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Last Updated: 14th September 2019

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Membership Drive: All the Circle & District Secretaries are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum members by filling up of Membership form and subscription deduction format from salary before last date

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Dear Comrades August 2019 Salary is expected to be credited to the Bank account of the Employees on 16.9.2019 evening or night as per GS AIBSNLEA


Status of Fixation of Pay under FR 22(1)(a)(i) in respect of Officiating JTOs Court Case in PCAT New Delhi: 

The ‘Pay Fixation under FR 22(1)(a)(i)’ in respect of Officiating JTOs vide OA No. 100/892/2016 filed by AIBSNLEA Vs BSNL in PCAT New Delhi came up for hearing today on 12.09.2019. The same could not be heard due to non-availability of full bench in PCAT New Delhi and posted for Next hearing on 06.11.2019. 

On behalf of AIBSNLEA the General Secretary and AFS/CHQ Com. Pushparajan (Kerala) attended the Principal CAT New Delhi.


Disbursement of salary: GS, AGS (Finance), FS/CHQ, AFS/CHQ Com. Pushparajan & Advisor (HQ) met Senior Finance Officers in BSNL Corporate Office and enquired about the date of disbursement of August Salary to BSNL Staff.  It is reliably learnt that the BSNL Management is trying their best to disburse the Salary before the end of this week. If it is not possible, the salary will be disbursed within the next week.


GS writes to Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL regarding

(a)Fixation of pay under FR-22(I)(a)(1) and request for non recovery of pay & allowance alreay paid to the Ex. Officiating JTOs<<<Click here for letter>>>

(b) Fixation of pay under FR-22(I)(a)(1) to the Ex. Officiating JTOs-<<<Click here for letter>>>


Meeting with Director (CM/HR), BSNL Board:-

GS, AGS (Finance), FS/CHQ and Advisor (HQ) met Director (CM/HR), BSNL Board today and discussed regarding:-

A) DE to DGM (T) Promotion: We expressed our serious concern about the non-issuance of Ad-hoc DGM(T) promotions as the vacancies are nearly 1150 and the AGMs eligible for DGM promotion are about 1126 only and there is no stay on promotions. Even the applicants gone to the court has also been covered in 1150 vacancies. We requested Director (HR) BSNL Board to take immediate action to promote all the eligible AGMs to DGMs against the vacancies on ad-hoc basis subject to outcome of the Court Case. Director (HR/CM) mentioned that we are trying to get relief from the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh but could not get till date. He assured that he will discuss the matter with CGM (Legal) & PGM (Pers) and find out the ways to issue the promotion orders.

B) Request transfers in the cadre of DGM (T) on ‘Own Cost basis’:- We requested that those DGMs who have already completed more than two years may be considered for request transfers on own cost to their Home Circles as they have obeyed & honoured the transfer orders issued by the BSNL Corporate Office and now they are waiting for returning to their Home Circles. Director (CM/HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that Management is working out to combine the transfer orders with the DE to DGM Promotion orders. However, he assured that if the DGM Promotion orders are delayed, the request transfers cases of those who are at the age of 58+ and on genuine Medical Grounds cases will be considered.

C) Request transfers in the cadre of DET/AGM at ‘own cost’ on genuine Medical Grounds & 58+ age:- We requested to consider the request transfers on own cost in respect of DEs who have already completed 58 years of age and on genuine medical grounds cases. Director (CM/HR) assured that the genuine cases will be considered.

D) Financial Status of BSNL: Director (CM/HR) opined that the need of the hour is to maximize the revenue and advised that all employees should come forward and work together to achieve the various targets given by the BSNL Management. We responded positively and requested the Director (CM/HR) that the BSNL Management should also come forward to conduct periodical meetings with the General Secretaries of the Recognized Unions and Associations to get better results & coordination between Management & Employees for the betterment of the BSNL. We further suggested that the strategies to be evolved to come out of the present crisis, the working pattern of the BSNL Executives/ Non-executives in the changed scenario for better utilization of BSNL Manpower in Marketing & other outdoor activities to compete with the other Private Operators to be discussed with the Representatives of the Recognized Unions and Associations of BSNL for the betterment of the Company and to regain its original pristine glory. Director (CM/HR) appreciated our concern and positively responded on our suggestions in the interest of the Company.


 Meeting with PGM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office: GS and AGS (Finance) met with PGM (Pers.) BSNL CO and conveyed our sincere thanks for the consideration of request of AIBSNLEA for issuance of the Retention orders in the Cadre of AGM/DE on Immunity Grounds and discussed regarding:

AGM/DE to DGM (Engg) Promotion:- We expressed our serious concern over the non-issuance of Ad-hoc DGM(T) promotions as there is no stay on promotions and nearly 1150 DGM(T) vacancies are available now but the AGMs eligible for DGM promotion are only 1126. We requested BSNL management may take immediate steps to promote all the eligible AGMs to DGMs against the vacancies on ad-hoc basis.

PGM (Pers.), after detailed discussion, elaborated that the promotion is held up due to Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT Court directions, wherein BSNL has filed MA in Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh for early hearing but could not heard due to one or another reason for the past few months.

PGM (Pers.) further mentioned that the promotion for DGM(T) can be given if all the applicants give a declaration mentioning therein that “we have no objection if our name will also be included in the promotion orders and the case of Seniority can be decided later on.”

We replied that it can be tried by contacting all the applicants in both the Court Cases by the Pers. Section and the Association can also extend the best help in this regard to sort out the issue of long awaited DGM(T) promotion orders.

We finally requested PGM (Pers.) to kindly use his good offices for the issuance of DGM(T) Promotion orders on ad-hoc basis before 30.09.2019. We hope that some positive response will come from both the sides to sort out the matter so that the promotion orders can be released early.

CAO to DGM (F) Promotion:-  The CPC work has been completed. Now the Postings & Transfers are under process and Promotion orders will be issued shortly.

Request transfers in the cadre of DGM (T):- We requested to convert West Bengal Circle (except Kolkata) into Soft Tenure station so that shortage of Executives in WB Circle can be managed and the DGMs/TDMs working in WB Circle can be transferred to their home circles after completion of the tenure period. We have also requested PGM (Pers) to consider the request transfers cases on humanitarian grounds since they are facing many problems in their old age of 58+. PGM (Pers) immediately spoken to CGM WBT over phone and requested him to send the proposal/ recommendation for the same. PGM (Pers.) assured us to look into the matter and sort out the issue after discussion with Director (HR) shortly. 

Request transfers in the cadre of CAOs:- We requested for the consideration of request transfers in the cadre of CAOs. PGM (Pers) immediately directed DGM (Pers) to put up the same.

Request transfers in the cadre of DET/AGM:- We requested to consider the request transfers on own cost in respect of DEs who have already completed more than 2 years. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the request transfers are under hold as per the instructions of Director (HR) due to the financial constraints. He further advised us to discuss the matter with Director (HR).

Request transfers on genuine Medical Grounds:- We requested for consideration of the requests transfers in the cadre of AGM/DE/SDE/AOs on Medical Grounds. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the cases are under process and orders will be issued shortly. 

Promotion of regular DGM to Jt.GM:- We requested to consider the promotion of regular DGMs (presently in E5 Scale) as Jt.GM (E7 Scale) who have completed four years of service as DGM since they are not eligible for getting E6 Scale. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the matter is under consideration and pending in BSNL Board which will be considered after finalization of the HR Plan in BSNL.


Meeting with Member (Finance) DCC, DoT: Today GS and AGS (Finance) met Member (Finance) DCC, DoT and discussed regarding immediate release of outstanding dues of BSNL from DoT as requested by AIBSNLEA vide letter dated 04.09.2019 so as to disburse the August 2019 Salary and payment of other pending bills by BSNL. Member (Finance) appreciated our concern and after going through our letter mentioned that DoT is not having Budget allotment for the settlement of above said dues, however, best efforts are being taken by the DoT in consultation with Finance Ministry for the immediate release of funds to meet out the August 2019 Salary demand of BSNL and today also we are going to attend a meeting being held in Ministry of Finance in this regard. However, Member (Finance) assured that the funds will be released to BSNL shortly. 

We further enquired about the immediate financial support to BSNL from the Govt. since Nationalized Banks have not honoured the ‘Letter of Comfort’ and not coming forward to sanction loan to BSNL. Member (Finance) mentioned that DoT has brought to the notice of Finance Ministry about the Capex and Opex outstanding bills of BSNL to the tune of Rs.15000 crores and requested for immediate financial support to BSNL. It is under the consideration of Finance Ministry and it is also included in the agenda of today’s meeting.

Regarding refund of excess payment of Pension Contribution, Member (Finance) mentioned that the case, which was sent to Ministry of Finance, Deptt. of Expenditure is now under the positive consideration of MoF.

Further, Member (Finance) advised that BSNL should work to earn revenue from it’s own sources. Immediate steps can be taken to rent/lease out the BSNL Buildings/Lands by re-arranging the sitting arrangements of the existing staff in less space and spare space can be rented/ leased out immediately.

REVIVAL OF BSNL: After meeting with Senior Officers in DoT, it is confirmed that the clearance from the Solicitor General of India for the allotment of 4G Spectrum to BSNL has been received.  

It is also reliably learnt that meeting is continuously going on in Finance Ministry along with the Senior Officers of DoT for past five days for finalizing the Cabinet Note on revival of BSNL and it is understood that Ministry of Finance is strongly opposing the BSNL Revival Plan and VRS proposal stating that, if some financial assistance is given to BSNL for the VRS, then what is the guarantee that BSNL will revive and regain its original glory within a reasonable period. However, Senior DoT Officers are trying to convince the Finance Ministry in this regard and it is expected that the comments from Ministry of Finance are likely to be received in DoT by Friday evening or Monday.

If everything goes smooth, it is expected that the revised Cabinet Note will be placed before the Cabinet on 18th September for approval. The stand of the PMO and the Group of Ministers will play a vital role in the Cabinet decision.    


GS writes to Shri. Anshu Prakash, Chairman (DCC) & Secretary (T), DoT regarding request for immediate release of outstanding dues to BSNL- <<<Click here for letter>>


Meeting with Director (Finance) BSNL Board: GS, AGS (Finance) & Advisor (HQ) met Director (Finance) BSNL Board and discussed regarding:-

(1) Disbursement of salary for the Month of August 2019:- We enquired Director (Finance) about the probable date of August Salary disbursement. Director (Finance) explained that BSNL is depending on its own collections for the disbursement of monthly salary. He further mentioned that we require Rs.1350 crores (Gross salary) for the disbursement of salary. Other Capex, Opex etc. comes around Rs.900 crores per month. Hence every month BSNL needs Rs.2250 crores for discharging all such regular payments. Our average per Day Collection is only about Rs.40 crores. So there is a deficit of around Rs.1000 crores per month. We have requested DoT several times for the release of outstanding dues payable to BSNL but no confirmation has been received. Our CMD along with Secretary (T) approached several Bank Authorities but no Bank is committed due to continues dip in revenue of BSNL.

We requested Director (Finance) to disburse the August salary as early by obtaining immediate financial support from DOT. Director (Finance) mentioned that today BSNL Management has written a letter to Secretary (Telecom) for immediate release of funds to the tune of Rs.1000/- crores towards the August Salary disbursement.

We further requested Director (Finance) to use his good offices