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Last Updated: 8th December 2018

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3rd PRC Report....Gazette Notification.....<<<Click here for report>>>>>

Membership Drive: All the Circle & District Secretaries are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum members by filling up of Membership form and subscription deduction format from salary before last date i.e. 15.07.2018  <<<Click here for membership form>>>>>    <<<<Click here for subscription deduction format from salary >>>>>

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Notice of CEC on 12-12-2018(Wednesday) at 11-00 AM at CTO Building. All concerned are requested to be present in time so that we can adhere to the schedule.( see notice )


AUAB writes to Secy(T), DoT regarding implementation of the direction of the Hon'ble MoS(C), with regards to putting in place an institutional mechanism for periodic interaction between the DoT and the AUAB....<<<<Click here for letter>>>


PROMOTION FROM AO TO CAO GRADE - COURT ORDERS STATUS QUO:  BSNL CO has circulated the CAT Chandigarh order directing to maintain status quo.   View letter


CS writes to GS protesting calling option from SDE(E) from CTD/WBTC for Jharkhand circle (see letter)


GS writes to The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding

Request for transfer/posting / cancellation / retention in the cadre of Accounts Officers on CAO Promotion (see letter)


Meeting with GM(Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi: GS, President, AGS(Fin.) met GM(Pers.) & discussed regarding

(a) JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotions: We requested GM(Pers.) to fill up about 4700 vacant SDE(T) posts since there is no stay order in promotions from JTO(T) to SDE(T). GM(Pers.) mentioned that due to contempt of court case is pending in Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam promotion order from JTO(T) to SDE(T) could not be issued. However, the said contempt case is listed for hearing on 18th Dec., 2018 wherein the rejoinder have been filed by BSNL. He assured to examine the probability to fill up the vacant SDE(T) posts without the disposal of contempt case.

(b) DE to DGM(Engg.)  promotion: We requested to submit the DEs seniority list for the promotion of EGM(Engg.) in the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh before 17th Dec., 2018, the date of hearing. GM(Pers.) GM(Pers.)  mentioned that DEs seniority list has been prepared & will be submitted to the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh after the approval of competent authority.

(c) Implementation of Rule-206 SDE seniority as per Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement: We requested GM(Pers.) to take the legal opinion of ASG for the implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement on Rule-206 of SDE seniority list in true sense. GM(Pers.) mentioned that after taking the approval of Director(HR), BSNL Board the matter will be send to the ASG for legal opinion shortly.


CS talked to GS today  for the following matters:

1) Long pending case of Mr.K.D.Bhagat PS - GS informed the case is being put up to Dir HR with a note that Mr.Bhagat may be given one more chance to clear EPP & in future if anybody fails to clear EPP exam in 3 chances, will be automatically upgraded to next scale after 3yrs. Details is awaited. Order in this regard may be issued within a day or two.

2) Regarding AO to CAO promotion CS requested GS to pursue the cases of Parbati Bhattacharya & Jayasree Datta Gupta may be given chance to join in CTD as CAO,as they are going to retire in Jan 2019. For the mistake of SEA section incumbents should not suffer. GS appreciated & told GM(FP) is on leave,after her return GS will definitely try to convince her in this regard.

3) CS requested GS to expedite the re allotment request forwarded to him by the CTD Circle. GS  told that the forwarding letter to Dir HR /GM(FP) is ready & soon will be uploaded in the CHQ website.


The indefinite strike from 03.12.2018 has been deferred till further intimation by AUAB -After meeting held with Hon’ble MoSC(I/C) on 03.12.2018. 

a.  4G Spectrum Allocation to BSNL: Non-allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL has been a major handicap for BSNL growth. The assurance given by the Hon’ble MoS(C) in this regard in 24thFeb., 2018, was not implemented. In yesterday’s meeting, the Hon’ble MoS(C) intimated that the Cabinet Note on the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL is already circulated to the other ministries for comments. He also assured to depute a senior officer of the DoT to those nodal ministries to quicken the process. Once this process is completed, the Hon’ble MoS(C) assured to take up this issue in the next Cabinet meeting itself. It is assured now that BSNL is going to get 4G spectrum shortly. This is a major break through in the financial revival of BSNL, and undoubtedly a very big achievement of the AUAB.

b.  Pension revision of  BSNL Pensioners: So far, the DoT has been linking pension revision of BSNL pensioners  with the pay revision of the BSNL employees. They have taken a firm stand that pension revision could be done only when pay revision is done to the serving employees. However, in the meeting held with the Secretary(T), DoT on 02.12.2018, and also in the meeting with the Hon’ble MoS(C) on 03.12.2018, the AUAB is informed that pension revision of the retirees is now delinked from the pay revision of the employees and the matter has been send to DoP&PW for consideration. This is a very big achievement of this strike call. AUAB will continue to take all out efforts to ensure that the revision of pension is done at the earliest.

c. Implementation of government rules in the payment of pension contribution by BSNL: The Hon’ble MoS(C) categorically told that government rule will be implemented, according to which BSNL has to pay pension contribution, based on actual basic pay. A letter has already been gone to the finance ministry, with the recommendation of the DoT. Settlement of this issue, is also a boost for the financial revival of BSNL.    

d.  Left out issues of the 2nd PRC: The BSNL Management has long been demanding that Management should fulfil the recommendation of the 2nd PRC, that 30% of the pay should be contributed by the Management towards superannuation benefits of the Directly Recruited employees. On this issue, the CMD BSNL has assured, in the meeting held with him on 02.12.2018, that BSNL’s contribution towards pension contribution will be increased by another 3%, by March, 2019, and the remaining will be increased thereafter in one go. Thus, the non-implementation of the recommendation of the 2nd PRC, in respect of superannuation benefits is also resolved.   

In addition to this, AIBSNLEA requested for the revision of Pay scales E-1 by E-2, E-2 by E-3 and upgradation of subsequent pay scales E-3 by E-4, E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7; Hon’ble MoS(C) directed DoT officers for consideration.

e.  3rd Pay Revision of employees: No final settlement is reached in respect of the 3rd Pay Revision of the employees. It was told in the discussion by the Hon’ble MoS(C) as well as by the Secretary(T), DoT, that pay revision of the employees would be done, but 15% fitment cannot be given. The AUAB representatives gave a detailed presentation to the Hon’ble MoS(C), justifying pay revision with 15% fitment. However, it was not accepted. The AUAB feels that this issue needs to be further persued with the DoT, for which some more time needs to be given.

DoT is constituting a committee of comprising officers of DoT/BSNL and the representatives of AUAB to meet fortnightly  to have a follow-up action on the above issues.

The leaders of the AUAB, in the meeting held after talks with the Hon’ble MoS(C), appreciated the fact that the strike call has brought major achievements to the BSNL employees, and that these achievements have got to be consolidated, by way of implementation of the assurances / issuing of letters. As regards the wage revision is concerned, the AUAB has decided to give some more time to the DoT to sort out the matter. However, struggles become inevitable, if the persuasions of the AUAB fail.


GS writes to Smt. Sujata T. Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding request for permitting newly promoted CAOs who were under the orders of transfer to other Circles to assume the charge of CAO in their Home Circle before relief on the date of promotion orders along with their juniors....<<<Click here for letter>>>


Meeting with CMD BSNL: GS, President met CMD, BSNL & discussed regarding :

(i) Implementation of 3rd  PRC  :  CMD informed  as per the direction of Hon’ble MoSC (I/C) in yesterday meeting a committee is being constituted comprising of Sr. officers  of DoT, BSNL and AUAB representatives  to work out a feasible proposal for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL and to follow-up action on other demands of AUAB i.e. 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL, Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic pay, Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners delinking from pay revision of BSNL employee.

(ii) Issues regarding AO to CAO promotion:  AIBSNLEA shown its serious concern regarding Mass level transfers in recently issued AO to CAO promotion order,   it will also burden BSNL more than Rs. 2 Cr towards TA DA expenditure. Due to financial crunch of BSNL and to follow austerity measure, we suggested that transfer can be done on need basis & in addition to that all the circles are having surplus AOs than the sanctioned strength, thus look on arrangement in cadre of CAO can be given to AOs. CMD advised to discuss matter the with  Director (HR) .


Meeting with Director(HR), BSNL Board: GS, President, AGS(Fin.) & AGS(DR) met Director(HR), BSNL Board & discussed regarding ,

(a)  Implementation of 3rd  PRC  : Director HR informed as per the direction of Hon’ble MoSC (I/C) in yesterday meeting a committee is being  constituted comprising of Sr. officers  of DoT; BSNL and AUAB representatives  to work out a feasible proposal for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL.

(b) Issues regarding AO to CAO promotion:

(i)  AIBSNLEA shown its serious concern regarding Mass level transfers in recently issued AO to CAO promotion order,   it will also burden BSNL more than Rs. 2 Cr towards TA /DA expenditure. Director (HR) mentioned that transfers have been effected due to acute shortage in the respective circles. Due to financial crunch of BSNL and to follow austerity measure, we suggested that transfer can be done on need basis & in addition to that all the Circles are having surplus AOs than the sanctioned strength, thus look on arrangement in cadre of CAO can be given to AOs. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

(ii) Regarding filling of vacant posts of CAOs, Director(HR) informed that after the receipt of legal opinion from the ASG the vacant  post will be filled up.

(iii) We also requested Director (HR) to issue necessary instructions to the IFAs of Circles to permit newly promoted CAOs who were under the orders of  transfer  to   assume charge of in their present  circle  before relieving to the allotted  circle as per the guideline issued BSNL CO  in 2015 in the case of JAO to AO promotion . Director (HR)  assured to look into the matter and advice to take-up the issue with Sr. GM(FP).

(c) DE To DGM promotion : We requested Director( HR )to clear the seniority list file, so as to be submitted DEs seniority / eligibility list in  Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh before 17.12.2018. Director (HR ) informed that she will discuss this  issue  in the  meeting to be held today with GM (Pers.) DGM (legal) and AGM (Legal).

(d) Implementation of Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement  in Rule 206 of TES group B: We requested for early Implementation of Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement  in Rule 206 of TES Group B seniority. After detailed discussion Director (HR) assured to get legal opinion from ASG.

OSD to Director(HR) and GM(SR) both were present in the meeting.


 <<<Click here for letter of deferment of Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 03rd Dec., 2018>>>>


<<<<Click here for Minutes of meeting held between AUAB & Hon'ble MOS(C) / Secy(T), DoT on 3rd Dec., 2018>>>>


AUAB Meeting today unanimously decided to defer the strike till further intimation as per the following details:----



All the applications till date received by CS for re allotment of CAO posting & inclusion of missing name have been forwarded to Respected GS,AIP & OS(E) for persuasion.


Recent AO to CAO promotion has been stayed by Hon'ble Chandigarh CAT on 30/11/2018. CAT ordered to maintain status quo, that means those who have already joined as CAO will remain CAO & no further joining is allowed till final order. 


AUAB Meeting with Hon'ble  MoS(C) has been fixed today at 12:30 PM on the charter of demands instead of 10.00 AM.


Secy(T), DoT Meeting with AUAB held today : Talks between the AUAB and the Secretary (T), DoT were held today the 02nd Dec., 2018. Improvements are there in the issues of 4G Spectrum, Pension Revision and pension contribution. However, dead lock in prevailing in the issue of 3rd Pay Revision. With a view to ensure discussion with the Hon'ble MOS(C) on this issue, the AUAB decides to defer the strike for one week. If fruitful outcome does not come in the meeting with the Hon'ble MOS(C), the strike will start from 00.00 Hrs.  on 10th Dec., 2018.

<<<AUAB Letter of deferment>>>>


FLASH NEWS: 02.12.2018 1500 hrs:  Additional Secretary (Telecom) invited AUAB for talks at 15 30 hrs. today.


1430 hrs: AUAB talk with CMD BSNL:

CMD BSNL talk with AUAB Failed: Today, A/N 12.00 Hrs. CMD BSNL called all the General Secretaries for  Discussion on the AUAB demands and ongoing Agitation. CMD BSNL and Director(HR) further apprised the representatives regarding the developments taking place in DoT with respect to the demands AUAB and Indefinite Strike with effect from 3rd December 2018. CMD appealed that since the DoT Administration is now taking steps for the settlement of some of the demands, AUAB should withdraw the agitation. After detailed discussions AUAB Leaders expressed their serious concern against not honouring the Commitments given by the Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) to AUAB Leaders in the meeting held on 24.02.2018, after a lapse of 9 months and the Secretary (T) meeting held on 2.11.2018. AUAB Leaders categorically told the CMD, if the competent authority should give written assurance for the settlement of demands in bound manner, thereafter only AUAB can review its decision.

In view of this, it is requested to all the Circle/ District Secretaries to ensure for the successful implementation of the indefinite strike.


UPWARD REVISION PAY SCALES FOR EXECUTIVES :Revision of  Pay Scales E-1A by E-2 and E-2A by E-3 of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent and subsequent upgradation of Pay Scales E-3, E-4,E-5,E-6 & E-7 W.e.from 1.1.2007. AIBSNLEA have been demanding for the revision of Pay Scales E-1A by E-2 and E-2A by E-3 and subsequent Pay Scales E-3 by E-4 , E-4 by E-5, E-5 by E-6 and E-6 by E-7 as per the BSNL C.O letters addressed to Jt.Secretary (Admin), DoT vide No.1-13/2015-PAT (BSNL) dated 6.6.2016 <<<<Click here for letter>>> and vide Letter No. 1-13/2015-PAT (BSNL) dated 12.06.2017 <<<<Click here for letter>>>AIBSNLEA will continue its efforts for the settlement of this Pay Revision demand.


A team of delegates consisting of CS,CP,ACS & OS(E) met team IIM,Ahmedabad and present our views on steps to be taken for revival of BSNL.CS,OS(E) & CP discussed our views in detail to Mr.Vishal Dubay of IIM & Ms Yashashri Mund ADG/PSU I of DoT.The meeting lasted for about 30 minutes.We stressed upon the fact as BSNL is fully owned by DoT,it has the main responsibility to revive BSNL. (Click to see the paper) 


CS,CP,ACS,OS and OS(E) met Sri Biswajit Pal newly appointed CGM/CTD in a courtesy call.We greeted him with sweets and flower bouquet,we assured him any sort of cooperation for the development of CTD.We expessed our concern about non payment of JCL wages,one month is already over.He appreciated our concern but told that all have to be patient because there is no cash flow in BSNL CO.still he is trying to convince,he requested us convince the JCLs not to stop work because it will add more fuel to fire.Situation will be worse further.We heard his request but impressed upon completion of tendering in each area so that we can have two months time.He appreciated our view.

We requested CGM Sir to take steps so that all the newly promoted CAOs may be retained within CTD as there is ample post vacant.CGM assured that he will talk to it with GM(Fin).



AUAB CTD meeting was held at RJCM room Telephone Bhawan today on 1st December. Com. Sekhar Majumdar CS,NFTE presided over the meeting. Com. Sisir Roy, CS, BSNLEU, Com. Sarmila Datta, BSNLEU, Com. Debasis Datta, NFTE, Com. Asit Bose, BSNLEU, Com. Subhasis Mitra, CS AIBSNLEA and Com. Sadhan Chandra Mondal, AIGETOA attended the meeting. Before this meeting AUAB leadership met GM (HR/Admn) and CGM for indefinite strike wef 3rd December, 2018. In the AUAB meeting the following decisions were taken during strike.

1.  Strikers will not attend control room duty.

2. Organizers and active workers of AUAB should be at the gate of the work spot.

3.  Electricity, power plant and water supply should be manned by volunteers.

4. Cash collection and customer service centre s shall remain closed.

5. AUAB circle leadership should be at telephone bhawan gate.

6. On 3rd December at 15 .00 hrs a street corner meeting will be organised in front of Ranigunge Coal House.

7. Every day a review meeting will be held at TB east gate after 5 pm.

8. Area level AUAB leadership should convey these decisions to local administration and gather at the gate of respective exchanges.


Farewell ceremony of Com.Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhay OS(E):

AIBSNLEA/CTDTelephone Bhavan Branch organised Farewell Ceremony to our respectable & beloved leader Com.Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay on 30th November 2018.The programme was presided over by Com.Susmita Nag BP and conducted by Com.Prasanta Mukherjee BS.CS Com.Subhasis Mitra,CP Com.Tridip Chakraborty along with other COBs & BOBs were present in the function.The gathering was very lively and members paid their respect to Com.Prasun from the core of their heart.They remembered era of Com.Prasun as CS of CTD for last 3 terms.As an able leader he led in any prolem from the front & as an elder brother he always guided his fellow comrade.Besides association activity Com.Prasun has a great taste in cultural activity.Com.Amit Ganguly CAO and Com.Prasun recited Bengali poems,All the speakers including CS & CP narrated their decades old memory working with him and expressed that not only as leader but also a human he is a real champion.All expect that in future also he will guide us in the struggle for upliftment of mankind.

Com.Prasun assured us as OS(E) he will continue to work till next AIC and in future also he will always be available to guide us in the association work.

Com.Prasun was presented with a memento,flower bouquet and sweets.CS told that on 12-12-2018 in the Spl.GB   AIBSNLEA/CTD circle has decided to felicitate him in a grand manner.



The following members of AIBSNLEA/CTD retired due to superannuation on 30th November 2018

1.Com.Arup Bag DGM(F)/EB & BB -Member of Telephone Bhavan Branch

2.Com.Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay AGM/R & E-Member of Telephone Bhavan Branch

3.Com.Asesh Acharya SDE/LC I - Member of Telephone Bhavan Branch

4.Com.Gobindo Chandra Debnath CAO/ETR -Ex President of Central-II Branch

We wish all the members a happy,healthy,peaceful and active life after retirement.


AUAB Meeting with CMD BSNL & Director(HR), BSNL Board: CMD BSNL & Director(HR), BSNL Board called meeting with General Secretaries of AUAB i.e. AIBSNLEA, BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, BSNLMS, AIGETOA, BSNLOA & ATM & appraised regarding his discussions with Hon’ble MOSC (I/C) & Secy(T), DoT and other Senior Officers of DoT that on some demands DoT is taking some positive steps but on some issues due to financial viability BSNL’s some way out is to be taken. AUAB leaders clearly mentioned that till the time their demands are not shorted out, they can’t review their Indefinite Strike decision. Thus there couldn’t be any break though on the settlement of AUAB demands.

Now, CMD, BSNL has further fixed up the meeting with AUAB Leaders on Sunday afternoon at 1200 Hrs. All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to concentrate on the successful implementation of the Indefinite Strike from 3rd Dec., 2018.


GS writes to 

1. Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding 

(a) Promotions of Executives belonging to CSS Stream (Assistant General Managers, Deputy Managers, Assistant Managers, Private Secretaries and Personal Assistants to the grades of Deputy General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Deputy Manager, Principal Private Secretary and Private Secretary, respectively) before introduction of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL..........................<<<<Click here for letter>>>>>

(b) Request for cancellation of mass transfer orders issued to Accounts Personnel on CAO Promotion...........<<<<Click here for letter>>>>>


GS writes
The Sr. GM (FP) BSNL Corporate office regarding 

Requests for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts officers (click here for letter)


Estt. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office issued clarification regarding grant of Transport Allowance on grant of time bound financial up-gradation of scale of executives from E2 to E3 scale under EPP <<<<Click here for clarification>>>


Congratulations!    AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released orders for promotion on purely temporary and ad-hoc basis from CAO to DGM(F), Transfer/posting of DGM(F) in BSNL.<<<Click here for order>>>>


CS talked to GS & expressed our deep concern for a large number of CAO have been posted outside CTD despite there is sufficient no. of CAO post are available in the Circle. We requested GS to intervene so that CAOs may be retained in the Circle. We also pointed out that some ladies have even two months service left are posted outside CTD. GS advised to write to him in this regard & he will try to accommodate  as much as possible. (see letter & list


An Appeal to AIBSNLEA's CTD Branch Secretaries.........

AIBSNLEA CHQ has published "BSNL Executives' Diary-2019". It is ready for dispatch. All the Branch  Secretaries are requested to place requirements to Circle  immediately so that diaries can reach in time.


CS contacted GM (Fin) & expressed our deep concern for non payment of JCL wages for Oct'18 till date. We requested him to persuade BSNL CO for early release of fund. GM (F) replied that there is a severe crunch of cash flow that is why fund allotment may be delayed.


ALL UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS OF BSNL (AUAB) writes to Secy(T), DoT & CMD, BSNL regarding submitting explanatory note on the charter of demands for the indefinite strike from 03.12.2018 <<<Click here for letter>>>   &  <<<AUAB Circular>>>


Congratulations!    AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released orders for Promotion of AOs/Sr.AOs to the grade of STS (CAO/AGM) on regular and adhoc basis-<<<<Click here for Promotion order>>>>

AIBSNLEA is very much thankful to CMD BSNL, Director(HR), CGM(Legal), Sr. GM(FP), OSD to Director(HR), GM(Pers.), CLO and all the staff of Pers./SEA Cell, who are involved in  release of this order.

Click here for glimpses of celebration at AIBSNLEA CHQ Office of release of AO to CAO Promotion Orders>>>>>>    <<<Photo1>>>    <<<Photo2>>>    <<<Photo3>>>    <<<Photo4>>>>  <<<Photo5>>>   <<<Photo6>>>


Director(PSU-I), DoT Writes to CMD BSNL regarding proposal for revision of pay of Board level & Below Board level executives of BSNL under 3rd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2017 <<<Click here for letter>>>


CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA/CTD Circle held at 4 PM in the Association Office today. OS(E) was present. The meeting was presided over by Com.Tridip Chakrabarty CP. After thorough discussion the following decisions were taken:

1) We should organise & participate wholeheartedly in the proposed indefinite strike w.e.f 3rd Dec'18. Tour programme in this regard was prepared as under.

22/11/18-Bidhannagar/ITPC:- Com.Atanu Mazumder & Com.Debashish Halder , 

24/11/18- BurraBazar- Com.Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee & Com.Manishi Mukherjee,

26/11/18-Ballygunge Place- Com.Atanu Mazumder & Com.Subhasis Mitra,

26/11/18- 8,Hare St.- Com. Satyajit Bhattacharjee & Com. Prasun Mukherjee,

27/11/18- Cossipore Exch- Com.Ashok Ghosh & Com.Krishna Ghatak,

27/11/18- Alipur Area Office- Com.Raju Roy & Com.Subhasis Mitra,

27/11/18- Dum Dum Exch- Com.Atanu Mazumder & Com.Sujoy Banerjee,

28/11/18- Satyabala Howrah- Com.Subhasis Mitra,

28/11/18- Sreerampur- Com. Arunangshu Neogi & Com.Ashoke Ghosh (Howrah),

29/11/18- Ranikuthi- Com.Atanu Mazumder & Com.Aloke Das,

30/11/18- Barackpur Lalkuthi- Com. Tridip Chakraborty & Com.Ashoke Ghosh .

01/12/18- Telephone Bhawan- Central gathering at 2pm. CS, CP & other COBs of TB Exch will attend. Squad at all work place.

2) A CEC meeting will be held at CTO Hall on 12/12/18 w.e.f. 11AM.. All concerned should attend the meeting punctually  with their own leave. GS & AIP will be present in the meeting.

3) A special GB will be held at the same venue in the post lunch session from 3pm. Members of AIBSNLEA/WBTC  & AIRBSNLEWA will be invited through their  CS respectively. GS & AIP will address.


Meeting with CMD BSNL and  Director(HR) BSNL Board: GS, President, AGS(Fin) and CS Kerala  met CMD BSNL and DIR(HR),  while discussing the AO to CAO Promotion orders we requested to generalize the BSNL CO order dated 15.11.2018 to all Ex Officiating JTOs. In this regard AIBSNLEA submitted a letter to the DIR (HR) which was immediately marked to Sr.GM (Estt) for discussion.


Status of Court Cases:

(a)  DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion case: DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion case is heard today in the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh. Hon'ble CAT is ready to amend the order already issued by the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh and accepting for DE to DGM promotion on Adhoc basis. But the Applicant's Advocate argued that Seniority List as per Catch up rule to be prepared by BSNL and to be submitted to the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh since no Seniority List is available for AGM Grade. BSNL Counsel argued that as per the latest Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India Catch up rule need not to be applied for promoting 800 DEs to DGM on Adhoc basis, however he assured that Eligibility List will be prepared and submitted by BSNL. Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh has given one week time for the submission of DE Eligibility List by the BSNL and the case is listed for next Hearing on 26.11.2018

(b) FR 22 (I) a (1) Pay fixation case of erstwhile Officiating JTOs: OA No.100/892/2016 filed by AIBSNLEA in respect of FR 22 I (a) (1) Pay fixation case of erstwhile Officiating JTOs is listed for hearing in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi today 19.11.2018 for final argument. Due to paucity of time the case could not be heard and listed for next hearing on 21.02.2019.

The contempt case filed by AIBSNLEA for the payment of Arrears vide FR 22 (I) a ( 1) in respect of Ex Officiating JTOs is listed for hearing in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi  on 30.11.2018.


Today Executives assembled in BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi:

AIBSNLEA BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi executives assembled in the office of Sr. GM(FP), Director(HR), BSNL Board,  CMD BSNL Offices to express their serious concern against not issuing AO to CAO promotions, JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotions & consideration of all the proposals of upgradation in all disciplines. Sr. GM(FP) was reluctant to meet & discuss the matter. Then GS, President along with other office bearers met Director(HR) and expressed the concern on the above issues. Director(HR) mentioned that she has already directed Sr.GM(FP) to process the case of AO to CAO promotions in the line of 2nd legal opinion issued from Sr. Advocate for promotions and advised to meet Sr.GM(FP) & CMD BSNL for further necessary action.

Thereafter when Sr. GM(FP) did not met and discussed the matter, AIBSNLEA representatives met CMD BSNL & apprised the developments wherein some officers of BSNL Corporate Office are stopping the promotions. CMD BSNL after detailed discussions assured to discuss the matter with Director(HR) for issuing AO to CAO promotions against vacant posts. CMD further informed that 3 days before he has already cleared 17 nos. CAO to DGM(Fin.) promotion orders.   We extended thanks to clearing CAO to DGM(Fin.) promotions. We requested to fill up 5000 vacant SDE(T) posts. CMD mentioned that let the contempt case in Hon’ble CAT Kerala be decided ,promotion orders from JTO(T) to SDE(T) will be issued.

We further requested to consider upgradation of the posts in the next higher grade to the eligible executives for promotions in all the disciplines. CMD BSNL assured that let the existing vacancies in CAO cadre & SDE(T) cadre be first fill up thereafter immediately upgradation proposals will be considered.

Click  here for glimpses>>>>  <<<Photo1>>>     <<<Photo2>>>    <<<Photo3>>>   <<<Photo4>>>     <<<Photo5>>>    <<<Photo6>>>   


Status of Court Cases:

(i) DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion case: DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion case is listed for hearing today 19.11.2018 in the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh. As per the request of AIBSNLEA DGM (Legal) and AGM(Legal) of BSNL Corporate Office have been deputed to pursue with the BSNL's Advocate for the vacation of the Stay order.
(ii) FR 22 I (a) (1) Pay fixation case of erstwhile Officiating JTOs: OA No.100/1540/2016 filed by AIBSNLEA in respect of FR 22 I (a) (1) Pay fixation case of erstwhile Officiating JTOs is listed for hearing in the Hon'ble PB CAT New Delhi today 19.11.2018 for final argument .


CS writes to CGM/CTD for sanction of Rs.200/- for Executive Diary for 2019 like previous year.(see letter)


AUAB/CHQ serves notice to CMD/BSNL for indefinite strike call wef 3rd December 2018 (click to see notice)


Status of AO to CAO Promotion: GS requested Director(HR), BSNL Board for issuing AO to CAO Promotion order. Director(HR) mentioned that GM(Pers.) has given some remarks in the AO to CAO promotion file which needs to be resolved. However, Director(HR) assured that shortly decisions will be taken and promotion orders will be issued.

It is observed that some officers in BSNL Corporate Office with an indifferent and biased attitude are working against Accounts & Finance cadres and stalling their justified promotions. AIBSNLEA will shortly decide the organizational action programmes to defend the ulterior motives of these over-jealous  officers. Let us,keep ready for agitation programme.


Status of AO to CAO Promotions: As per the assurance given by Director(HR), BSNL Board in  meeting held with  AIBSNLEA on 14-11-2018 the promotion order from AO to CAO will be issued by 16-11-2018.


An emergent CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA/CTD Circle will be held on 20-11-2018(Tuesday) at 4 PM in the Association Office.All concerned are requested to attend the meeting punctually(click to see the notice)


Meeting with GM (Pers)  BSNL C.O.:-

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding:-

(a) AO to CAO promotion: GM (Pers) informed that Second Legal Opinion from the Sr. Advocate has been received yesterday morning and the file has been sent to  Sr.GM (FP) for further necessary action.

(b) Implementation of Rule-206 on TES Group ‘B' seniority after Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment: GM(Pers.) informed that DOT has given its comments on BSNL's proposal and has advised to implement in BSNL itself ,we further pleaded that Hon'ble Supreme Court has upheld the impugned judgment of Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh and CAT Chandigarh. Accordingly, BSNL should implement the judgment in its true spirit. We further suggested that Legal Opinion from Sr.Advocate may be obtained if further clarity is required. GM (Pers.) assured to look in to the case.

c)  DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion:  We requested to depute to depute DGM (Legal) from BSNL Corporate Office to Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh for the next hearing scheduled to be held on 19.11.2018. GM (Pers) assured that DGM (Legal) will be deputed for the next hearing to pursue with the BSNL’s Advocate for the vacation of the Stay order.

d) JTO to SDE Promotion: GM (Pers) informed that he will appear in the case personally in the Hon’ble High Court Kerala at Ernakulam on 30.11.2018 and will give the assurance to the Hon’ble High Court Kerala for implementing its interim order by issuing the Promotion order.

e) SDE to DE left out promotion cases:  We requested for the early issuance of Promotions orders for the left out SDEs to DEs. GM (Pers) informed that due to Contempt notice against CMD in the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh the left out SDEs cases could not be considered for Promotion. However, after the disposal of the Contempt case further action will be taken particularly for the SC &ST left out candidates.


CGM/CTD Sri S.P.Tripathi left for his new assignment at UP-West Circle on being transferred.At present Sri S.K.Garg CGM/WBTC will look after CTD.Later, Sri Biswajit Pal PGM(CM)/Odisha will take over as CGM/CTD.

On his last working day CS talked to him over phone &  wished him all the success at his new place.In reply CGM thanked us for all the support extended to him. 

CS's message to CGM/CTD,"Sir, Wish you all the success for your new assignment. May you have the same success as achieved in CTD. All the best Sir Subhasis Mitra CS AIBSNLEA CTD".

CGM/CTD's  reply," Thanks Mitra ji. But I do not know whether I will be getting such talented team as in CTD. Thanks for all support extended wholeheartedly".


Congratulations!!! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released order regarding implementation of voluntary Group Term Insurance Scheme fro BSNL Executives....<<<Click here for order>>>>           


Com.Monoj Dutta AO/TCD-I & II admitted in RKMSP with Cardiac Problem ICU.He had undergone an operation and stent is fitted.Now his condition is stable.We pray for his speedy recovery.


Dear comrade,
The AUAB met at New Delhi today and decided to organise indefinite strike from 03-12-2018, demanding settlement of wage revision, 4G spectrum and other issues. It is also decided to boycott the execution of all government projects like NOFN, NFS and LWE from 03-12-2018. Immediately give wide publicity to this news and organise the employees for the indefinite strike. Detailed communication follows.  
 <<<<Click here for the circular of AUAB, which contains details of the proceedings and decisions of the AUAB meeting held today>>>>.                                                                    


Successfully implemented the Rally on 14.11.2018 at Kolkata:

As per the call given by AUAB, rally was successfully conducted  for the implementation of Five point Charter of demands.  More than 3000 Executives & Non Executives of BSNL /CTD & WBTC  were actively participated in the rally  from the crossing of Mission Row & Bentick St. to Bengal Chambers of Commerce building BBD Bag. At the end of the rally, CS AIBSNLEA and other leaders of the AUAB addressed the gathering.

After the rally the AUAB Leaders sent  memorandum to the office of  Hon'ble Governor, WB  to appraise the issue & for his kind intervention in this matter & to pursue the case with  Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) for favourable action.We are thankful to our members  for their active participation.



OS(E),CS & CWC member attended the Bijoya Sammilani of AIRBSNLEWA at CTO building. OS(E) & CS in their speech thanked them for their invitation & we assured always work together for the interest of the existing & the retd. executives.



Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board: GS, President met Director (HR) and discussed regarding

A) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested Director (HR) for the issuance of AO to CAO Promotion orders. Director (HR) informed that Second Legal Opinion from the Sr.Advocate has been received and Sr.GM (FP) has been directed to process for the issuance of AO to CAO Promotion orders. She assured an early action in this regard.

B) Settlement of AUAB Demands: Director (HR) informed that today morning at 1000 hrs Secretary(T) called her to discuss regarding the ongoing Agitation Programme of AUAB even after the meeting held on 2.11.2018. Director(HR) appraised to Secretary (T) that in the meeting held on 02.11.2018 positive assurances were given by the Secretary (T) in the presence of all the Senior Officers of DOT/BSNL to the AUAB Leaders. But on 6.11.2018 DoT issued a letter to BSNL wherein practically all the demands of AUAB have been denied in a calculated manner. After seeing the Dot letter dated 6.11.2018 Secretary(T) got annoyed and called the JS(Admin) and Director(PSU) and fired them that how such letter has been issued to BSNL without the concurrence of her good office. Secretary(T) reiterated her assurances and directed JS(A) to issue corrigendum and accordingly the DoT has sent another letter to BSNL today evening toning down the earlier letter wherein it is mentioned that DoT queries are to be immediately replied by BSNL and thereafter DoT will take immediate action on 3rd PRC recommendations, regarding Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic DoT will give a positive note to DOE and the Cabinet Note approved by Hon’ble MOSC(I/C) has been sent for Inter-Ministerial Circulation. We extended thanks to Director (HR) for her timely intervention and mentioned that AUAB will continue its Agitation Programme till the time all the demands are not settled.

Sr.GM(FP), GM(SR) and GM(SR) were also present in the meeting.


Meeting with CMD BSNL: GS, President & AGS (Finance), met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding
A) Meeting with Secretary (T) regarding Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNLand other demands of AUAB :We expressed our concern against the queries raised by the DOT on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL despite the assurances given by the Hon'ble MOSC(I/C) and Secretary (T) which needs to be further discussed in DOT /Ministry. We explained that in case the assurances given by the Hon'ble MOSC and Secy (T) are not implemented AUAB will go for serious agitations in terms of even Indefinite Strike. CMD assured to discuss the matter in DOT.
B) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested CMD for the early issuance of Promotion order from AO to CAO. CMD mentioned that Second legal opinion on SC/ST roaster implementation on Promotions is being taken by the Director (HR) from a Sr. Advocate and assured that immediate action will be taken on receipt of the Second Legal opinion.
C) CAO to DGM (F) Promotion: We requested CMD for the early issuance of promotion order from CAO to DGM (Finance) since every month executives are retiring. CMD BSNL mentioned that he has asked some queries on CAO to DGM (Fin) Promotion and assured that the Promotion orders will be issued after the receipt of the replies from the Cadre Controlling Authority.


DoT has asked queries from BSNL on implementation of 3rd PRC>>>>>>>>   <<<Page1>>>     <Page2>>>


CS attended today the Press Conference organised by AUAB at CTO building at 2pm.  Journalists from eminent newspapers attended the conference.The leaders of AUAB explained the reason for which BSNL employees & the Officers are being compelled to organise rally in the Open road opposing the step motherly attitude of Central Govt. & DoT by not granting permission to launch 4G service & negating the 3rd PRC on the plea of Non Affordability clause despite assurances given by Secy. DoT  & Hon'ble  MOS (I/C) . They sought the help of the journalists to appraise the problem to the General public at large.



CS along with ACS (HQ) attended the OPEN SESSION of AGM of AIGETOA on 12th Nov at 4pm in Vivekananda Auditorium,  Yuva Kendra Moulali,Kolkatta. CS was greeted by Com.Deepak Sahoo, AGS/AIGETOA. We wished them all the success of the programme.



Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board: Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board: GS, AGS (Finance), AGS(DR) and CS(Delhi) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding
A) Meeting with Secretary (T) regarding Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNLand other demands of AUAB :We discussed regarding implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL , Director(HR) mentioned that DOT has asked many queries on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL which reflects that DOT is not keen to settle the issue. We explained that in case the assurances given by the Hon'ble MOSC and Secy (T) are not implemented AUAB will go for harder trade union actions Programmes.
B) AO to CAO Promotion: We requested to issue promotion order from AO to CAO and CAO to DGM(Finance). Director(HR) after some discussions immediately called Sr GM(FP), GM(Pers) &DGM(Pers) in the presence of GM(SR) and OSD and discussed regarding AO to CAO Promotion wherein she directed GM(Pers) to send a letter to Sr Advocate by itself for taking second legal opinion on SC/ST roaster implementation on Promotions. She informed that CMD has agreed to issue AO to CAO promotion also by ensuring that contempt of court case should be avoided while issuing promotion order. She also directed Sr.GM(FP) that immediate action should be taken once formal communication receive from Advocate.
C) CAO to DGM(F) Promotion: We resented against the delay in the process of promotion from CAO to DGM(F) as every month executives are retiring. Director HR along with Sr.GM(FP) and GM (Pers )discussed the matter with CMD BSNL immediately. wherein CMD BSNL has asked some queries on CAO to DGM(Fin) Promotion which will be replied shortly by Sr GM(FP) and CAO to DGM(Fin) Promotion orders will be issued.
D) JTO to SDE (T), SDE to DE and DE to DGM (Engg.) Promotion orders: We expressed our serious concern against the casual handling of the court cases i.e. SDE(T) to DE contempt case and DE TO DGM(Engg.) court cases in the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh wherein the cases have been posted for hearing in the month of Januarary-2019 which is delaying the promotions in the cadre of DE and DGM.Director(HR) directed GM(Pers) to take matter seriously.
Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that a legal opinion on JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotion on the basis of Hon'ble High Court Kerla Judgement /contempt case is being taken from Sr Advocate and on that basis the promotion orders will be issued.

E) Consideration of request /tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs /DGM (F): We requested for the consideration of request /tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs/ DGM (F) . Director (HR) and Sr.GM (FP) assured to assured for consideration.
Sr.GM(FP),GM(Pers),GM (SR) ,DGM(Pers.)& OSD were also present in the meeting.
F) MT recruitment in BSNL : 
We strongly protest against the SEA cell letter to GM (Rectt.) regarding MT recruitment in Accounts wing . Sr .GM(FP) told that SEA cell has sent letter in line with Pers. cell letter to Rectt. Cell regarding MT in Telecom wing . Director (HR) told that these letter are as per decision taken by Management committee of BSNL Board. Director (HR) also asserted that BSNL is reviewing/ Held up the new recruitment in view of present financial condition of BSNL. However AIBSNLEA protested against any MT recruitment above JTO/JAO level.


Legal opinion on SC-ST roster implementation on promotion in BSNL: GS discussed with GM(Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi regarding 2nd legal opinion to be taken from other Senior advocate on SC/ST Roster implementation on promotion in BSNL after judgment delivered by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. GM(Pers.) informed that the draft proposal for taking 2nd Legal Opinion has been send to Director (HR), BSNL Board  through CGM(Legal). He assured that after the approval of competent authority, the letter will be send to Sr. Advocate immediately. We expressed our serious concern against the delay is being caused in taking 2nd legal opinion.