12-05-2015 regarding harassment of our lady member DE/Intl/Jdv II by a section of Job contract security worker and demanded proper steps on behalf of Administration.GM talked to AM and assured us that all sorts of police protection will be arranged.In the mean we met leadership of other executive & non-executive association & discussed about the incident.All condemned this incident & felt need for united protest.Accordingly BS south is taking action in the branch/area level to mobilise all out protest against this type of nuisance.


 AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and non-settlement of long pending HR issues in BSNL with following demands:

1. Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification dated 1st May 2015, scrapping the MT RR altogether and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL. No lateral entry of fresher’s at any level above JTO/JAO/Equivalent..

2. Resolution of various other pending HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales     (E2 for JTO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE /Equivalent), Holding of CPCs to fill up vacant JAG/STS/Group B etc. The issues have already been submitted by this forum as enumerated in Annexure-II of this letter.

Protest activity and schedule is as follows:

i.  18-05-2015 to 25-05-2015 – Signature Campaign and bearing black badges.

ii.  25-05-2015 - Lunch hour demonstration at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

iii. Two days Dharna on 09.06.2015 and 10.06.2015 at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

 <<<Click here for the notice>>> <<<Click here for copy of the UF letter dated 03.09.2014>>> All the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries/activists are requested to mobilize and make this organizational action programme a grand success against the arbitrary and indifferent  attitude of BSNL Management.


GS writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL  regarding re-constitution of a Committee on the issues raised by SNEA (I) in the informal meeting held on 06.05.2015 with CMD, BSNL - Our concern thereof - <<<Click here for letter>>>


CS & OS met GM(HR & Admn) and discussed the following on 12-05-2015:

1.JTO Officiating Case:

We expressed our deep concern that despite earlier discussion the renewal order or officiating JTOs are yet to be published.GM appreciated our concern & intimated the the file is still pending with CGM as he was not on HQ.Most probably he may be back at HQ today and hopefully the file may be cleared early and the order in this regard may be issued soon.

2.PA/PS(67%) Promotion Case:

In reply to our query regarding this case GM again intimated us that this file also is pending at CGM office and may be cleared after his return to HQ and after that orders regarding this may be issued early.

3.Washing Allowance to the Job-Contract Labourers:

Again it was told that after returning to HQ CGM may clear the file and then orders in this regard may be issued.

4.Treatment in Hospitals in Other states:

We pointed out that some files are pending for long time regarding permission for treatment in other state especially NIMHANS,

Bengaluru. GM informed that the file had been put up to CGM and after putting up the reply to all the queries it has been decided that the permission in this regard may be given if the hospital is recognised in BSNLMRS in the respective circle or it is a Govt.Hospital.In each case documentary evidence in this regard is to be provided.

5.VR withdrawal of Indrani Chaterjee AO:

We brought into the notice of GM that in the above case the proposed date of VR is 15-05-2015.But application duly forwarded by GM(F) is still pending at CGM office for further transmission to BSNL CO. GM informed that he is aware of the fact and the respective section of BSNL CO has been intimated about the case.CGM is arriving today ,most probably there will be no problem. We intimated this case to DGM(HR),TS & PA to CGM for persuasion.

6.Transfer application of DEs/SDEs of other State to the native state:

GM informed that it has been decided by the competent authority of CTD that the application in this regarded will not be forwarded until completion of 2 years in this circle.We requested the in some exceptional cases this may be reviewed. GM informed the it is the decision of the highest authority & may be reviewed at that level only.


FORUM leadership of Bidhannagar organised a seminar on 'New Technology in BSNL' at CTRC Bidhannagar on 08-05-2015. CWC  member of AIBSNLEA Com.Biswajit Chakraborty,Sri Goutam Guha GM/ITPC & Sri Kamal Agarwal DGM/ITPC were the speakers.They educated the audience about CDR,ERP & NGN implementation in BSNL.The participation was overwhelming.FORUM leadership explained the about the positive impact of 2 days Strike last month and requested to maintain the unity for betterment of BSNL.


CS & President met GM(HR & Admn) on 01-05-2015; Sri A K Sinha GM(S & M) is looking after the post as Sri S K Samanta is on leave.They discussed the following:

1.Officiating JTO Renewal order: We expressed our concern that till last month the renewal order in this regard is not issued as a result of it departmental work is being hampered in different sections.We demanded immediate release of order.GM agreed with us and said that the file is with CGM,it will soon be released in coming week.

2.Washing Allowance to Contract Labours:We told GM that department pays this amount to the contractors each year in order to discharge legal responsibilities as Principal Employer.In turn it is being given to the job-workers.For 2014-15 it has not been paid yet.GM said that probably this file is also pending at CGM's office.Soon it will be released.

3.Releasing of Com.P K Biswas DGM(NWO) BKP from CTD: We requested that as per his request Sri Biswas may be retained this month.Moreover it is seen that there are many officers whose TOs are pending are not released from CTD.GM assured to look into and said if there is a request from the concerned GM it may be considered.

Later the Leaders met GM(Fin) and discussed the following:

1.We intimated GM that this Month the salary in some areas like Srirampur could not be disbursed on the last working day due to some administrative lapses.We requested him to look into this matter so that it may not happen in future.

2.We intimated GM about the pending IT return in CMTS Section since few years & requested him to take proper steps in this regard.

3.We requested GM about immediate implementation of request transfer of Com.Debasis Chakraborty,he assured to look into and consider the request soon.


<<<<Click here for notification of Recruitment of Management Trainee(Telecom Operations/Telecom Finance) in BSNL from Internal candidates>>>>>

<<<<Click here for notification of Recruitment of Management Trainee(Telecom Operations/Telecom Finance) in BSNL from External candidates>>>>>>

We are oppose to lateral induction at STS level since we have talented JTOs/SDEs/DEs equivalent executives in BSNL. Lateral Induction will block the carrier prospects of talented executives of BSNL. 


A Brief Report of the Secretary DOT's Meeting with the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations held on 1st May 2015 on the 21-22 April  strike issues

A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations with the Secretary DOT, Shri Rakesh Garg, was held on 1st May 2015 at the Committee Room of Sanchar Bhawan to discuss about the issues raised in the Two Days Strike of BSNL employees on21-22 April 2015.

In addition to the secretary DOT, Special Secretary (T) Smt. Rita Teotia, Member (Finance) Smt. Annie Moraes, Member (Services) Shri N.K.Yadav, Administrator USOF Smt. Aruna Sunderarajan, Joint Secretary(T) Shri V.Umashankar, Director(PSU) Shri Sanjeev Gupta and other officers were present from DOT. BSNL was represented by CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastava, ED(Finance) Smt. Sujata Ray, Sr.GM(SR) Shri Shamim Akhtar and other officers.

From the Forum side Coms. C.Singh (NFTE) Chariman, V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener Forum, P.Abhimanyu(BSNLEU), K.Jayaprakash(FNTO), Prahlad Rai(AIBSNLEA), K.Sebastin (SNEA), S.V.S.Subrahmaniam(BTEU), Suresh Kumar(BSNLMS), Rasheed Khan(TEPU), H.P.Singh(BSNLOA), Sunil Gautam (SNATTA), R.P.Sahu (AIGETOA), Rakesh Sethi (AIBSNLOA), Hari Singh(BTU BSNL), Rana Pratap(BEA) and S.Raveendran(SEWA BSNL) participated.

The meeting started at 17.15 hours. Secretary DOT welcomed. All the participants introduced themselves. Convener Forum thanked the Secretary DOT for holding the meeting, though only after the strike. He conveyed May Day Greetings to all the participants. He also mentioned about the statements of the Communications Minister regarding his concerns for the revival of BSNL, which is a good sign. Then the issues connected with the strike issues were discussed, a brief report of which is given below:

1. Financial Assistance from Government and implementation of assurances given at the time of Corporatisation of BSNL

The Forum leaders pointed out that at the time of Corporatisation, the then Communications Minister Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, had assured full support for the new entity and orders were issued to financially assist BSNL through payment of ADC, Reimbursement of Licence Fee and also liberal subsidy from the USO Fund. Within a few years, all these have been discontinued creating a heavy financial burden of the BSNL resulting in loss for the last five years. The Forum representatives demanded that all these assurances be implemented/ restored.

The amount of Rs. 1,250 crore recommended from the USOF in lieu of ADC for 2012-13 is not yet paid to BSNL. It needs to be paid urgently and such allotments should be made for next years also. BSNL is having a loss of about Rs.10,000 crore yearly for providing rural connections etc. as per the universal service  policy of the government, which should be fully compensated by the Government.

Further, the Forum demanded that refund of charges for the BWA spectrum surrendered by BSNL coming to about Rs. 6,700 crore be paid without any further delay.

BSNL is eligible for refund of Income Tax paid, considering its payment to DOT on various counts. This may come to about Rs. 7,000 crore. This should be refunded.

By making payment of pension contribution on the basis of the maximum of the pay scale, BSNL was compelled to pay about Rs. 2,400 crore extra, which may be refunded. The government order on payment of pension contribution on the actual basic pay should be implemented in the case of BSNL.

The salary of the employees in the TERM CELL, which is part of DOT, is being paid by BSNL, which should be repaid to BSNL.

Further for immediate purchase of urgently required equipments, the DOT may give a soft loan of about Rs.10,000 crore to BSNL.

The Secretary DOT stated that the amount in lieu of ADC from USOF is given as per recommendations of TRAI and DOT will do accordingly in future also. Process for payment of Rs. 1,250 crore allotted has started and will be paid early.

The refund of charges of BWA Spectrum is being considered. The reconciliation for the refund of the Income Tax paid has started and will be finalised soon. The issue of payment of pension contribution on the basis of the actual pay will be taken up with the government. The question of repayment of payment  made to TERM CELL on salary etc. also will be considered. With regard to Soft Loan of Rs. 10,000 crore, Secretary DOT stated that BSNL can take loan from banks.

He further stated that the government has to provide level playing field to all operators to which the Forum leaders pointed out that in fact the private players are being favoured as in the case of giving earlier licence for mobile services.

2Revision of Pension of BSNL Retirees and orders for 78.2% IDA Pension fixation for pre-2007 and post 2007 retirees up to June 2013:

The Forum leaders expressed strong resentment at the undue delay in issue of orders on 78.2% IDA Pension fixation for the BSNL retires up to June 2013. Those who retired after June 2013 have already received the same. The pensioners are put to much loss in their pension. Already it had been delayed for years and early orders are required. They also demanded that Pension Revision should be made whenever there is a wage/pay revision for employees. They also demanded that the  60%-40% condition on payment of pension is unjustified and should be done away with.

The Secretary DOT agreed to take up the matter of Pension revision with the government. He assured that the Cabinet Note of 78.2% is being prepared and will be finalised soon. With regard to removal of 60% :40% condition on pension payment, the earlier DOT orders mentioned by the Forum will be  examined.

3. No Merger of BSNL and MTNL:

The Forum demanded that before any merger decision is taken, the liabilities of MTNL to the extent of Rs. 20,000 crore has to be waived, the disinvested shares to be purchased back and HR issues settled. Secretary DOT told that no decision has been taken and the concerns raised by the Forum will be attended to before any decision is taken.

4Filling up of Posts of Directors in BSNL.

To the demand of the Forum for filling up posts of Directors in BSNL, Secretary DOT stated that government is taking action in the matter.

5Transfer of all assets to BSNL

Forum demanded that all the assets of BSNL should transferred to it without delay. Further, the representatives stated that many BSNL buildings are being taken by CCA etc arbitrarily. This should be stopped.

DOT stated that the demarcation between the DOP and DOT are still pending in some places. This has to be identified. The transfer of assets to BSNL is being examined.

6. BSNL Service to be mandatory to Central/State governments and PSUs

The demand of the Forum for making that the BSNL services should be made mandatory for the governments etc. is not accepted. There are a lot of complaints about BSNL services and in this situation, the government will not accept any such proposal. The Forum leaders explained the reasons for the present position of inefficiency and intimated that suggestions for improvement of the same have been made by them.

Other issues like 30% of superannuation benefits to BSNL recruited officials, reduced pay scales etc. were raised, but the Secretary DOT stated that these are in the domain of the BSNL.

The meeting ended at about 19.00 hours, after vote of thanks to the Chair and to all. The Convener, Forum proposed that such meetings should be held in future also to sort out pending issues.



AIBSNLEA is celebrating its 12th Foundation Day on 1st May 2015. AIBSNLEA CHQ extends warm greetings to all the Members of AIBSNLEA and well wishers on the occasion. Organise Special General Body Meetings, Seminars, Get-togethers, Blood Donation Camps, Telecom Melas etc. to observe the Foundation Day in a befitting manner.


Com.Alok Chatterjee DGM(FA)/South retiring due to super annuation on 30/04/2015.He is a member of AIBSNLEA/South Branch.He also acted as President North Branch previously.

Com.Binoy Kumar Das SDE/Bz/Extl/Store of Central-II Branch retiring on 30/04/2015.He is our bonafide member till last day.

We wish them happy,healthy and peaceful retired life.

29.04.2015: The meeting with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations & other Unions/Associations:

The meeting with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations & other Unions/Associations to discuss strike issues with Secretary (Telecom), DOT will be held on 1st May, 2015(Friday) at 5.00 PM in the Committee Room at second floor, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delh   <<<Click here for letter to Forum>>>


Press release from MoC&IT:

In a press release on dated 28.04.2015 from the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology it has been informed that Bharat Sanchar Nigam has been told to improve services and ensure that better quality of signal is maintained specially in the border and extremism affected areas. Union Minister for Telecom and Information Technology, Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad said these at a meeting with the members of Parliament from the States of Bihar, Meghalaya, Manipur and Nagaland. The meeting was part of the series of meetings planned to make telecom officials directly answerable to the parliamentary representatives so as to have a firsthand account of public sectors performance, problems faced and possible solutions. 

The Union Minister for Telecom and Information Technology, Mr. Ravi Prasad said while the Government is committed to revive BSNL and numbers of initiatives are in the pipeline to bring it back to the position of market leader. He said the management of BSNL will also be expected to regain lost confidence of people by improving services and response. He said a major initiative has been launched by BSNL to improve quality of signal for which it plans to add another 1150 towers during this fiscal in Bihar alone.  

Members of Parliament from the States of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and North Eastern States participated in the first meeting. Mr. Prasad has directed the Department to call five such meetings so that all members of parliament are given opportunity to raise issues directly with officials concerned. 

Members of Parliament who attended yesterday’s meetings gave overwhelming support to Mr. Prasad initiative to revive glory of BSNL and categorically stated that they are eager to extend all support in this context. They were not only concerned about the deteriorating quality of BSNL services but even apprehended private players role in obstructing growth of BSNL which enjoined lead position in the sector till 2004.They only suggested that meeting of representatives from Defence and Home should be called to address this problem. 

Mr. Prasad also directed the Department of Telecom to explore the possibility of setting up a dedicated cell in BSNL to monitor the effectiveness of its network in border areas and also in areas badly affected by extremism. 

The meeting was also informed that the public sector which came into being only in October 2000 has a net worth of Rs 51,203 crore with an equity capital of Rs 12,500 crore only. New initiatives taken to improve viability include Wi-FI services, data centre services and introduction of next generation network switching technology. It was pointed out that four million lines in phase -I will have NGN by the end of this fiscal while total number of 14 million ports are planned. 2500 hot spots are planned for the year of which 41 hot-spot have already been deployed.


Communication Minister held a meeting with MPs on 24-04-2015 evening at Parliament Annexe on revival of BSNLThey focussed the demands raised by the FORUM.The Minister agreed to consider.Forum has reminded Minister for a meeting.

Convener, Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations writes to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister of

Communication & IT for granting a meeting on the issue of Revival of BSNL - 

 <<<Click here for letter from Forum>>>


CS & ACS met GM(Vig) today and discussed about the present position of pending disciplinary cases.They especially enqired about the case of Com.Dipankar Saha and requested him to expedite.


The meeting with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations & other Unions/Associations to discuss strike issues with Secretary (Telecom), DOT is rescheduled to 27th April, 2015 at 17.00 Hrs. <<<Click here for letter to Forum>>>


Dear Comrade,Hearty Congratulations for the excellent Strike.The workers are enthused & inspired.Revolutionery Greetings for your great role in making the Strike a historic one!

(click here for glimpses of gathering at TB/CTD)


Congratulations Comrade for successful 1st day Strike.Please convey greetings to all our member & prepare for 2nd day.

MAKE TWO DAYS STRIKE ON 21.04.2015 AND 22.04.2015, 100% SUCCESS.

Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations & other Unions/Associations met yesterday morning and after analysing the CMD's meeting held on Friday, 17.04.2015 and unanimously decided to make 100% success of two days nation wide strike on 21.04.2015 and 22.04.2015. Since, most of the demands pertains to DoT/Govt. and till date no initiative has been taken by DoT to hold the meeting with the Forum or to take some initiative for resolution of the demands. All the activists of AIBSNLEA are requested to ensure 100% participation in the strike call.

     JOIN ONE!!                                JOIN ALL!!                                 SAVE BSNL!!                                       SAVE NATION!!



Dear Comrade,Hearty Congratulations for the excellent Strike.The workers are enthused & inspired.Revolutionery Greetings for your great role in making the Strike a historic one!


Congratulations Comrade for successful 1st day Strike.Please convey greetings to all our member & prepare for 2nd day.


Gate meeting at all workspots and a mammoth gathering at TB east gate was successfully organised by FORUM/CTD on 20/04/2015.Later there was a colorful rally of employees & officers of BSNL roams the heart of the city from R N Mukherjee Road to Esplande.This was organised by FORUM/CTD to increase the awareness in public about the cause of two days strike,( Click to see glimpses)


FORUM leaders of CTD met on 17-04-2015 and decided the following in order to make the 21-22 April protest strike successful in CTD:

On 20-04-2015 Monday Gate meetings will be organised at every workspot,after that at 13-30 pm a massive meeting will be organised at Telephone Bhavan east gate.Circle level leaders will address.

A colorful rally after the meeting will be arranged from R N Mukherjee Road to Y Channel,Esplanade at 15-00 pm

All are requested to participate with appropriate Flag,Festoon,Banners etc. 

On 21-22 April 2015 during strike period the Strikers will stay outside their workspot(Exchanges,etc) and campaign to make strike successful in peaceful manner.

Emergency services  as discussed will be rendered,if required,through volunteering only.

FORUM leaders at Circle Level will sit to review the progress on 21-04-2015 at 15-00 pm at TB.


Convention for Save BSNL ! Save Nation! were organised by FORUM at branch level at Salt Lake Exchange on 13-04-2015 & at Kasipur Exchange on 17-04-2015.In both the places our members participated in large gathering alongwith other consituents of FORUM.At Salt lake Com.Asok Sengupta of BSNLEU presided & Com.Dipankar Chakraborty deliberated on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD and explained the importance of our movement to save BSNL.At Kasipur Com.Paresh Ghosh of BSNLEU presided & Com.Subir Banerjee placed our views of behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD.


Congratulation! Due to our active persuasion reallotment order of P S Dassharma JAO has been issued from BSNL CO.We are very much thankful to CTD/Admn & GS and  AGS(F) for this co-operation.


CS & ACS met GM/CFA-II and discussed about posting of DGM in central area and pointed out about the position of External section of Barabazar exch there will be only one SDE to look after whole division.Later we discussed this point with GM(HR & Admin.) also.We also met GM(Vig) for sending report to BSNL CO regarding promotion of CAO (Adhoc) & other cases.


Congratulation! After prolonged persuasion order regarding some request transfer case has been issued on 10-04-2015(see Medha).We will pursue for further pending cases.In this regard we extend our thanks to CGM/CTD & GM(Fin).We also specially thankful to Convenor FORUM/CTD for extending solidarity in this case.


Convention for Save BSNL ! Save Nation! was organized in Behala Exch on 09-04-2015 by FORUM/Alipur.The programme was presided over by Com.Bhaskar Chakraborty of BSNLEU.Members of constituent unions & associations of Alipur area participated,our members were also present in large number.More than 100 members made the convention successful.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD ACS Com.Subhasis Mitra addressed the meeting.In his deliberation he emphasized that our role is very crucial to fight out the anti-PSU policy of the Govt.because inspite of several constraints we have to gather the support of customers & people at large by our service only.For this reason we have to build up broad based unity in every level.We as a part of FORUM/CTD ought to make 21-22 April Strike successful to change the anti-BSNL attitude of of Govt.


On 07-04-2015 a convention in support of 21-22 April Strike was organised by FORUM/CTD at NSCBTTC,Kalyani.About 100 members of different constituents of FORUM were present,Members of AIBSNLEA participated in that convention.Com.Ajoy Chakraborty of BSNLEU presided over the meeting.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD Circle Com.Asok Kolay ACS addressed the gathering.In his deliberation he explained the need of united protest against the naive attitude of BSNL Management/DoT/Govt. in order to revive BSNL.He also expected that the executives/non executives of BSNL will make the strike successful in CTD as done in past occasions.                                                                   


CS,President & other leaders met CGM/CTD on 07-04-2015 at his chamber.They discussed about the latest position of some transfer requests of accounts personnel.After prolonged discussions CGM requested us to propose a policy on which request transfers may be considered,we agreed but requested him to consider the recent requests on humanitarian ground.CGM said that it is GM(Fin) who is responsible to decide over this matter,he is not objecting.Later leaders met GM(Fin) and pressed him to issue transfer order as the cases are very acute & urgent,they also requested GM to recommend the cases of declination of promotion to AO(from JAO) to the BSNL CO & not to strike off the applying officers.He assured to look into.

CS reiterated that we will pursue these cases until positive result is achieved,we may consider to take TU action also if required. 


STATUS OF COURT CASE W.R.T. JTO TO SDE DPC IN  HON'BLE  HC KERALA: The Court case came for hearing today but could not be heard due to paucity of time and posted for hearing after vacation in July,2015.

BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding revision of seniority List 6 and 7 of TES Group B equivalent to SDE (T) w.r.t. Implementation of judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon'ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench in TA No. 84/HR/2009 etc.- <<<Click here for order>>>  <<<Modified List no.6>>>>  <<<Modified List no.7>>>>

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