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Last Updated:  23rd August 2017

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3rd PRC Report....Gazette Notification.....<<<Click here for report>>>>>

Membership Drive: All the Circle & District Secretaries are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum members by filling up of Membership form and subscription deduction format from salary before last date i.e. 15.07.2017  <<<Click here for membership form>>>>>    <<<<Click here for subscription deduction format from salary >>>>>

6th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA/CTD  will be held at Rajya Yuba Kendra,Moulali on 21-22-September 2017.All members & Well Wishers/Patrons are requested to Collect Advertisement /Rs.500.00 per member to make the conference a grand success..



CS,President,OS,ACSs attended a GB meeting at 8 Hare Street Club Room organised by AIBSNLEA/TB Branch on 22-08-2017.Branch President Com.Susmita Nag presided over the meeting.BS Com.Prasanta Mukherjee conducted the meeting.The hall was packed up.Introductory speech was delivered by President then CS appraised the members about the latest organisational position & proceedings of CWC at Trivendrum.Members took part in an interactive session with the CS.

At last all the members resolved to make our 6th CC successful & strengthen AIBSNLEA/CTD as this is only truthful organisation of all executives. 


On 22-08-2017.AIBSNLEA/CTD North Branch members met DGM(NWO)/BKP to discuss development of the area. ACS,OS, BS/North and other executive members of the branch were present in the meeting.Different problems were discussed as below:

1.Problems of infrastructure including ACs,Lighting & battery back-up in different RLUs for smooth & fault free service.

2.Shortage & requisition of Executives & non-executives in different section of the area for proper functioning of the units. Specially posting of DE in BRS exch & AO in BKP area very badly needed.

3.Rationalisation & rotation of executives within the area for the interest of service.

4.Shortage of materials specially 5/10 pr cables in the area.

5.Organisation of road shows/melas by marketing section primarily.If required the respective field unit will assist.Sole responsibility of these should not be on the field executives. Because,fault restoration & NPC provision work may be hampered.

DGM appreciated our constructive views & assured to take steps in this regard. 


Need of united struggles for the settlement of wage revision:

GS replies Shri P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNL Employees Union, CHQ in reference to his letter number BSNLEU/103 (Forum) dated 10.08.2017 on the subject the need of united struggles for the settlement of wage revision. While appreciating his feelings that the wage revision of BSNL employees is must GS has categorically mentioned that DoT and Government should give a special consideration to dispense the affordability clause of 3rd PRC with reference to BSNL as it is discharging certain important responsibilities on behalf of the Govt. of India by implementing NOFN successfully, NFS and LWE projects assigned to BSNL. BSNL also provides reliable telecom services to customers during natural calamities in the country on priority without getting any extra financial support from the government. BSNL also governs the tariffs in telecom sector and ensure telecom services on affordable rates to the customers.

At present CMD BSNL along with complete BSNL Board is making its sincere and honest efforts for the implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL. Hon'ble MoSC (I/C) is also of the same view and making efforts to get the Govt. approval for dispension of the said affordability clause of 3rd PRC report for BSNL. In this connection as per our discussions held with CMD BSNL on 09.08.2017, an internal committee of BSNL officers has been constituted to explore the modalities for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit. The committee meeting is over and the report is being submitted shortly which will be placed before the Management committee of BSNL and thereafter to the BSNL Board for approval. As assured by CMD BSNL after the approval of BSNL Board, he will take up the matter in DoT for its approval and issuance of Presidential Directives.

In our opinion, we should closely monitor all these developments and in case we find any difficulty at any level in this regard then immediately we all BSNL Unions and Associations should discuss and decide the strategy to impress upon the DoT / Govt. for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL through our decisive struggle. We assure our fullest participation in the struggle, if need be.

 <<<Click here for the letter>>>


Constitution of a Committee to explore the modalities for implementation of revision of pay under 3rd PRC:

BSNL Corporate Office issues orders regarding constitution of a committee to explore the modalities for implementation of revision of pay under 3rd PRC. As per the suggestion given by the Comrade GS,  AIBSNLEA in the core committee of BSNL Unions and Associations with CMD, BSNL held on 09.08.2017 for constitution of a committee to explore the modalities for implementation of revision of pay under 3rd PRC. CMD BSNL constituted the committee immediately and the committee meeting was held yesterday wherein the committee has recommended 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL with 15% fitment benefits for its executives. The committee report will be discussed in the next week in BSNL Management Committee and thereafter in BSNL Board. After the approval of BSNL Board, it will be sent to DoT for consideration and issuance of presidential directives.  <<<Click here for the order for constitution of committee>>>


CS,President & OS met GM(HR) for several request transfer & Rule-8 cases.We expressed our serious about the inordinate delay in settling the cases despite of word given by the authority.We also demanded immediate settlement to avoid trade union action in this regard.


 At CWC Trivendrum CS/CTD raised the following points during his deliberation:

1.AD(OL) restructuring Case is to be resolved in a time bound manner.

2.E1+5 increment cases for JAOs to be settled at the earliest.

3.50% quota diversion in CAO cadre as done in DE Cadre.

4.Personal case of Shri K D Bhagat for additional chance to appear in EPP.

5.Sanction of more DGM(F) post for CTD at per with WBTD or CHTD. It should be raised to 18 as per norms.At present in CTD there are only 7 posts.

6.Payment for JCL again became irregular & inadequate after enhancement of Wages 40% w e f 19-01-2017 as per direction of RLC.As a result Labour unrest is there,our members are being harassed & as a result of it mandays are lost.Work is being hampered.

7.EB section of CTD did well & got appreciation in all India level by BSNL CO.

8.Due to recent change in CDA Rule Associations are being barred from printing suvenier and collectig advertisement.Clarification is needed in this matter.

President demanded that immunity from transfer should be granted to President port folio,in this regard resolution was moved and accepted unanimously in Faridabad CWC but no action has been taken so far.It should be resolved. 
ACS proposed that in the Diary 2018 list and contact person's telephone/fax for bookingrised that AD(OL) & E1+5 case are at the final stage.




Address by Shri Anupam Srivastava Ji on 11.08.2017 to the CWC meet of AIBSNLEA:

Complete video recording of the address by Shri  Anupam Srivastava Ji, CMD BSNL to the Open Session of CWC meet of AIBSNLEA through video conferencing is available at our Kerala Circle website <<<Click here for Kerala Circle website>>>



CS ,ACS & Presidentb of Kolkta Circle attended the CWC meet on behalf of AIBSNLEA,CTD.Our Senior Leader Com.Amit Gupta also attended as Consultant to CHQ.


Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA:

Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA commenced at BSNL RTTC campus at Trivandrum as per schedule with hoisting of AIBSNLEA flag amidst slogans "AIBSNLEA Zindabad"

After opening remarks of CHQ President, Host Circle Secretary Comrade V. Shahji delivered welcome address.

One minute silence was observed in the memory of departed comrades.

Thereafter self introduction was given by all the participants. Minutes of the 1st CWC Faridabad was approved. Circle Secretaries present in the CWC plac ed their report on the organizational activities in their circle.

The session continued after lunch break.

The session started after the lunch break. Remaining Circle Secretaries placed their report before the house.

Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA - OPEN SESSION

The Open Session of the CWC meet was started as schedule with the august presence of Dr. P.T. Mathew, CGMT Kerala Circle as the Chief Guest and Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL CO, Shri Ashutosh Gupta, GM (Restructuring), BSNL CO New Delhi, Shri S. Jyothi Shankar, GM (EB/S&M), Kerala Circle, Shri SS Thampi, PGMTD, BSNL, Trivandrum, Shri K.K. Vel, PGM (Finance), Kerala Circle, Shri Amit Gupta, AGS, AIRBSNLEWA CHQ, Shri Manoj Singh, GS AITEEA as the special guests of the function.

All the dignitaries on the dais were welcomed and felicitated.

Open Session was inaugurated by lightening of traditional lamp after a devotional song of Ganesha Vandanam.

Com. V. Shaji, Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA, Kerala :  Welcomed the Chief Guest, Guest of Honours,  special invitees and all the other dignitaries on the dais and all the CWC members, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries and all the members present.  All the dignitaries on dais were felicitated by presenting Bouquets.   Com. Shaji in his welcome mentioned that the CWC is being held at a crucial juncture and AIBSNLEA and its members are confident to achieve the targets assigned by the CMD and will make BSNL as number one operator.  He mentioned that under the leadership of Dr. P T Mathew, CGMT  Kerala Circle will reach its height. 

Com. S Sivakumar, President, AIBSNLEA CHQ:   in his welcome address mentioned that the CWC is being held at the time when BSNL staff is facing the challenge of 3rd PRC implementation.  He mentioned that after the demonetization and entry by Reliance Jio, the revenue of BSNL is coming down day by day.  He appreciated the Kerala Circle management and comrades for its achievement of profit.  He has also mentioned about various methods adopted by BSNL in increasing the revenue. BSNL is providing the service to the nation on behalf of the Govt. and hence, Govt. is bound to take care of the BSNL requirements.  He has also briefed about the actions taken by the Association and BSNL management towards the 3rd PRC implementation.  He also demanded that the AIBSNLEA office bearers should be extended with 20 days special leave as per the provisions of the DoP & T and DoT guidelines on the subject.  On behalf of the association, he has assured the BSNL management to extend full support and co-operation in increasing the revenue.    

Dr. P T Mathew, CGMT, BSNL, Kerala Circle, Hon. Chief Guest:    in his address has mentioned that the AIBSNLEA has great leaders and with the approach of AIBSNLEA BSNL Kerala will grow much more.  Kerala BSNL circle has achieved more and more profit year by year with 23% profit in the last year.    You have the right to work and the result will automatically come.  He made the example of Geeta Advise by Lord Krishna to Arjun in the Mahabharatha.  "No" is not there in the dictionary of Kerala BSNL. He mention that Bill Gate the richest person to provide the internet and broadband connection to each and every house is the long term vision of Kerala.  To provide broadband connection to each and every landline customer is the short term vision.   The work towards the same has already started and this is the secret of success of Kerala.  In the mobile sector, each and every person is provided with GSM connection with a 10% growth in the last year.  The target is to give 10 connections per employee in a month which can increase the revenue.  Going to the institution, giving power point presentation with details of plans and by the efforts of 30 people, 1400 connections were provided to an institute within 3-4 hours of time.   He remembered the words of Mother Teressa.  “what I cannot do, you can do and what you can’t do I can do, but when we do together everything can be done”.  He has also mentioned above various actions and methods adopted to capture the market and increase the growth of connections.  He mentioned that the age is not a bar for each one of us and stated the example of Shri E Sreedharan Metro Men at the age of 85.   It is only the mind set and the excellence is the continuous process and not an accident.  The goal is making the BSNL profitable and with the commitment, we can achieve the same and wished the conference a grand success. 

Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA in his address mentioned that Kerala Circle is the most profit making circle of BSNL and congratulated the entire team of executives and non- executives of Kerala circle of BSNL.  He on his personal behalf and on behalf of the AIBSNLEA has expressed  his appreciation for the achievement and commitment.  The network coverage and data communication is excellent, where there is not even a single call drop.  He mentioned that when Kerala Circle can achieve such huge profit with quality of service, all other circles can also definitely achieve the profit and efforts are to be taken with commitment like Kerala comrades.  He also briefed about the formation of the AIBSNLEA, its achievements for the last so-many years.  The rolls played by the AIBSNLEA in the financial viability of BSNL. <<<Click here for the Key Note Address by GS>>>>

Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL (through Video Conference)  thanked   he mentioned that the strength of the BSNL is the executives and non-executives.   There are positive signs of improvement.  BSNL was number 1 once and due to various reasons, its positions had come down.  All the new technologies like NOFN, etc is helping BSNL to improve.  All of you are making party of the organization and be a part of the BSNL revival.  With such a aggressive market and competition, the market share of BSNL as gone up.  He also told that the revenue from operation has been increased.  Please stay together and work hard to increase the revenue of BSNL.  There are virtual turn around going on in the organization.  He congratulated the profit making circles, like Kerala, Maharashtra and Odissa, etc.  He mentioned that the journey has to be continue and the responsibility shown by the AIBSNLEA in reviving the BSNL is commendable and appreciable.  As regards 3rd PRC, we are working together and the Hon. MoC is also in favour of the BSNL and implement the 3rd PRC.  He also stated that the Hon. MoC is of the opinion that the efforts and hard work should continue and ensure that the turn around continue.  He mentioned that BSNL should get 3rd PRC and urged every one to take the responsibility of the journey.  He also mentioned that GST implementation has also taken place and all the processed needs to be made accordingly to take care of the GST.  He also mentioned that Finance wing of Corporate office in consultation with Circle IFA, the cash flow problems will be resolved and the problem will be eased out.  He mentioned that this is the time to remain unite and make the BSNL over above every and continue to process of revival.   He thanked everyone and expected that the gathering will take many decisions which will benefit in the  turn around of BSNL. He mentioned that he missed the mammoth gathering and apologized for not making it personally to attend the session due to his busy schedule and appointment with various Ministers. <<<Click here for the Address of CMD, BSNL>>>>

Com. Amit Gupta, AGS, AIRBSNLEWA:  He mentioned that as on today, there are around 2 lakh pensions those who retired after formation of BSNL.  The pension for the pensioners are paid by the DoT, whereas the medical facilities are given by the BSNL.  There are no one to help the issues of pensions, there is no one to listen to their problems.  When people talk about 3rd PRC, there are many pensioners who has so far not got the 2nd PRC benefit, 78.2 % fitment, etc.  There are no records, in Kerala alone more than 3000 cases are pending.  He mentioned that as per the information received from DoT under RTI, the pension revision of DoT pensioners will be done only if BSNL employees get 3rd PRC benefit.  He personally requested the GM (SR), to take care of the Pensioners’ issue.

Com. Manoj Singh, G.S. AITEEA, CHQ: The motivation in joining the BSNL is pay and promotion.  The extended pay scale issue is pending for many years which is related to 2nd PRC, till the time when we expect the implementation of 3rd PRC.  It is quite surprising that for one cadre there are three different pay scales.   He mentioned that through the Kerala circle has achieved best services, it is not the case in other parts of the country.    He mentioned about various HR issues pending for more than so many years.  He mentioned that the concern of the management towards the 3rd PRC is appreciable. He said that JTO to SDE seniority quota promotions should be made immediately considering current vacancies.     

Dr. Jyothi Shankar, GM (EB/S&M CM), BSNL, Trivandrum, Guest of Honour:   He has mentioned about the areas where he has worked and during his tenure in Trivandrum, it was awarded as the best Telecom. District.  He mentioned about the activities of Kerala Circle, which is instrumental in earning profit.  He mentioned that he expects the leadership of AIBSNLEA and AITEEA should ensure that a situation is created in BSNL that employees are benefitted with 3rd PRC.

Shri S S Thampi, PGMTD, Guest of Honour:  He mentioned that the 3rd PRC is the burning issue for each and every one of you and is confident that the leadership of the Association will take its efforts.  He mentioned that as officers, there are limitations and associations and unions are having freedom.  He requested to address the route cause of the problem.  He suggested to convince the political masters which will help every one of us to get the 3rd PRC.  He mentioned about various methods which can be adopted in marketing and increasing the profit. 

Shri Ashuthosh Gupta, GM (Restructuring), BSNL Corporate Office,  Guest of Honour:   in his speech mentioned that the HR plan is in the final stage and the approval of the BSNL board is awaited.  As regards the issue of amendment of CDA rules, he has mentioned that there is a provision to review the performance after attaining the age of 55 which is available in CDA rule and made applicable in all the Govt. Departments.   Hence, the same is being implemented in all the PSUs and hence, the same is incorporated in the CDA rules.  There are clear cut guidelines from the Govt to implement the clause in all the PSUs and there are also clear cut guidelines in the case of making the issue applicable and the issue has to be approved by the Director (HR) and the possibility of mis-use of the clause is rare.     He also mentioned that as per the guidelines from Govt., the succession plan is being implemented only in the case of CGMs.   As regards the issue of introduction of collection of donation clause in the CDA, the matter will be reviewed and will be reverted back to the CHQ of AIBSNLEA.   As regards the re-structuring of Civil / Electrical, it was mentioned that the post is abolished at the bottom level, so that existing employees gets the promotion to higher posts against the vacancy aroused out of retirement.  He mentioned that the AIBSNLEA is lucky to have the leader like Com Prahlad Rai.   AIBSNLEA not only achieve the goal of its members, but works for the over all benefit of the organization BSNL.  He mentioned that the CWC is being held at the right time and the issue of 3rd PRC, etc.  He has congratulated the organisors of the Function.   

Shri K K Vel, PGM (F), BSNL, Kerala Circle Guest of Honour  mentioned in his speech, if we are able to hold together, we will be able to regain the customer and improve the cash flow.   With the operations alone we are not going to improve the revenue.  Analyse the landline and broadband customer, increase the EB and maintain the quality of service.  If we able to give the service satisfaction, the customers will in turn will give the revenue what is the need of BSNL.  He assured that the pending medical and pensioners cases will be scruitinised and settled.  Every one of us know what is happening and no one can teach anyone.  If we maintain the integrity, the organization will perish.

Shri A M Gupta, GM (SR), BSNL Corporate Office, Guest of Honour   He thanked the AIBSNLEA for inviting him and ensuring his presence in the meeting.  He mentioned that the meeting is being held at a crucial juncture and BSNL management is eager to know the outcome of the meeting.  We have to find out the solution for 3rd PRC.  He also stated that the two days discussion is important not only for the association it is for the BSNL management also.  He mentioned that CMD never miss the opportunity to attend the meeting and address the gathering.  But due to his constraint he could not attend the session in person and hence he addressed through video conferencing.    BSNL management has already submitted resources management plan to the DoT for implementation of 3rd PRC.    He also mentioned that Director (HR) was also keen to attend and address the session, but could not make it due to the important assignment.  He has conveyed and read out the message of the Director (HR).    Through her message he has conveyed that to implement the 3rd PRC, efforts are taken by the management under the leadership of CMD and requested every one to come together forgetting the difference and support the BSNL.  He mentioned that the efforts of the GS Com. Prahlad Rai in pursuing the 3rd PRC with various levels and ministers are commendable and due to his efforts, the BSNL management were called by the MoC and the entire BSNL Broad has explained the details to the MoC.  While some associations creates the doubts in the minds and making  fear amongst the members, the approach of Com. Prahlad Rai is in fully in positive direction and thanked Com. Rai in understanding the situation and being in support of the BSNL management.   BSNL management has already explained the source of income to meet the financial burden of BSNL on implementation of 3rd PRC to the Secretary Telecom. The case of payment of pension contribution on the maximum has already been taken up and the amount paid will be received back for which the file is in process with positive remark from all the points.    He assured that implementation of 2nd PRC to the pensioners before the implementation of 3rd PRC.    He also mentioned that the revision of pension of the pensioners is not connected with the profit and loss of the BSNL.  He assured that he will take up the issue with DoT.  As regards the special casual leave to the office bearers of AIBSNLEA, there is a provision in the guidelines of DoP&T and DoT, whereas by oversight or due to other reasons, provision has not been made in the MV.  He assured that fair treatment will be given to both the association.   The issue of Pension contribution of BSNL recruitees, additional 2% is under process and very shortly a favourable decision will be taken by the BSNL MC.  The cadre hierarchy issue is also being considered.    As regards the notional benefit, he mentioned that this issue is of AIBSNLEA only and the issue has already approved by the MC and board approval is awaited.  As regards the issue of donation collection by the association, the matter will be reviewed.  He also mentioned that the HR plan of BSNL is also in the final stage and all the small issued will be resolved.   He assured that any issue will be looked into by sitting together.  Requested everyone to forget the difference and support the BSNL management.  He thanked everyone for the support and having the leader like Com Prahlad Rai.

Com. Vijayakumar, Circle President, AIBSNLEA, Kerala Circle  expressed vote of thanks

The meeting ended with dinner. The house was jam packed. <<<Click here for Glimpses>>>>


Report on the 2nd Day proceedings of CWC meet Trivandrum.

CWC meeting resumed at 09.30 Hrs as per the schedule. The remaining Circe Secretaries presented their report.

Com. K .P. Nair, AGS (PA/ PS) clarified the queries raised by various Circle Secretaries with respect to the cases of Steno/PA/PS cadre.

Com. Alkendra Singh, Advisor congratulated the Kerala Circle for the successful holding of the CWC meeting. He told that it is a matter of proud to be a part of such a great organization. He told that, we should work combined for making the BSNL a vibrant organization. He told that it is the high time to think about the same for the organization. AIBSNLEA is the power of BSNL. He praised GS AIBSNLEA for his active role in the resolution of the problems. He told that we stand beside the GS.

Com. S.K. Jena Advisor, in his address mentioned that we have a committed leadership. He presented the views about 3rd PRC. He appealed all to convince the respective Hon’ble MPs for grabbing the 3rd PRC.  He suggested that the absence of the CS/CHQ Office Bearers in the CWC should be taken seriously. He also briefed about the issues of Civil/Electrical.

Com. GS Sum up the queries raised in the report of the Circle Secretaries.  While summing up the issued raised by various Circle Secretaries, GS explained the status of the cases with the rulings on the subject, stand of the BSNL Corporate Office and the actions taken by the Association to settle them. He mentioned that all the cases forwarded by circles from time to time are taken up and pursued.  The pending cases, if any, will also be pursued.  In case of any left out case, please submit and forward the same to the email.

He requested CS Karnataka to furnish the case wise details of the favouritism by the Circle administration towards SNEA to take up the matter in BSNL Corporate office. CS Maharashtra and OS (W) were requested to tour throughout the Maharashtra and form branches, wherever it is not formed. CS UP (West) was requested to submit the details of victimization of members with details. CS Rajasthan was requested to submit a note on the case study made by his team on induction of BA formations combining several SSAs in Rajasthan.

In post lunch session General Secretary presented his report on the activities of the Association during the period.  The report, including the HR issues, was discussed in detail and the action taken by the CHQ with the present status of each and every case was elaborated. The followings have been decided:

1. The subscription of the association will be increased to Rs.80/- from the existing Rs.50/- and the quota ratio will be Rs.40/- to CHQ, Rs.20/- Circle and Rs.20/- District.  The same will be effective from 1.1.2018.

2. A sum of Rs.200/- per member will be collected towards the legal fund to meet the expenditure being incurred on various court cases filed by the CHQ in different Hon’ble courts. 

3. All the circles who are not updating the circle website were requested to make arrangements for regular update of their website.

5. The new welfare scheme already approved by the AIC Mysuru may be commenced from the 01.09.2017.

6. It was decided to co-opt Shri Deepak Sharma, AM, BSNL Corporate office as AGS (DR) and Shri S. S. Rawat AGM Rajasthan Circle as Advisor (G) against Shri Ajay Kaswan and Shri Dinesh Meghwal respectively.

7. It was also decided to enrol Direct Recruit executives as member of AIBSNLEA.

8. It was also decided that in case if the 3rd PRC recommendation are not implemented in BSNL then CHQ may start a joint united struggle with other unions / associations in due course of time.

The audited account for the period 7.01.2017 to 31.7.2017 was submitted by Com. Com. T.C. Jain, FS CHQ. Some members raised queries which were replied by GS and FS. Thereafter, the account was approved unanimously.

It was also decided to hold next CWC meet at Dehradoon of Uttarakand Circle. At the last Com B.S. Reddy, AGS (Engg.) delivered the vote of thanks Comrade S. Sivakumar, CHQ President adjourned the CWC meet Trivandrum sine die.


Circle Executive committee meeting held on 08-08-2017 adopted resolutions to be placed before CWC,Trivendrum & discussed about the modalities to make 6th CC a grand Success.



DPE issued order regarding decision on allowances other than the allowances under 'Cafeteria approach' w.r.t. Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non­ Unionised  Supervisors  of  Central Public Sector Enterprises  (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01.01.2017-.....<<<Click here for letter>>>>

Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL-Process in this regard…….

DPE has issued OM W-02/0028/2017-DPE (WC)-GL-XIII/17 dated 3rd August, 2017 regarding Pay Revision of Board Level and below Board Level executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01.01/2017.

As per the presentation submitted by AIBSNLEA CHQ and consistent efforts taken with the Hon’ble MOC , Secretary Telecom, Secretary DPE, and CMD BSNL  for the dispension  in the  affordability clause for BSNL  and extension of 3rd  PRC to BSNL Employees has now been reflected in DPE OM dated 03.08.2017.

In this regard, AIBSNLEA CHQ has written so many letters to Hon’ble MOC/Secretary  DOT/DPE  /CMD BSNL and met them personally stating that as per the Para 5 of the 3 PRC committee recommendations as per the Telecom Policy 1999,  BSNL has been formed to meet out the specific agenda  of Government of India. i.e. providing Telecom Services without any budgetary support and BSNL is paying License Fee, Spectrum charges, and other charges  as per the order of the Government of India from time to time deviating to the agreed principles on 01/10/2000.

A letter written by GS CHQ to Honorable MOC Shri Manoj Sinha Ji  on 08.06.2017 <<<Click here for GS AIBSNLEA Letter>>>>  has been furnished for the reference of our members.  The DPE OM dated 03/08/2017 vide Annexure-II Para II of Page No 19 which is reproduced below.

Affordability to certain types of CPSEs:

b)  The affordability condition shall also be applicable to the CPSEs registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, or under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (which by the very nature of their business are not-for profit companies) for implementation of the revised compensation structure (including Performance Related Pay) as being recommended for other CPSEs.

c)  There are also certain CPSEs which have been formed as independent Government companies under a statute to perform a specific agenda / regulatory functions. The revenue stream of such CPSEs are not linked to profits from the open market in a competitive scenario but are governed through the fees & charges, as prescribed and amended from time to time by the Government. There is no budgetary support provided by the Government to such CPSEs. In consideration that the impact of the revised compensation structure (including Performance Related Pay) would supposedly form the part of revenue stream for such CPSEs, the affordability condition shall not be applicable to these CPSEs; however the implementation of same shall be subject to the approval of Administrative Ministry upon agreeing and ensuring to incorporate the impact of the revised compensation structure into the revenue stream.

On the basis of the above recommendations now BSNL Board has to recommend implementation of 3rd PRC report with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL and thereafter it has to be sent to DoT for the approval and issuance of the Presidential Directives. We have to impress upon BSNL Management in this regard for an early Board approval and sending to DoT thereafter we have to pursue in DoT for the approval of BSNL Board proposal and early issuance of presidential directives.  

Comrades, as assured by CMD BSNL, the 3rd PRC recommendations has to be approved by BSNL Board for its implementation in BSNL and thereafter to get the approval of DoT for issuance of Presidential Directives.   We are confident that CMD BSNL will fulfill his commitment in this regard. Let us,  concentrate on this issue and pursue vigorously for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL.

Office Memorandum for implementation of Pay revision in CPSEs.

Department of Public Enterprises issues Office Memorandum for Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

<<<Click here for the OM>>>


A GB meeting of South Branch held today in Kalighat Exchange in the evening.CS attended the meeting.ACS,OS & AFS were also present. Com.Kishore Mukherjee was Co-opted unanimously as Branch President for the present term & presided over the meeting.The meeting was well conducted by the BS /South .During interactive session CS addressed the problems of members & apprised the present position of our organisation at the All India level .CS urged upon the organisation of successful  6th  CC & requested all the members to be present at the OPEN SESSION on 21st September.

Delegates to the CC were also elected unanimously.All the members of South Branch pledged that they will extend full cooperation to make the Conference grand success.


President & FS attended A GB meeting of Central Branch at Burrabazar Exchange on 05-08-2017.During an interactive session President explained the present situation & gave a call to make our 6th CC a grand success. BS Cent -I Com.N K Das conducted the meeting.


Today CS,President & OS met GM(HR) regarding inordinate delay in request transfer & Posting.They discussed about some mutual transfer case also.As usual GM(HR) assured to look into but we expressed our resentment the way the cases are being delayed. Then GM committed that the cases will be settled on priority with the consent of competent authority.


The following members retired due to superannuation on 31-07-2017:

1.Com.Benu Gopal Majumder JTO/MC -AIBSNLEA/North Branch

2.Com.Sajal Ghosh PS to DGM(Jdv) -AIBSNLEA/South Branch

3.Com.S K Sinha  PS to CGM/CTD -AIBSNLEA/TB Branch

AIBSNLEA/CTD wishes all of them happy,healthy & peaceful retired life.


GS writes to The Director (HR) BSNL Board, regarding:

Representation from Shri Kandrudas Bhagat, Staff No. 201334, PS to GM (NWO-II)/CFA Calcutta Telephones appealing for additional attempts for appearing in the online examination for E-2 to E-3 (CSSS/PA/PS <<<Click here for the letter>>>

GS writes to The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding:

Requests for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of   Accounts Officer <<<Click here for the letter>>>


A GB meeting was organised on 28-07-2019 at Barrackpur Exchange by the North Branch.North Branch President presided over the meeting.ACS,OS were present.CS apprised the members about the latest organisational position,Our stand about 3rd PRC & other local and all India issues in an interactive session with the members.The meeting was well attended & well organised.It was conducted by BS/North.CS on behalf of Circle gave clarion call to make our 6th CC successful.All the members of Barrackpur Area assured of their contribution & active participation to make conference a grand success.


CS,President,ACS & OS met CGM,GM(F),PGM/NWO/CFA-II,PGM(Mktg),GM(Vig) & GM(HR) and invited them to attend the OPEN SESSION of 6th CC of AIBSNLEA/CTD on 21-09-2017 at MOULALI YUVA KENDRA.We also requested the to give messages and technical write-up to be published in the Souvenier.All of them accepted our invitaion cordially & consented to be present & take part in the seminar.


AIBSNLEA efforts for   3rd PRC implementation in BSNL:

AIBSNLEA CHQ have been making its best efforts in DoT / Ministry/ DPE to conveyance the concern authorities for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL Accordingly the facts are being informed to all concern through our CHQ Website. As rightly reported by AIBSNLEA in the morning of 20.7.2017 in our CHQ Website the actual status and process of 3rd PRC implementation in PSUs / BSNL was later on confirmed by Shri Niteswar Kumar ji (IAS) PS to Hon'ble MOSC in the meeting held with AIBSNLEA on 20.7.2017( Evening). Hence , AIBSNLEA is correctly informing all the developments on day to day   basis to our members through our CHQ web site and doing hard work to ensure 3rd PRC Implementation in BSNL. But the so called Majority Association instead of informing the actual status and truth is creating hipe in the minds of the Executives for which the reasons are best known to them.

The actual process of 3rd PRC implementation is that after the notification of 3rd PRC implementation in PSUs for the Pay hike of Executives the respective PSUs will take decision in their Board and will send the proposal to the Administrative Ministry for the issuance of the Presidential Directive. Similarly after DPE notification of 3rd PRC recommendations, BSNL Board will take the decision and will send to DOT for approval and for issuance of Presidential Directives. Now in the DPE notification it has to be seen that whether the Administrative Ministry/Board of the PSUs have been empowered by the Cabinet to allow dispension of the “Affordability Clause"of 3rd PRC report. In case Board/Administrative Ministry is empowered then BSNL Board and DOT Administration should implement the 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of its Viability otherwise, we have to fight organisationally.

Today GS contacted the concerned Officers of DPE with regard to the Notification of 3rd PRC, it is understood that the draft notification on cabinet approval has been processed to the higher level Officers for approval. The notification of 3rd PRC is expected in the next week.

AIBSNLEA is committed for 3rd PRC implementation and in case the BSNL Board/DOT Administration do not implement it,  in that  case AIBSNLEA will never hesitate to go on indefinite Strike.  Let us watch the developments closely and will take immediate organisational action, if required at the appropriate time.


Achievements of a big and recognised association(Majority association) of BSNL after member verification:

1. Presidential order issued, lowering the scale of basic executive cadre of BSNL.

2. Result of DR DGM declared and appointed against the interest of the working executives in BSNL.

3. Order from DoT issued for withdrawal of the additional increment awarded on the functional promotion.

4. CPSU cader heirarchy draft is there in a black box and no one know what is there for the executives, even after passage of more than 7 month since the membership verification.

5. All the Channels of promotions to the post of SDE are on a standstill and no active persuasion is visible from the so called Majority representative of the Executives.

6. Not even a single step is being taken to settle the Rule-8 transfer cases pending since years back.

Now executive fraternity of BSNL has to decide,whether this association still deserve to proclaim it as a representative of BSNL Executives ? 

Do they have a single work in their list to be counted in the interest of BSNL executives ?

Have a thorough analysis friends and decide,whether still to continue with the same association,claiming tall but bringing nothing.......for those who are still in the trap...



I)Meeting with PS to Hon'ble MOSC(IC) Shri Niteshwer Kumar :

GS, President and FS met PS to Hon'ble MOSC(IC) Shri Niteshwer Kumar and discussed with reference to our meeting held with Hon'ble MOSC(IC) on 3.7.2017. We requested to hold discussion on the following issues as follow up action:

a) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL: We requested for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit. PS to Hon'ble MOSC(IC) mentioned that yesterday Cabinet has approved 3rd PRC recommendations for PSU's Executives pay hike. DPE will issue notification in this regard shortly and thereafter BSNL (PSU) will send its recommendations for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL to the DOT (Administrative Ministry) for approval and notification of the Presidential directive. Thus, at the time of DOT consideration period we should meet them. However, he assured Ministry's support for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. In view of this, now we have to pursue with the BSNL Board to recommend 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL. Thereafter only we will pursue in DOT/Ministry for favourable decision. Let us closely monitor and pursue the matter at the appropriate level and appropriate time.

b) Replacement of E1A by E2, E2A by E3 and subsequent upgradation of Pay Scales w.e.from 1.1.2007: PS to Hon'ble MOSC(IC) mentioned that as per the directions given by the Hon'ble MOSC(IC) during our meeting held on 3.7.2017 he will conduct a meeting of our Association with Addl. Secretary (T) after his returning from abroad on 31.7.2017 to discuss this matter.

c) Withdrawal additional increment provision under BSNL Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) on functional promotion: We apprised him against the arbitrary and unjust order issued by DOT on 05.07.2017 for with drawl additional increment provision under BSNL Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) on functional promotion. PS to Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) after some discussions mentioned that let your CMD and Director (HR) return from abroad on 27.07.2017 thereafter he will discuss the matter with them and will take further necessary action in this regard. In this manner he advised us to meet him after 31st July 2017 to discuss all these issues.

II)Meeting with DDG (EF), DoT, New Delhi

GS, President met DDG (EF) DoT Shri Rajeev Kumar as per the advice given by Member (Finance) to discuss our issues today at 11.45 Hrs.

(1) Withdrawal of Additional increment provision under BSNL Executive Promotion Policy (EPP)-  We expressed our serious  concern against the DoT letter dated 5.7.2017 where in the additional increment provision under BSNL Executive promotion policy (EPP) has been withdrawn which will cause huge recoveries, pay and pension loss to the BSNL Executives. We also submitted our letter dated 13.7.2017 addressed to Secretary (T) for ready reference and discussion. DDG (EF) during discussions for about one hour, mentioned that he will discuss the matter with member (Finance) and after the direction received from Secretary (T) they will take further action in this regard.  

(2) Replacement of E1A by E-2, E2A by E-3 and subsequent pay scales upgradation w.e.f. 1.1.2007:On this issue DDG (EF) mentioned that there is no such proposal is under consideration to DoT internal finance wing. Means, the nodal section of DoT has not moved the proposal further to internal finance of DoT for concurrence.

III) 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL:

The cabinet has approved 3rd PRC recommendations with 15% fitment benefit to the PSU executives for their pay hike w.e.f. 01.01.2017 on 19.07.2017 in its meeting Chaired by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Now on the basis of Cabinet approval on 3rd PRC report (DPE) Department of Public Enterprises (Govt. of India) will issue its notification shortly addressing to all the Administrative Ministries and PSUs.

As per our past experience during 2nd PRC implementation, now after the DPE notification DOT Administrative Ministry will endorse to BSNL and the BSNL Board will take decision for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL for BSNL Executives and thereafter the Administrative Ministry after examining the BSNL Board Approval will issue the Presidential Directives for the implementation of 3rdPRC report in BSNL for its Executives

It is understood that this process dependents on the respective PSUs Board to consider 3rd PRC recommendation on the basis of their affordability conditions and any dispension in the affordability clause may perhaps be relaxed by the Administrative Ministry or Cabinet. In the case of BSNL as per 3rd PRC report the Affordability clause needs dispension in view of its operational profit/ positive AIBITA. It is to be find out from DOT whether this work has been done by DOT or through Cabinet approval in its meeting held yesterday.

AIBSNLEA closely watching all the developments and meeting all the concern officers in DPE/DOT for a favorable decision. Few days before AIBSNLEA met Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) and yesterday with Sect (T) just before the Cabinet meeting which was attended by Secy. (T) and pleaded for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of BSNL viability and its Executives otherwise they will be demotivated which directly will harm the BSNL Let Us, wait for DPE notification and DOT decision in this regard. Thereafter, we will decide our due course of action.



Our efforts yielded result.It has been confirmed that 13 applications of Rule-8 transfer cases of JTOs have been approved by CGM and forwarded to BSNL CO. This was our longstanding demand.We try hard to get more cases done.


On 12-07-2017 CS,President & OS met GM(HR & Admin.) regarding several issues:Discussion was  as follows:

1.Job Contract System & Payment of wages: We expressed our concern regarding recent stalemate over JC system & requested him to devic