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                        CS CP and CWC members have to leave on 11 July. All other delegates have to go on 12 July.

Back on 17 July night altogether & reach Kolkata on 18th July.


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Today CS,CP & CWC member met DIR HR Madam Sujata T Ray  at Ballygunge Place in the chamber of PGM(CFA). CGM/CTD & PGM was also present. After felicitation with flower bouquet and sweets we discussed our several problems with Madam & also submitted a memorandum. We submitted a copy to CGM/CTD also. (see for memorandum)


 A detailed discussion was held with the following agenda:-

1)Wage cut for 3(Three) days i.e. 18-20 February,2019:- Regarding this a detailed discussion took place,we argued that there is a precedence in 1996, five strike days were adjusted against E/L as per decision taken  by  the authority as per proposal of NFTE. Madam advised to take up the case with CHQ at the BSNL CO level whether this can be done.

2)3rd PRC implementation:- Madam clearly told that at present there is no discussion is taking place in this regard at any level. Actually AUAB leadership could have taken  the case to Hon'ble MOS(C) before observing three day strike. We argued that there is still ample scope to discuss this matter but Govt is unwilling. We requested if she can do something in this regard.

3) So called VRS proposal:- On our query Madam cleared that the original proposal sent by BSNL Board was VRS for 56+ employees but DoT has placed the current proposal unilaterally. At present nothing is moving in this regard only file, Cabinet note preparation, several questionaire are taking place just to buy time. The proper shape may be palpable after June -July 19.

4)Austerity measures taken by BSNL Board:- Madam accepted our proposals & assured that only own cost transfer orders will be issued as far as practicable. 

5) Some All India issues:-
i) AO to CAO promotion : conversion of 336 MT Quota- Madam appraised that the proposal is with BSNL MC & soon will be placed to BSNL Board. In next week we can expect some results. After settlement of this issue the court case filed by Mr.Anupam Yadav may be vacated & further promotion in this regard may be considered.
ii) JTO to SDE promotion:- Actually there is a stalemate due to court case filed by AIGETOA members. Dept is holding talks with the concerned persons in this regard to withdraw the case. Only after that further progress may take place.
iii) SDE to DE promotion(List No.8) :  Again this case is subjudice , so further progress is not possible at this moment.
iv) DE to DGM promotion: Madam assured before completion of her tenure this order will be issued.
v) JAO 2010 Batch case:  We discussed the case in detail & impressed upon the matter that the incumbents should not be penalised twice for their option to become executive. Actually, the matter may be solved simply by issuing one clarification from BSNL CO that the fixation in the executive grade may be done from the date of effect of the promotion notionally ie., 07-05-2010. Madam accepted our point & advised us to take up the case by CHQ. We informed her already it is taken up & requested her to instruct Sr.GM(Fin)/CTD not to hurry about the recovery proposed by CTD, rather CTD may be instructed to follow the procedure of fixation followed by other states.

6)The case of Kandrudas Bhagat , PS :- We requested Madam to issue the circular to allow one more chance to Mr.Bhagat . As per our CHQ we came to know that the file is pending at the office of OSD after approval by the competent authority. Madam informed us that she is fully aware of this case & order in this regard will be issued within her tenure.

           We mentioned the request transfer case of Sri.Abhijit Nath, CAO from Mizoram to CTD on medical ground. PGM/CFA also reminded her about this case. Madam told to remind her this by CHQ for necessary consideration. We told that already our CHQ has taken up the case with her good office but in vain. Again we will ask our GS to mention this case on Monday.

Before the end our CP queried that whether we can expect payment of salary in time in the coming months but she could not ensure the fact rather Madam told we should be ready for any eventualities. She assured that the EMI of bank , EPF/GPF contribution & pension contribution will certainly be paid in time. For medical bill no assurance was given. 

On behalf of CHQ CS invited her to our 6th AIC at Vijaywada during July 19 & expressed our thankfulness for special initiative taken by Madam DIR HR for promotion of 12,000 executives during her tenure. The meeting ended in a cordial manner.


Meeting with CMD BSNL: GS met CMD BSNL & discussed regarding revival plan of BSNL being taken up by DoT in the Cabinet Meeting for consideration. CMD BSNL mentioned that Govt. is serious towards revival of BSNL and BSNL has to continue in the telecom sector.

(b) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested CMD BSNL for issuance of promotion order from DE to DGM(T). CMD BSNL assured to discuss the matter with Director(HR), BSNL Board for early issuance of the promotion order from DE to DGM.

(c) Non Settlement of the pension fixation of BSNL pensioners by the CCA Kolkata: We requested CMD BSNL for his kind intervention in the settlement of pension fixation cases of Kolkata by CCA. CMD assured to discuss the matter with Director(HR), BSNL Board and  to write to DoT for the settlement of the cases.


Meeting with Director(HR), BSNL Board: GS met Director(HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding

(a) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested Director(HR), BSNL Board for early issuance of the DE to DGM promotion order on Adhoc basis. Director(HR), BSNL Board mentioned that the CPC work from DE to DGM promotion is advance stage & shortly VCRs are being called for the eligible DEs for promotion. She further assured for issuance of promotion order by the end of April, 2019.

(b) Diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota: Director(HR), BSNL Board informed that the proposal for the diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts (#336) to the seniority quota has been included in the agenda of BSNL Board Meeting to be held on  tomorrow (i.e. 16th April, 2019). We extended thanks for the kind consideration.


Meeting with PGM(Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi: GS met PGM(Pers.) and discussed regarding:

(a) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested PGM(Pers.) to issue promotion order from DE to DGM on Adhoc basis. PGM(Pers.) mentioned that the CPC is being conducted from DE to DGM(T) promotion on regular basis to fill up more that 1100 DGM(T) posts. He further clarified that existing DGM(Adhoc) will also be promoted on regular basis in addition to the new promotions so that these DGM(T) promoted on regular basis can look after the charge of Jt. GM/GM field units. We explained that most of the DEs being promoted as DGM are due for their time bound promotion in E-6 grade in Oct-2019 may be deprived from E-6 promotions on DGM Regular promotion as per BSNL MSRR provisions. PGM(Pers.) assured to look into the matter before taking the approval from Competent Authority.

(b) Diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota: PGM(Pers.) confirmed that the matter of MT post diversion in CAO cadre has been included in the BSNL Board Meeting to be held tomorrow(16th April, 2019).


Cabinet Note on Revival of BSNL-

GS, President met concern officers of DOT and found that DOT has sent Cabinet Note on Revival of BSNL to consider three points (a) 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL (b) monetisation of BSNL land and(c) VRS to 54000 employees on Gujarat model.

The VRS has been recommended of 50 years above age employees on the existing pay only. 3rd PRC pay fixation in VRS is not under consideration.

The cabinet meeting is expected to be held on 15-4-2019.

5% incentive on ex- gratia is also recommended.

30% income tax deduction on ex-gratia will be there as "profits in lieu of salary" under section 17(3) of the Income Tax Act and the Employer would be liable to deduct tax on the same under section 192 of the I T Act.

The employees who opts VRS will also be losing their increments of their left out service which will affect their pension for whole life.

In case 3rd PRC is implemented after VRS and on Revival of BSNL for the remaining employees, there pay may be revised notionally from a later date as happened in the case of 78.2% fitment order on BSNL pensioners & 73% order for MTNL, which will benefit them in terms of pension and pensionery benefits. But the employees taking VRS may not get the benefit.

The ex-gratia amount will be paid form amount of BSNLs land monetisation no funds from Govt.

Without having any road map for the operation and mtce of BSNL infrastructure may harm the quality of service and will further put BSNL into loss. The MTNL example is there where the VRS has been imposed twice but couldn't revive MTNL rather put in heavy loss. We feel that Govt should allow monetisation of BSNL land and the funds collected through this should be utilised for BSNL Operation and maintenance instead of imposing VRS. During next 3-years about 50000 employees will retire on their superannuation.

Thus Govt should drop VRS from revival plan of BSNL. VRS is neither beneficial to the employees nor to the BSNL.


Holding protest demonstration on 12-04-2019, opposing VRS throughout CTD

Unions and Associations of BSNL are organised Protest Demonstrations throughout the CTD on 12-04-2019, against the implementation of VRS in BSNL. AIBSNLEA members also participated in the programme and lodged their protest in befitting manner.


SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued Minutes of meeting of Unions and Associations of BSNL with Director (HR), BSNL Board held on 11.04.2019  .....<<<Click here for MOM>>>>.


SEA Cell of BSNL CO, New Delhi issued order regarding Transfer and Posting of Sr.GMs in TAFS -<<<Click here for letter>>>


Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board:

Director (HR). BSNL Board invited the Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBSNLEA  & BSNLOA  for a meeting in view of the proposed Demonstration call given on 12.4.2019 against VRS  in the presence of GM(SR), GM (Restrg) & OSD to Dir (HR) and apprised  regarding the Revival Plan of PMO discussed in the presence of Group of Secretaries, CMD BSNL & CMD MTNL. Wherein after discussions direction was given to DoT to give the proposal on BSNL Revival mainly on three points i.e., 4 G Spectrum Allocation, Monetization of BSNL Lands and VRS. Accordingly DoT/BSNL has prepared the Cabinet Note to put up in the next Cabinet Meeting. This item may not be discussed in the Cabinet Meeting scheduled to be held on 12th April 2019 in view of that the Secretary (T) is on tour to abroad.

The representatives of the Unions & Associations expressed their serious concern against the arbitrary imposing of VRS in BSNL. Till date BSNL Management or Dot Administration has not discussed such proposals with the representatives BSNL Unions & Associations and its stake holders. Director (HR) mentioned that on 16th April 2019 BSNL Board meeting is taking place wherein all the representatives of   Unions & Associations will be invited to present their proposal for the Revival of BSNL and requested all the Leaders to withdraw the proposed Demonstration Call on 12.4.2019. All the Leaders explained that against the VRS proposal we are conducting Lunch Hour Demonstration on 12.4.2019 in a peaceful manner within the Office premises and without affecting the Services as a protest.

AIBSNLEA side GS & President attended the Meeting.


CS writes to CGM/CTD with copy to Sr.GM(Fin) & Sr.GM(HR&Admn) regarding opting out from GTI Scheme by our members:-

1. Shri Indrajit Biswas, SDE/LTR/External, CTD (HR No. 199103980) : Wrongly opted
2. Shri Manoj Kanti Sarkhel, PA to C.O./Central, CTD (HR No.198605827) : Inadvertently opted.

GS also being intimated about this for taking appropriate action. (click to see letter)


Why AIBSNLEA is opposing VRS?

Dear Comrades,

You are aware that DoT, under the instructions of PMO, has suddenly decided to roll out VRS Plan for BSNL/MTNL employees. BSNL Management has been assured that there will be no dearth the money to give effect to VRS proposal. Almost 54000 existing employees of BSNL are supposed to go out the roll of the BSNL on implementation of this VRS. This is done under the pretext of “Revival of BSNL/MTNL”.

You are also aware that all BSNL Unions and Associations barring a few,  have  decided collectively to oppose this move of the Government and  AIBSNLEA  is a party to this and accordingly Notice has been issued to the DoT/BSNL to hold protest demonstration on  12th April 2019.

The question is why have we taken such decision? Does it mean, we as Associations and Unions of BSNL do not have any concern for revival of BSNL from the ongoing crisis? Or, is it that we are indifferent about the interests of the individual members?  It is to everybody’s knowledge that the Unions and Associations of BSNL are very responsible Trade Union organizations and interest of BSNL is prime in their minds. For last couple of years the Unions and Associations have been constantly fighting for uplift of BSNL in the arena of cut throat competition. We have resisted every moves by the authority that be to inflict harm to BSNL directly or indirectly. Years before we have demanded to roll out 4G in BSNL to make it more competition fit. Other demands having financial implications e.g. payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of pay scale have been demanded and pressed for by us. At the same time we have opposed the move of VRS even earlier. Why?

Association is aware that there may be individual members who, out of their own unique situation or personal financial equation may feel that VRS is up to his or her interest. AIBSNLEA is sensitive to the interests of individual members.

But we must understand that the issue like VRS at this crucial juncture cannot and should not be viewed through a narrow prism of individual gain or loss. We, the office-bearers at various level must try to weigh it on broader perspective. BSNL should stay healthy. There are employees who have long service life left. They should not be sacrificed for short term gain.

Our Association is not opposed to VRS par se. We are aware that in PSU systems, VRS is an accepted proposition. We are also aware that in some organizations VRS is implemented to the advantage of the organizations and the employees have been benefited as well. It is a win win situation there.   

In these organizations where VRS is successfully implemented, the entire road map is carefully chalked out on long drawn perspective. VRS is planned 2-3 years before. The targeted employees are identified carefully, mapping the need of the field and the action for suitable replacement is initiated well in advance. So that there is no shortage of man power.

The instant VRS proposal is brought in a hurry and it is apparent that actual purpose behind it is not the revival of BSNL but something else. Just considered the situation how and when such proposal is being hurriedly push through.

 A few weeks/months before unions and associations were demanding some important issues related to well-being of BSNL, even DOT / BSNL precipitated an agitation in BSNL . DOT and Ministry were not in a mood to consider any of such demand. Even at the instructions of the higher-ups payment of the salary of employees was stalled. Now when the entire country press into election mode and Model Code of Conduct is affected. Suddenly all this proposals were brought in the hasty move. BSNL Unions and Associations and other stake holders of BSNL have never been taken in to confidence or even consulted before taking such hasty decision. What is the reason?

We are sure this may be anything other than in the interest of BSNL. By such move they want to harm BSNL and make it in a retrograde situation in the competitive scenario. Privatization may also be hidden agenda.                                                                                      

On the contrary, consider the case of MTNL where VRS has been implemented twice so far. But the net result is that MTNL became weaker and weaker at this. Now when DOT is proposing VRS in MTNL for the third time to reduce 10000 employees, MTNL is having at present 22000 employees and already experiencing acute shortage of working hands in the field units. The revenue hits at the lowest bottom. The strength of employees has been reduced   drastically but so is the customer base and revenue earning. None in DOT/Govt is interested to look at it. It is as if, reducing the employees is their ultimate objective and not revival of MTNL. One can easily understand what is going to happen in MTNL in coming few days.

For BSNL, VRS is being thought of only from one angle. Let the strength of the employees be reduced so that present wage bill is reduced. But there is no consideration about the resultant impact in the field units. We are certain that minimizing the working hands by applying mindless VRS without having any regard to its immediate retrograde impact in the field, cannot serve any meaningful purpose in the way of reviving of BSNL. It will go in MTNL way. One VRS will follow another VRS but crisis will continue. Unmindful reduction of staff will lead to a situation where offloading of day to day maintenance work will be assigned to the petty contractors. Cost will be enhanced but efficiency will be reduced resulting into steady loss of customers and revenue. We cannot have opportunistic approach on such a vital issue which will affect the BSNL and its employees.


Meeting with PGM (Pers):  GS, President, AGS (Fin.) met PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO and discussed regarding

(a) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested PGM(Pers), BSNL CO to issue promotion orders from DE to DGM at the earliest. PGM(Pers) mentioned that now  new   CPC has been constituted to conduct CPC since the earlier CPC minutes were not approved by the competent authority in due time. the CPC   work is in progress. The objections raised by some executives have been examined and being put up to the competent authority for clearance to finalize the  DE  seniority list to consider for DGM(T)  promotion to fill up 891 vacant DGM (T) posts. Shortly the VCRs of the eligible DEs will be collected from circles and efforts are being made to expedite CPC from DE to DGM within two weeks time to issue promotion order to the grade of DGM (T) on regular basis. The existing Adhoc DGM(T) and DGM(F) will also be promoted on regular basis. 

(b) Promotion from DGM(T)/ DGM(F) to Jt GM post : We requested to issue promotion order from DGM(T)/ DGM(F) to Jt GM post so that they can look after charge of GM in the field units. PGM (Pers.) assured an early action in this regard as per the requirement of  BSNL  field units.

(c) Diversion of Internal MT quota of CAO  posts to seniority quota: We requested PGM(Pers.) to consider diversion of 50% MT Internal quota of CAO posts numbering 336 posts in the BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 16th April, 2019. PGM (Pers)  informed that  as per the request of our association the matter has been sent to the BSNL board for consideration and approval in its meeting being held on 16th  April  2019.

(d) Consideration of request / tenure transfers of SDEs / DEs / DGMs : We requested for the consideration of pending request / tenure transfers of SDEs / DEs / DGMs. PGM pers mentioned that all the pending applications and stay particulars of tenure stations are being examined in Pers. cell and shortly the genuine request  / tenure  transfer order will be issued .


GS writes to The CMD, BSNL, New Delhi regarding change of Reporting Structure of E.Z.N.C. from West Bengal Telecom Circle to Kolkata Telephones......<<<<Click here for letter>>>>


GS writes to The Director (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi regarding request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the cadre of Chief Accounts officer – <<<Click here for letter>>>>


Meeting with Director (HR). BSNL Board: GS , President and AGS(Finance) met Director (HR) BSNL Board and  discussed regarding

(a) DE to DGM promotion:  We requested Dir (HR) to consider DE to DGM (Engg.) promotions to fill-up 891 vacant DGM posts since CPC has been completed 3 months before and the VCRs are expiring. Dir (HR) assured that she will discuss the matter with PGM (Pers) for early issuance of the Promotion orders from DE to DGM(T) at the earliest.

 (b) Diversion of MT Internal Quota Posts: We requested Director (HR) BSNL Board to take the approval of BSNL Board for the diversion of 50% MT internal quota posts numbering 336 CAO posts to the Seniority quota posts since the Management Committee of BSNL Board has already recommended the diversion of these 336 CAO (MT Posts). Director (HR) assured that the efforts will be made to bring the item in the next BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 16.4.2019.

GM (SR) and OSD were also present in the meeting.


 <<<<Click here for the minutes of meeting chaired by Principal Secretary to PM on 2nd April, 2019  for revival /restructuring of BSNL & MTNL>>>>>


Com. S Koteswari  AO/CMTS left us on 8th April night at about 11.45pm. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.  Her soul may rest in peace.


Pers.  Cell of BSNL CO issued letter regarding  guidelines relating to transfer and posting  - rationalization of expenditure  <<<Click here for letter>>>


 BSNL  Associations / Unions  issued notice for Holding protest demonstration on 12-04-2019, opposing VRS<<<Click here for notice>>> 


GS writes to Sr. General Manager (Estt), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi regarding deduction of Premium towards GTI (Group Term insurance) - Withdrawal from the Scheme <<<Click here for letter>>>    <<<Letter-2>>>


GS writes to Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL regarding non- filling-up of about 900 vacant DGM (Engg.) and 26 DGM (F) Posts <<<<Click here for letter>>>>



As per the call of the AUAB, thousands of Executives and Non-Executives participated in the Massive Rally  to Sanchar Bhawan held today. Large number of AIBSNLEA members from all over India participated in the said Rally. The rally started from Eastern Court, BSNL CO, New Delhi at 11:45 hrs and the same was converted to huge meeting at Jantar Mantar.

Com. Chandeshwar Singh, Chairman, AUAB, presided over the meeting. The meeting was addressed by Com.Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU, Com. Kango, Vice President, CITU. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Convenor, AUAB, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA , Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS and Com. Rasheed Khan, AGS, TEPU.

We heartily thanked to all the comrades who participated in this rally from the nooks and corners of the country, to demand the implementation of the charter of demands of the AUAB.

<<<Click here for glimpses>>>>


CS talked to Sr.GM(Fin) today regarding automation of updation of NEFT  payments in PMS.Now,it is done manually and an email is to be sent to by the customer and there is ample scope of wrong/late updation as a result of which lines may be interrupted erroneously.Till such time CS requested to depute some more JAOs/Aos to expedite the cases.GM appreciated our view and assured to take early steps.

CS also mentioned that some of our members wrongly/not opted for GTI whose premium has been recovered from their salary of March 19.We requested to see this matter so that they may immediately opt out and the premium may be returned. GM said that is is an all India issue,still he will look into the matter.

In this connection we request our such members to represent immediately to Sr.GM(Fin)/CTD with a copy to CS within next week so that early action may be taken.

Later CS met Sr.GM(HR & Admin) and requested him for early meeting of CHPC so that compassionate ground appointment of deserving candidates may be expedited. GM told that no communication from BSNL CO is till received.However,he will take personal initiative to get some reply from CO.We also mentioned that the Certificate correction of Mrs.Ruma Pal CAO(LA) is still pending despite his assurance.He promised to set that right at the time of farewell ceremony of March retiree positively.We requested him to mature the transfer request of M.K.Chakraborty JE to Barasat.The case is long pending.He thanked for reminding and assured to see the case at the earliest.

CS also pointed out that there is no scope of entering Special CL/compensatory CL or Paternity leave in ESS.He requested him to take up the case with ERP Cell Ghaziabad for early inclusion.GM appreciated our view and assured to look into.


DPE issued IDA revision order w.e.f. 01.04.2019>>>>    <<<Click here for order>>>>.....IDA increases from 138.8% to 141.4%....Net increase of 2.6% w.e.f. 01.04.2019...


Meeting with DGM (Estt-I) : GS and President met DGM (Estt) and discussed regarding cancellation of GTI Nominations erroneously given by the Executives in various Circles while opening of ESS Portal. We also intimated that the access to update the GTI option in ERP backend has not been provided to Circle/SSA DDOs. As such updation to opt out of GTI could not be done in SAP by the concerned DDOs based on the representations submitted by the Executives and recovery was made in March 2019 Salary. DGM(Estt-I) informed that so many representations are received from various Circles for the cancellation of GTI Nominations and refund of wrong recovery made from March 2019 Salary and assured that Establishment Branch CO, New Delhi will issue a letter to GM(Training) for necessary guidance to resolve the issue shortly.


BSNL Board Meeting held today:  It is understood that in the BSNL Board Meeting held today wherein the (NRC ) Nomination and Remuneration Committee discussed regarding Restructuring of Telecom Circles, Non-Recruiting Circles and merger of SSAs in BAs. etc.,  to save the Establishment Cost and Man Power of BSNL. Next meeting of BSNL Board is fixed up on 16.4.2019


Meeting with CMD BSNL : GS, President met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding:-

 (a) Meeting with PMO on Revival of BSNL/MTNL : We enquired about the outcome of the meeting With  PMO  yesterday  on revival of BSNL/MTNL.  CMD confirmed that a presentation on BSNL Revival plan was made to PMO by him and mentioned that PMO is seriously working for revival of BSNL he confirmed that 4G spectrum will be allocated to BSNL shortly, Monetization of BSNL's non-core land may be decided by DoT and VRS to BSNL employees from the age of 50 onwards will be offered. Regarding HR issues of BSNL employees are under consideration in DOT only these issues were not taken up in PMO meeting.

(b) Letter of Comfort on Bank Loan: On Letter of Comfort given by DOT to BSNL Banks have raised certain queries from DoT which has been sent to DoT to clarify, so that Banks can grant loan to BSNL. 

(c) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested CMD BSNL to consider DE to DGM(Engg.) promotions  to fill-up 891 vacant DGM posts since CPC has been completed 3 months before and the VCRs are expiring in the first week of April-2019.CMD mentioned that CPC work is in progress and Pers. cell is making efforts to issue promotion order shortly .


 Meeting with Advisor (Finance ), DoT : GS and President met Advisor (Finance ) , DoT and discussed regarding :

a. Letter of Comfort to BSNL for Bank loans : Advisor (Finance)  DoT mentioned that BSNL has sent letter for giving some clarification to Banks to availing loan by BSNL for OPEX , shortly the clarification will be given by DOT to enable BSNL for taking loan from Banks.

b. Financial support to BSNL : Advisor (Finance)  mentioned that after the meeting with PMO, DoT will issue instructions that BSNL premises will be given on lease basis only to private parties and even to Government offices including DOT Term Cell / CCAs.  All the CCAs have been directed to help BSNL in completing  the mutation of lands at the earliest so that  BSNL Land / buildings can be leased out immediately . DOT Term cell / CCA offices have been directed even to pay electricity bills of their office to BSNL.  Already instruction has been issued to pay salary by DOT to the BSNL staff working on deputation in this manner BSNL’s revenue will be increased by  20%  . DOT is making efforts to arrange payment of interest amount of Rs 2371 Crores against the BWA spectrum refund delay.

c.  VRS  in  BSNL : Advisor (Finance)   mentioned that VRS in BSNL will be offered to the employees of age 50 years and above . reduction of age from 60 to 58 years may be decided by the next government as recommended by DOT / BSNL.

d. Timely disbursement  of salary to BSNL employees : Advisor (Finance)  informed that for the disbursement  of February, 2019 salary ,DOT released Rs 500 crore to BSNL and will ensure that salary disbursement in due time.

e. Regarding Pay revision and Pension revision of BSNL Employees / Retirees: Advisor (Finance) mentioned that pay revision of BSNL employees is under consideration it will take some time for decision. Regarding pension revision of BSNL employees Advisor (Finance)  assured that  he will discuss the matter with DDG (Estt.) to reply to DOP&PW letter at the earliest

f.  Denial of 1st Time bound Promotion under EPP after 5 years by Pr CCA Kolkata : we expressed our serious concern against the denial of 1st Time bound Promotion under EPP after 5 years by Pr.CCA Kolkata despite the direction/ clarification by DOT Kolkata Pr. CCA. denial of 1stTime bound Promotion under EPP after 5 years by Pr. CCA Kolkata. Advisor (Finance ) mentioned that after our last meeting the necessary instructions from DOT HQ were issued to Pr CCA Kolkata for settling  all the cases of BSNL pensioners under EPP provisions in true spirit . He assured to provide the copy of the letter given to Pr CCA by DOT in the next week to us.


Meeting with PGM (Pers):  GS, President, AGS (Fin.) met PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO and discussed regarding

(a) DE to DGM Promotion: We requested PGM(Pers), BSNL CO to issue promotion orders from DE to DGM at the earliest since VCRs are expiring this week. PGM(Pers) mentioned that the CPC work from DE to DGM(T)  is in progress and efforts are being made to issue promotion order  shortly .

(b)Adhoc DGM (T) / DGM (F) regularization: We requested PGM (Pers.) for the regularization of Adhoc DGM (T) / DGM(F)  so that they can look after the higher vacant posts in the SSAs. PGM (Pers.) assured an early action in this regard.

(c) Diversion of Internal MT quota of CAO  posts to seniority quota: We requested PGM(Pers.) to consider diversion of 50% MT Internal quota of CAO posts numbering 336 posts in the BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 4th April, 2019. PGM (Pers)  mentioned that due to paucity of time this item can  not be included in the BSNL Board meeting being held tomorrow. However, efforts will be made to bring this issue in the next BSNL Board meeting by delinking from HR plan.

(d) Allowing looking after arrangement from DE to DGM(T) after one year where the  DGM promotion was declined : We requested to issue instruction to AP Circle for allowing looking after arrangement from DE to DGM to the DEs who declined their DGM promotion in the last CPC and have completed more than 1 year. PGM Pers spoke over telephone with GM (HR) AP circle and clarified the ruling position in this regard to give look after arrangements and advised him that they can seek clarification from BSNL CO. if required.


Today PMO hold the meeting on Revival of BSNL/MTNL :

It is reliably learnt that PMO hold the meeting on revival of BSNL/MTNL on today. The Meeting was chaired by the Principal Secretary to the Hon’ble Prime Minster. Secretary (T) along with some Senior Officers of DoT and CMD BSNL/MTNL attended the meeting.

On revival of BSNL Plan, CMD BSNL gave the Presentation wherein DoT has been asked to submit the Note based on the discussions and decisions taken in the meeting at the earliest.  It is understood that PMO has assured to allocate 4G Spectrum to BSNL immediately, Monetization of BSNL's non-core land may be decided by DoT and VRS to BSNL employees will be applicable from the age of 50 onwards instead of 56 years age( Around 1,10,000 BSNL employees comes under the age of 50+ ). DoT/BSNL will submit the final draft on the basis of the discussions and decisions to PMO shortly. PMO also clarified that BSNL should exist and immediately no disinvestment is proposed. Reduction of age from 60 years to 58 years is ruled out by PMO at present.

It is understood that the HR issues of BSNL employees concerning to Pay Revision and Pension Revision were not discussed in the meeting.


GS, President, AGS(Fin.) met Director(HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding

(i) DE to DGM Promotion: We further requested Director(HR), BSNL Board to issue promotion orders from DE to DGM at the earliest since VCRs are expiring this week. PGM(Pers) mentioned that the CPC work from DE to DGM(T)  is in progress and efforts are being made to issue promotion order in the 2nd week of April, 2019.

(ii) Diversion of Internal MT quota of CAO  posts to seniority quota: We requested Director(HR), BSNL Board to consider diversion of 50% MT Internal quota of CAO posts numbering 336 posts in the BSNL Board meeting scheduled to be held on 4th April, 2019. Director(HR) further directed PGM(Pers) to look into the matter for an early action.

(iii) Presentation on BSNL/MTNL revival to PMO: Director(HR) confirmed that today at 15.00 Hrs our CMD BSNL along with Secy(T), DoT will give the presentation to PMO on revival of BSNL.

GM(SR), PGM(Pers) & OSD to Director(HR), BSNL Board were present in the meeting.


PMO is holding meeting on Revival of BSNL/MTNL on 2nd April, 2019:

It is reliably learnt that PMO is holding meeting on revival of BSNL / MTNL on 02.04.2019. In the revival of BSNL Plan, the 4G Spectrum allocation to BSNL, Pay revision of BSNL employees, Pension revision of BSNL retires, Payment of pension contribution on actual basis pay and monetization of BSNL's non-core land etc. may be discussed.

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