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Last Updated: 30th September 2015

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Branch Secretaries are requested to forward cases to CS through email 

All Circle Office Bearers,executives and Branch Secretaries are requested to meet every Thursday at Association Office in the Evening from 4-30 PM  

WHO SHOULD BE PRINCIPAL EMPLOYER IN BSNL? (click here for some expert comment)


PA/PS residency order(click here)



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IDA increased by 5.3% wef 1st October 2015.Total 107.9%


Com.Anandamoy Bhattacharya DE/Circus/Intl;member of Central/II Branch retires today on superannuation.

Com.Biman Behari Chattopadhyay SDE/Staff/North;member of North Branch retires today on superannuation.

We pray for happy,healthy & peaceful retired life of all of them.


CS,President,OS,FS & BS/TBZ met newly posted GM/CMTS Sri Debasis Sarkar at his chamber on a courtesy call.We presented him with flower bouquet & sweets packet.A brief discussion about betterment of service of GSM was held.We pointed out some problems which were discussed earlier GM on 27/07/2015.

We suggested for restructuring & rearrangement of Tx staff & told details proposal will be given later in writing.We discussed several problems like faulty RUs ,faulty Rectifier Modules,proper earthing of BTS,etc.GMs appreciated our views & informed that these problems are being sorted out at different levels.

GM/CMTS informed us that due to financial problems the vendors are not working properly ,in some places lndlords are not cooperating as their agreement was made with CFA vertical.He assured that things will be set right soon.In this regard we should contribute positively.We assured that AIBSNLEA is always ready for the betterment of BSNL.


ACS & OS attended the meeting called by CGM to discuss about the outcome of recently held HOCC attended by CGM & GM(F).CGM informed that CTD is not in a respectable position in respect of market penetration/revenue generation in comparison with the other circles.He asked for suggestions from service associations & unions of CTD. From our behalf ACS opined the main lacuna is proper planning,he cited the example of ERP implementation. He also emphasised on proper HR planning and setting up proper system & team work instead of use of individual expertise.He also proposed that sharing of work experience with profit making circles in a regular manner.After prolonged discussion CGM assured to take proper steps & sought active participation of all corners to restore the hope of CTD in next quarter.


ACS & OS attended the FORUM meeting of CTD held at Ballygunge Place.After prolonged discussion it is decided unanimously that :

Cn 6th October FORUM will hold gate meeting/lunch hour demonstration in demand of PLI.All CSs will attend the meeting at TB at 1-30 PM.

2.A FORUM meeting will be held to finalize a common proposal for development/revenue generation of CTD which will be placed to the management.

3.ERP/NGN implementation & problems thereof will be sorted out jointly with the CTD Administration.


On his way to Bhubaneshwar to attend meeting of Odisha circle GS stayed in CTD on 25/09/2015.CS & other leaders met him at Telephone Bhavan & discussed different cases & got updation.List & documents of JTO(offtg) anomalies in names/HR nos.& missing names personally handed over to him by CS.GS assured positive & speedy action. (see the letter of CS to GS)


CEC meeting held on 24/09/2015.Responsibilities to the newly elected office bearers were distributed.President & CS both put emphasis on collective leadership & continuous efforts for the benefit of the members & executives of BSNL as a whole.They expressed that AIBSNLEA does not believe in false promises for cheap popularity,rather AIBSNLEA believes in honest effort to achieve  their demand.As a result of it we achieved several demands recently like JAO 2010 Option,AO-AAO clarification,JTO FR 22(1)(a)(i) etc.CS reiterated that all the pending cases like AD(OL) upgradation ,PA-PS promotion,JAO 2013 5 increment case will be settled soon.Especially, JAO 2013 case may be put up & get approved in the next board meeting.He also reminded that all these cases were highlighted by AIBSNLEA/CTD in the all India level and were taken up & pursued by CHQ consistenly.All other associations are simply trying to mislead,it might be crystal clear if we go through their demands list in the past. 

Only AIBSNLEA can deliver,so keep faith in your own organisation AIBSNLEA & success is yours!


CS writes to GS for inclusion of missing names in JTO(Offtg) list.    (click to see)


An emergent CEC meeting will be held on 24-04-2015 at association office at 4-00 PM.All concerned are requested to attend punctually.


 CMD BSNL inaugurated the launch of E-TELEWAVE – A Monthly House Journal (Magazine) of AIBSNLEA :CMD BSNL inaugurated the launch of e-TELEWAVE – A Monthly House Journal (Magazine) of AIBSNLEA by clicking on TELEWAVE TAB on CHQ Website.


In CWC Kolkata the task to prepare E-TELEWAVE – A Monthly House Journal (Magazine) of AIBSNLEA was given to Sh. M.K. Morodia, CS Raj. Circle and Sh. Bhagwan Singh, Auditor CHQ and under the guidance of GS AIBSNLEA, the said task completed today by launching of the same on CHQ Website. This proposal of E-journal was given by CTD circle.

GS, Auditor CHQ, and CS Raj. Circle were present on the occasion. CMD BSNL after launching the same thoroughly checked the e-journal and   appreciated the efforts of AIBSNLEA and also suggested to publish latest BSNL tariffs in the same. GS informed that this edition is mainly related to CWC Meet Kolkata but in future editions the same will be incorporated. <<<Click here for the e-TELEWAVE>>>


Regularization of Officiating JTOs: GS discussed the matter with the concerned officers of BSNL Corporate Office and inquired regarding the BSNL Board approval on JTO RR-2015. It is informed that the Board's approval in the Establishment Cell is still awaited which is expected in the next week. As sson as the BSNL Board's approval in this regard is received JTO RR-2015 will be notified immediately and the process of Officiating JTOs regularization will take place on the basis of vacancies of the JTOs in the Circles and available officiating JTOs to be regularized. These JTOs will be imparted training with new training modules to fix-up their seniority in the JTO cadre. As per the JTO RR-2015, these JTOs will be en-block senior to all those JTOs who will be recruited throgh LICE later-on. However, the previous service rendered by these officiating JTOs including their earlier training as RR-2001 will not be considered for seniority purpose since the JTO RR-2015 will be effective from the date of its notification. After issuance of the notification of teh JTO RR-2015, AIBSNLEA efforts will continue first for regularization of officiating JTOs and thereafter their seniority issue with the retrospective effect considering the past service. The efforts will also be made for immediate recruitment of JTOs through LICE to fill-up about 12,000 JTOs vacant posts.


CS,ACS,OS alongwith Branch leadership of South Branch met Sri A.K.Tyagi Principal Chief Enginner(Electrical) at his chamber.We greeted him with a flower bouquet.Then we discussed about some burning problems of CTD related to Electrical Section.We demanded that major maintenance work of RLUs/RSUs spccially related to ACs to be carried out by the electrical section only.It was agreed in principle.But it was expressed that at present due to non settlement of bills of vendors and due to some procedural constraints vendors are not willing to take up the work,even they are not taking part in tender process also.However it was agreed that Eletrical section will co-ordinate with field officers for preparation of estimates and other procedure to expedite the matter.They will explore to contact with authorised dealers to repair the ACs.We cited some specific problems such as Cash counter of Behala where without AC staffs are unable to work,different problems of Barasat,Kasipur ,etc are also mentioned.Problems of Entally External section also mentioned. Six exhaust fans & six pedestal circulator fans already approved & estimate also sanctioned but since three years the work is not being executed by electrical wing.Administration said that exhaust fans will be fitted after making holes in the wall suitably by civil wing. In the mean time procurement of pedestal fans are being expedited.

Later we met Chief Engineer(civil) and greeted him with flower bouquet.As he is new to the post he wanted to know the problems.   We apprised him that civil works are being delayed inordinately at different exchange buildings. Uluberia exchange,Entally exchange ,Baishnabghata Qtrs,Uttarpara exch buildings are badly damaged.Immediate restoration work to be done for safety of persons and equipment.He also told about unwillingness of vendors to participate in tenders due to financial problems. However he assured that initiative are being taken to undertake the repairing jobs on priority basis.


DGM(HR & Admn) intimated CS that according to our demand the request transfer cases of executives from other states will be duly forwarded to BSNL CO by the competent authority of CTD for consideration.He also apprised that file for promotion for PA to PS has been sent to BSNL CO for approval. We requested early implementation of Court award to our JTO(Offtg.) members of FR 22(1)(a)(i) fixation. He assured the work is under process on priority.


Congratulations !

JTO RR- 2015 almost approved by BSNL Board Meeting held today -

GS discussed the matter with the concern officers of BSNL Corporate Office regarding approval of JTO RR- 2015 in the BSNL Board Meeting  held today F/N as per the assurance given by CMD BSNL and Director(HR), BSNL Board in the meeting held on 04.09.2015 wherein Director(HR) assured to delink JTO RR modification issue from BSNL HR Plan and to put up in the next Board Meeting to be held on 18.09.2015 and today in BSNL Board Meeting, JTO RR-2015 has been approved. The stalemate in the regularization process of officiating JTOs is broken. The regularization of officiating JTOs will immediately take place. Also, the JTO recruitment through LICE to fill up about 12000 JTO posts will begin. The Para-8 transfers of JTOs will also get the way for settlement since substitutes will be available. Spl. Drive of JTO recruitment  in deficit circles will  takes place etc.  AIBSNLEA consistent efforts finally yielded result in getting approved new JTO RR-2015 from BSNL Board.

We are extremely thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR), GM(Estt.), Sr. GM(Legal) for getting approved the issue from BSNL Board.



Holding of nation wide mass dharna on 16.09.2015 on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations, protesting the decision for formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company - AIBSNLEA's Stand.

As per decision taken in the CWC meeting held at Kolkata, AIBSNLEA will participate in the nation wide mass dharna on 16.09.2015 on the call of Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations, protesting the decision for formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company. <<<Click here for the letter from the President, Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations >>> All the Branch Secretaries are requested to act accordingly.


PGM/CTD invited AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA (UNITED FORUM) to discuss our view on the latest executive transfer policy going to be aopted by CTD.CS,ACS & leaders of AIGETOA/CTD met PGM at his chamber on 11/09/2015. GM(HR & Admn) was also present. We expressed  our resentment about the clause of four years & forwarded but not recommended & aprehended that executives from other staes will try to avoid to come in CTD in future & executives of CTD will also face the hardship to come back; because in our opinion this policy contravening the Transfer policy of BSNL CO. It may convey a wrong signal which  may not be beneficial to CTD as a whole. Admistrtion gave a patient hearing & appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the case with CGM/CTD and examine to modify it suitably.


GS, FS & GS AIGETOA met ED(NB) and discussed regarding submission of joint committee report on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to the Competent Authority. After detailed discussions and some modifications/additions/deletions, the Committee report was finalized & signed by both the General Secretaries wherein first time bound promotion on functional basis with change of designation from JTO to SDE & above hierarchy will be available  after every 5 years upto DE level thereafter after 5 years Joint DGM (non-functional) / Regular DGM on availability of DGM posts & subsequently time bound promotion upto NFSG. The benchmark are prescribed as per BSNL MSRR benchmark available. The executives already promoted on functional basis will be en-block senior in the grade. The GM(Estt.) - Official side member- has given the descent note & the comments of GM(EF) - other Committee member- are still awaited. ED(NB) Chairman Committee assured early submission of the report. The Committee report on E2-E3 standard IDA pay scale for JTO & SDE equivalent executives has already been submitted to the Competent Authority for approval. GS SNEA(I) also signed the said joint committee report.   


CS writes to CGM/CTD for resolving problems due to implementation of ERP (click to see letter)

CS writes to CGM/CTD for early implementation of fixation under FR22(1)(a)(i) for Offtg,JTOs ( see letter)


CS writes to CGM/CTD protesting against the anti-executive transfer policy of CTD & demands immediate modification.(click to see letter)



AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the orders regarding fixation of the pay of the officials under FR 22-1(a)(i) from the date the officials, who are the members of AIBSLEA and became eligible for pay fixation under FR 22-1(a)(i) i.e. the date from which officials are officiating in the capacity of JTO. AIBSNLEA/CTD thanks GS for his untiring effort.

Click here for orders      <<< KTD Circle >>>  


Excerpts of Dir(HR) meeting :

1. Issues related to Executive promotion policy (EPP) needs immediate settlement in addition to CPSU cadre hierarchy and first time bound promotion after 4 years of service in all the cases.

2.CPC from JTO to SDE (T) CPC against seniority cum fitness quota: Conduction of DPC for Seniority and fitness quota as per DoPT guidelines for the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 ,2012-13 and 2013-14 to fill up about 6600: 

GM (Pers) apprised that as soon as the stay order is vacated from the Hon'ble HC Kerala, the CPC will be expedited and promotion order of 6612 SDEs will be issued immediately.  We requested to discuss the matter with CGMT Kerala Circle for early hearing through BSNL`s Advocate. Dir(HR) directed GM(Pers) to talk CGMT Kerala Circle on this issue or if required she will talk to CGMT Kerala Circle.


GM(Pers) further mentioned that in the stay order granted by Hon`ble CAT Chandigarh on promotion from JTO to SDE Telecom will be clubbed with AO to CAO court case which will be heard on 21st September, 2015. Dir (HR) directed to GM( Pers) to take the legal opinion from Sr. GM (Legal ) to appoint Sr. Advocate in this case.

3.CPC from JAO to AO and AO to CAO to fill up the vacant posts:

Director (HR) assured to direct GM (FP) to expedite CPCs from JAO to AO and AO to CAO. She also directed GM(Pers) to sit with GM (FP) and ensure common reply to the Hon`ble CAT Chandigarh on SC/ST Roaster implementation.  She assured an early action in this regard.

4,  CPC from SDE (T)/DE(Adhoc) to DE Regular: Immediate CPC to fill up the left out about 90 DEs Posts and  about 1200 DEs posts on regular basis up to the vacancies of  year 2013-14.

GM (Pers) informed that 83 DE Promotion order including 657 DEs promotion order on regular basis will be issued before 30th September, 2015 in case ACRs / VCRs are received.  We pleaded that all the DE vacancies up to July 14 which numbering about 1200 DE posts should be filled up in the same CPC.  GM (Pers) assured to look into the matter. He advised that Association should also help to completing the ACRs/VCRs of the eligible SDEs.  We assured our support.

5.CPC from DGM (F)-Adhoc to DGM (F) - Regular basis:

Director (HR) informed that the CPC work is in progress in SEA Cell.

6. Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre:

GM (Pers) informed that the committee recommendation on restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre has been processed to the competent authority   for approval and shortly the issue will be resolved after the approval of the BSNL Board.

7.E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs: The BSNL Management Committee has cleared the proposal of E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs which is pending for BSNL Board approval. Also settlement of Pay Anomaly cases of Departmental JTOs outsider quota:

 Director (HR) further directed GM (Estt) to put up the case in the next board meeting de-linking from HR plan approval.

8.Inordinate delay in settlement of disciplinary cases: We have been requesting BSNL Management for the settlement of long pending disciplinary cases. Many cases are pending more than 7-8 years and no decision is given, causing undue harassment to the executives on promotions and retirement. As per CVC guidelines all the disciplinary cases needs early settlement:

 Director (HR) advised GM (Pers), GM (Estt) and GM (FP) to write a letter to CVO for submitting a list of pending disciplinary cases and request for early settlement of these cases.

9.Early finalization of New SDE RR-2014 & JTO RRs-2014 (without degradation of Scale & Qualification) and in line with the suggestions submitted by associations:

 Director (HR) informed that the SDE RR-2014 has been approved in the last BSNBL Board meeting for which we extended our thanks. Director (HR) further, directed GM (Estt) to put up the new JTO RR in next board meeting delinking it from HR Plan after the approval of the competent authority.

10.Implementation of DPE order for payment of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit   w.e.f.  01.01.2007 for BSNL Pensioners:

Director (HR) further directed GM (Estt) to write letter to DOT showing concern of BSNL for early settlement of the issue.



On 03/09/2015 CS,President,ACSs alongwith leaders of AIGETOA met different Officers of CTD to discuss several problems:

1.CS,OS & BS/TBZ met GM(MM) at TBZ and presented her with memento of 5th CC and discussed about problem of posting of executive at PHS.We strongly demanded that DGM(MM) post should be looked after in stand alone manner. Administration should take steps to ensure it. 

Security problem of Salt Lake stores also discussed.GM intimated that steps have been taken to increase security and as a result theft cases have been minimised. Further security will be ensured.

2.CS,President & ACS(F) met GM(Fin) and presented him with memento of 5th CC.GM praised our efforts in organising CWC so competently.We discussed several problems such as settlement of personal claims including medical reimbursement due to implementation of ERP and demanded early solution.We also discussed about want of non executives at Business Area for which AOs/JAOs are not able to work properly.

We pointed out for JAO 2010 option different Area are implementing recovery in different manner.We strongly demanded that in CTD one principle should be followed. GM assured to take steps in this regard.

3.CS,President,ACSs & AIGETOA leaders met CGM/CTD at his chamber.CS presented the memento & souvenir of 5th CC. CGM stated that he could not address the gathering at open session of joint CWC on 25/08/2015 for he had to accompany CMD to airport.

We strongly protested about recent committee report on transfer policy of CTD published in MEDHA. Executives' Association were not consulted which is not at all desirable.Moreover,this policy is neither in conformity with BSNL guideline nor is beneficial to the incumbent as well as to the organisation.We expressed our resentment against the way of functioning of HR section of CTD under the guidance of GM(HR & Admn.).We opined that this section invites uncalled for complications by taking arbitrary decision without consulting associations.We expressed our dissatisfaction in this regard.CGM stated that the Associations may intimate their points of disagreement in writing,administration may review.He stated that we should consider the shortage of SDEs/DEs in CTD. He also instructed GM(HR) to sit with Associations regularly to discuss issues.

4.Later GM(HR) & GM(S & M) were also presented with the memento of 5th CC by the leadership. 


A GB Meeting of AIBSNLEA/North Branch will be held on 08/09/2015 at 4-30 PM in DUMDUM Exchange regarding reporting of 5th Circle Conference.



AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the order vide BSNL CO letter number 400-172/2015 Pers I dated 02.09.2015 regarding clarifications on various points/issues related to the Executive Promotion Policy. This has paved the way to AAOs and Sr AOs to get their first time bound promotion under EPP after completion of four years instead of five years from their AAO/Sr AO promotion before from 01.10.2004 <<<Click here for order>>>>


On the last working day Com.Prasun Mukherjee & Com.Ratan Chakraborty were felicitated by our members at their working places. CS greeted Com.Mukherjee & ACS greeted Com.Chakraborty.



2nd September General Strike - AIBSNLEA's Stand.

As per decision taken in the CWC meeting held at Kolkata, AIBSNLEA extends its Solidarity Moral support to the General Strike on 2nd September 2015 by Central Trade Unions.


Reports  & Photographs of CWC,Kolkata

<<<<<Click here for the GS Report placed in the CWC Meeting at Kolkata on 25th August 2015 and 26th August 2015>>>>>>   

<<<<Annexure-I to GS Report>>>>,   <<<<Annexure-II to GS Report>>>> , <<<<Annexure-III to GS Report>>>

<<<<<<Click here for the glimpses of CWC MEET at Kolkata with OPEN SESSION on dated 25.08.2015>>>>>

<<<<<<Click here for the glimpses of CWC MEET at Kolkata on dated 26.08.2015>>>>>


Com.Prasun Kumar Mukherjee,Adv.(E)/CHQ,SDE/CSC/Circus Exch.retires due to superannuation on 31/08/2015

He is basic member of Central-II Branch.He donated Rs.4000.00 to the CTD/Circle.

Com.Ratan Chakraborty SDE/Intl.Jdv of South Branch retires due to superannuation on 31/08/2015.He donated Rs.3000.00 to the South Branch.

Com.Bhanu Chattopadhyay JAO/TR/BDN of North Branch retires due to superannuation on 31/08/2015.

AIBSNLEA will always remember their contribution to the working class movement.


Click below for the glimpses of felicitation of Director(HR), BSNL Board in her chamber at 3rd Floor, Corporate Office New Delhi as she has not attended the 2nd CWC Meeting at  Kolkata due to some official business>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<Photo1>>>>  <<<Photo2>>>


CS,ACS & AFS attended the Open Session of 7th CC of BSNLEU/CTD at Chandannagar on 29/08/2015.CS in his deliberation emphasized upon the unbiased co-ordination of FORUM lead by BSNLEU to forge unity in order to strenghten the struggle to save BSNL.




After completion of CWC 2015, Kolkata, the Fifth Circle Conference of Calcutta Telephone Circle was held  on 27th Aug. 2015 at Swami Vivekananda Auditorium, Rajya Yuva Kendra ,Moulali, Kolkata.It was held just two years after the 4th Conference held in August 2013.

The conference was inaugurated with hosting of AIBSNLEA flag  by Circle President Com. Tridip Chakrborty in presence of our beloved Com. Prahlad Rai GS, veteran leader Com. Amit Gupta,  Com. Bijoy Bhattacharjee  OS(East), Com. Basudeb Chakraborty AGS(Fin.), Com. Prasun  Kumar Mukherjee , Advisor ( East),Com.Alakendra Singh AFS/CHQ,  Com. Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay CS/CTD, all Circle Office Bearers of Kolkata & delegates.  We cheered with the slogan AIBSNLEA Zindabad, Long Live BSNL .President delivered his welcome speech & call for assembling  in the auditorium.

ACS Com.Subhasis Mitra conducted the programme.

The main programme  started with a inaugural songs by Smt. Supriya Kar, Smt. Bithi Mukherjee BS/TBZ, Smt. Rita Chatterjee,our members, followed by enchanting key board recital by Com. Nirmal Kumar Das, BS/Central-I.

 One minute silence for condolence to the departed soul was observed.Then President asked to place BS Report.All seven Branch Secretaries(North,South,Howrah,Central-I,Central-II,Telephone Bhavan & Teriti Bazar placed  organizational reports of respective branch.CS summed up.

After that CS Com. Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay placed a brief but all embracive Report for the last term and Com. Maloy Bhattacharya,FS placed the Audited Accounts for the last two years. 

Com. Prahlad Rai GS, Com.Bijoy Bhattacharjee OS(E),Com.Alakenndra Singh AFS/CHQ, Com.Basudeb Cakraboty AGS(Fin) ,Com.Prasun Kumar Mukherjee Adv(E) ,Com.Swapan Bose, President / WBT, Com.Aniruddha Bose ACS/WBT & Com. Amit Gupta AGS/ AIRBSNLEWA were felicitated with flower bouquet and memento  of 5th Circle Conference.               Memento of CWC for Honorable Dir(HR) Smt.Sujata T Ray was handed over to GS for onward transmission.The first copy of the colourful souvenir to mark the occasion was presented to GS by President and uncovered.                                                                                                        

Com. Prahlad Rai, GS while addressing the august house thanked the CS/CTD and full team of Kolkata for holding this historical CWC in a befitting manner. He elaborately explained  the current problems of the executives including JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM DPC, long awaiting JTO to SDE promotion 67% quota, SDE to DE, DE to DGM DPC. All court cases, five increment case of JAO-2013 Batch, JTO Officiting case, JTO/RR, E2 – E3 pay scale, cadre hierarchy, ADOL/ restructuring , PPS post creation bilateral relation after MOU signed with AIGETOA etc. An interaction session followed .Delegates and participants from different branches expressed their grievances about the Kerala Court Case of JTO to SDE 67% Quota promotion. GS answered and explained each case and expressed that we are very much vigilant about this court case and our CS Kerala Com.Shaji is regularly supervising the case. GS also assured the early completion of DPC if the stay order  is vacated in the court.GS intimated that he would meet Dir(HR) on the next morning & discuss about JAO 2013 batch 5 increment case & JTO/RR case.He also expressed that upgradation order of AD/OL is expected in September 2015.

During post lunch session, discussions on CS & FS report took place. Circle Secretary’s Report  and audited Accounts were adopted by the house unanimously. Some resolutions were also moved  and passed by the house unanimously. 

OS(East) in his speech praised  the CTD circle for successful organization of this CWC and timely holding of Circle Conference, regular meeting every Thursday in association room. AGS/Fin.thanked CS and his team for this historical event and assured  all sorts of co-operation .  Com. Amit Gupta, greeted Calcutta Telephones  comrades for unique arrangement.

The house felicitated  Circle Secretary, Circle President with silver memento .Our Adv(E) is going to retire on 31st August 2015.He was also presented with silver memento.

 The Election was conducted by  Com. Bijoy  Bhattacharjee & Com. Amit Gupta. New Circle Body was elected unanimously with Com. Triidip Chakraborty; Com. Prasun Kumar Mukhopad