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Branch Secretaries are requested to forward cases to CS through email 

All Circle Office Bearers,executives and Branch Secretaries are requested to meet every Thursday at Association Office in the Evening from 4-30 PM  

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CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA/CTD held on 16-08-2014 at Association office. Veteran leader Com Amit Gupta was present. BSs and other members discussed and resolved the issues to be raised in CWC Hyderabad by CTD (from-21-23 August 2014).CS,President,CWC members & Adv(East) are going to attend the CWC.A joint CWC with AIGETOA will be held in Hyderabad on 23-08-2014.

It was resolved unanimously to forge unity with AIGETOA with full force to achieve number 1 position in forthcoming verification.


Protest against retrograde recommendation of Deloitee Committee organised throughout CTD on 12/08/2014 in the call of Forum.In every workspot our members took part in large number.In TB President AIBSNLEA took part and delivered speech on behalf our organisation.CS took part in Entally Exch.Other leaders took part in their workspot.

All the leaders pledged for strong protest to to the committee recommendation which is not only detrimental for employees but also for department.


Executive Committee meeting of South Branch held on 12-08-2014 at Russa Exch. Members attended and discussed their problems.After thorough discussion it was resolved that we should thrive hard to achieve number one position. 


Forum for BSNL Executives & Non Executives /CTD met 11-08-2014 at Tele Bhavan.CS,President,ACSs attend the meeting on behalf of AIBSNLEA.It has been decided unanimously that Gate Meeting/Lunch hour demonstration to protest against retrograde report of Deloitee Committee will be organised in every work place on 12th August 2014.

All Branch Secretaries/Circle OBs are requested to hold/participate the massive demonstration on 12/08/2014.


In CTO Hall a joint meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA WB was organised on 02-08-2014.Circle OBs, BSs ,BPs and active workers of Tele.Bhavan branch of CTD attended.On dais Com.Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay CS,Com.Tridip Chakraborty President and Com.Prasun Kumar Mukherjee Adviser (E) were present on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD.Com. Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharjee OS(E) & CS/WB conducted the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Com.Swapan Bose ,President AIBSNLEA/WB & Com.Prasant Jain,President AIGETOA/WB. Com.D.K.Sahoo CS AIGETOA/CTD was on the dais.All the leaders on the dais in their speech congratulated national leadership of both the organisations for making this aspiration of unity into reality.They explained that this unity is need of the hour and serve for the betterment of BSNL.

Com.Prasun Mukhopadhay CS explained in detail the background of this unification and stated that AIBSNLEA always supported the justified demands of AIGETOA.He emphasized on joint struggle to overcome sinister moves and false propaganda to other associations who are very much afraid of this unity.

Com. D K Sahoo CS/AIGETOA/CTD stated that AIBSNLEA historically supported AIGETOA in all positive movement without any predatory attitude and the decided to suppot this umbrella like organisation which is fighting for the betterment of all executives such as, Enginnering, Accounts,Civil,Electrical,PA/PS,AD(OL)s etc from the very beginning.He also acknowledged the role of our veteran leader Com.Amit Gupta in forging this unity.



As per decision of Circle Coordination committee every Branch Secretary is requested to organize branch level meeting immediately in the presence of circle committee members to fix the future course of action and to form unit level coordination committee.(NAME AND CONT NOS. OF UNIT COMMITTEE MAY BE INFORMED TO CIRCLE COMMITTEE)



A strong coordination committee in circle level & all branch levels are formed in a meeting at AIBSNLEA/CTD association room on 28-07-2014.The meeting was presided over by Presidents of both associations.Veteran leader of telecom executive movement Com.Amit Gupta was present.Com Prasant Jain,President & Com Subhasis Pal from AIGETOA/WB attended the meeting.Representatives from all branches including BS & BPs of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA participated & presented their views emphasizing the need of joint & united endevour of ours to defeat the sinister move of other associations to break the unity of all class of executive.Com D.K.Sahoo Secretary AIGETOA/CTD expressed that views and movements of AIGETOA was always honoured & supported by AIBSNLEA in every previous occasions.These two organisations are natural allies.Com Prasun Mukherjee Secretary AIBSNLEA/CTD heartily welcomed all the comrades of AIGETOA and congratulated them for their effort.He emphasized on the necessity of united movement of all executives foe achieving our long-term goals like cadre hierchy,settlement of promotional issues,etc.

In his deliberation Com.Amit Gupta revealed the development by which these two organisations came near to forge unity according to the 'need of the hour'.He also expressed that in some places of WB other organisations are adopting some unethical means to terrify or to allure executives to take them into their fold but all of these are bogus because we are united to achieve far larger goal for betterment of executives as a whole as well as BSNL.

All the leaders expressed unequivocally their strong belief that we will not only emerge as number one association in the forthcoming verification but also this unity will go further as this is not a mere election alliance.

It was also decided that the Circle leaders, BSs, BPs and active workers from TB,TBZ & Hare St will attend the joint meeting at CTO on 2nd August 2014 on behalf of CTD. 


1.Com Amit Gupta -Advisor(9433000088)

2.Com.Tridip Chakraborty -President AIBSNLEA/CTD  (9433000488)        3.Com.Amit Das -President AIGETOA/CTD(9433400401)

4.Com.Prasun Mukhopadhyay-Secretary  AIBSNLEA/CTD(9432000184)    5.Com.Deepak kr.Sahoo -Secretary AIGETOA/CTD(9432000014)

6.Com.Subhasis Mitra -ACS   AIBSNLEA/CTD(9432001010)                      7.Com.Saikat Das ACS AIGETOA/CTD(9432000019)

 Name & Tel.Nos of members of Branch level Co-ordination committee formed will be uploaded soon.    


BS/North informed that an extended ECM of that branch held at Panihati Exchangge RC on 26-7-2014 in at 4-00 pm.Advisor(E)/CHQ Com.Prasun Kumar Mukherjee was invited.He informed the members about development discussed in CHQ OB meeting held in July 2014 at New Delhi. Farewell to Com.Sanjit Ghosh who retired oh June 2014 was also given.

BS North after thorough discussion told the members to prepare hard for the forthcoming executive verification to assure massive lead at  CTD.



Long pending cases of 1.Rita Bhattacharjee  2.Manisha Mukherjee & Samir Malik  3.Srimanta Pal are settled due to active persuasion of AIBSNLEA/CTD Circle.


On 16-07-2014 CS,ACS,OS ,VPs alongwith BSs TB,North,South,Central II met GM(CFA) Mr. K.C.Ghosh at TB & discussed various items as under:

1.Transfer and posting cases within City Area: We demanded justified distribution of responsibility & duties among the executives. 

GM appreciated our view and assured to look into.

2.Sitting arrangement of AO/CC at TBZ: We pointed out that the sitting arrangement of AO/CC at TBZ (after transfer from P 9/10) is inadequate.He cannot work properly,even he had to suffer financial loss.We  demanded immediate settlement otherwise AO/CC will be unable to discharge his duty.

GM took up the matter seriously and assured to settle the case in consultation with DGM/City.

3.Inadequate supply/No supply of store material: Development and Maintenance work external network badly suffering due to non availability of stores (TSF3,4,5,6;10 pr 20pr cable;100 pr CT boxes etc).

GM assured to take up the case with GM(MM) for immediate settlement.

4.Procurement of Modem: We pointed out that modems cannot be replaced to customers (Rental) .

GM stated that there is no possibility of supply of modem at present,customers may be requested change their plan accordingly.

5.Problems of electrical section/Civil wing: AC replacement in most of the RLUs/RSUs/ROUs are not being done,as a result performance of DSLAMs,Switches are being suffered.We pointed out that although sanctioned electrical section is not supplying 6 pedestal fans to Entally exchange,as a result staff grievance is raised. Civil work in different exchange buildings are not being carried out properly.

GM appraised that he is aware of the matters and has already communicated  formally ,with an intimation to CGM, to the Heads of electrical & Civil wing regarding this matter,he has shown copy of the letters.He assured to pursue the cases for early settlement.

6.​Guarantee period of new CLIs supplied to customer on payment of Rs 600/-: We pointed out due absence of any written order different area is maintaining different time period regarding this.

GM clearly stated to maintain the period as 6 months.

7.Rented vehicle in different area: We brought the problem of rate of rented vehicle and other related problems of rented vehicle.

GM informed that tender to be floated as per norm in decentralised manner by different area.

8.Payment to security guard: We pointed out that our members are being harassed in different area by the security guards for their payment of salary.We know that that is due to their vendor they are not getting salary. Also in different area they are getting 26 day/30 day salary.

GM stated that he is aware of the fact and has taken steps ,fund for salary payment will be released by the competent authority after proper formality soon.He also stated that according to RLC maximum 26 day salary can be paid to one individual.Hence everywhwre 26 day salary to be paid to security guards everywhere in CTD.

9.Miscellaneous problems in different area:

​In Kalighat exchange we demanded immediate posting of SDE/Store:which is a long standing issue.

In Jadavpur we demanded posting order of Manisha Mukherjee as AGM/Staff:Case is pending at HR section.

In Telephone Bhavan at AGM(Comm.) section an unwanted situation occurred regarding allotment of service SIM to staff: We requested to take steps to issue order properly so any dispute in this regard does not arise in future.

In Telephone Bhavan one Xerox Machine is to be procured:GM stated sanction will be given after scrapping the old machine.

In North area under Panihati exchange there is massive cable cut due to KMDA work: GM assured to inspect physically and arrangement for early restoration will be done.

The meeting ended with thanks to GM,he also praised our concern towards the development of the organisation.



On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD we heartily congratulate our beloved GS Com.Prahlad Rai for his bold & dynamic leadership for turning our long standing aspiration into reality by signing Joint Declaration with AIGETOA.We are sure that by this agreement we not only secure Number One position in forthcoming executives' verification but also  will boost up the morale of BSNL Executives to give proper direction for the survival of our beloved organisation BSNL.Com.Prasun Kumar Mukherjee ADV.(E) who is also Secretary Central-II Branch CTD played an important role in the discussion.

We thank all members of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA for making this historic phenomenon happen.




 AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA signed Joint Declaration:   To face the referendum jointly and settlement of the common issues,  AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA signed Joint Declaration on 13-07-2014. <<<Click here for the details of  Joint Declaration >>>>>



GS, FS, AGS(HQ) and AFS met Shri R.K.Upadhayay, CMD BSNL , congratulated and greeted him on his retirement on superannuation on 30.06.2014(A/N). We appreciated his sincere efforts in arresting the continues losses of BSNL and  finalizing the important tenders for  Procurement of 15.0 mn GSM lines , NGN equipment procurement, procurement of cables, BB modems, MLLN modems ,Drop wire, Telephone Instruments, Implementation of ERP and many other important issues settled for the growth of BSNL. Shri Upadhayay while appreciating our concern mentioned that he is happy that he could do some work for the betterment of BSNL and wishes that BSNL should flourish in the days to come. He extended thanks for cooperation given by us.<<<Click here for Photo>>>.


GS met GM(Estt) BSNL CO and discussed regarding:

(a)Finalization of new JTO (RR)-2014 :- GM(Estt.) mentioned that new JTO RR-2014 cleared by BSNL MC is awaited to the approval of BSNL Board  which  is scheduled to be held in July-2014 . he further mentioned that these RRs are clear on fixing of seniority and will pave the  way for direct recruitment of TTAs/JTOs from  Govt. Collages through placement basis etc.. The TTA RRs will also be placed to Board meeting for approval.

(b).Five advance increments to  benefit  the   JTO(SRD) , JAO 2013 and PA cadres:  GM(Estt.) mentioned that as demanded by this association the proposal was sent to BSNL MC which has cleared it and will be sent to BSNL Board meeting in July-14 for approval.

(c).Allowing option to JAOs appointed after 07.05.2010:  GM (Estt.) assured to hold  the committee meeting shortly on this issue.


 Restructuring of AD (O/L) cadre: We expressed our serious concern against the committee report wherein the AD (O/L) cadre change of designation and future promotions are not recommended. GM (Pers.) assured to look into the matter.

GS , met Addl. GM(CP & M) Sh. Harshvardhan Singh and discussed regarding Committee report submission on restructuring of AD(O/L) Jr. HT/Sr.HT Cadres:- Adl. GM(CP&M) mentioned that committee report is ready and today itself he is submitting to the  competent authority . He further mentioned that some relief to Rajbhasha Adhikari cadre in terms of higher pay  Rs 11875/- has been recommended but the change of designation  to AD(O/L) and promotion to the post of DD(O/L) and the Jr. HT & Sr.HT cadres pay scale issue is not considered for revision but recommended that Jr. HT/Sr.HT scale after 10 years of service etc. We expressed our dissatisfaction on the report since in DoT  AD(O/L) was being promoted to the post of DD(O/L) STS grade and at the time of formation of BSNL on 1.10.2000. Nine (9) DD(O/L) posts were transferred from DoT to BSNL , Hence , after absorption AD (O/L) cadre is degraded ,which is a great in justice to the cadres .Adl.GM appreciated our concern and mentioned that the committee members did not agree to change the designation of Rajbhasha Adhikari  and promotion to DD (O/L) cadre. However, he told that these issues may be taken up with the competent authority for consideration.

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