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Last Updated:  18th March 2017

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 Co-ordination Committee of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA


3rd PRC Report....Gazette Notification.....<<<Click here for report>>>>>



Later CS & ACS(HQ) met GM(HR) and discussed about some request transfer/posting case settlement. JTO posting & distribution of them in the field.We also mention the case of Sri P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC for granting faculty allowance.GM assured the he will take personal initiative.We expressed our resentment for not granting further chance for EPP by BSNL CO.We requested to see that the increment of the incumbent may not be freezed.GM advised us to apply in this regard & after getting clarification from BSNL CO AGM/Staff I may decide in this regard.

We thanked him for settlement of procedure of permission for acquisition/disposal of movable/immovable property as per AIBSNLEA's demand & hoped for cooperation in future also.


CS & ACS(HQ) attended the CGM meeting for development of CTD on behalf of FORUM/CTD on 17.03.2017 at CGM's chamber. GM(HR) & GM(Fin) were also present.

CGM said that marketing & advertising activities in CTD has been enhanced,as a result of it SIM sale in CTD has been increased, we are achieving targets even surpassing it,still we are not able to achieve revenue target.In future we will be having 2000 BTS to cover the network,Wi-Fi Hotspots for individual & bulk customers are also being installed on experimental basis.To enhance the speed of BB DSLAMs are being installed in BTS Site,Voice over BB also will be given..He expressed though we are not able to increase revenue this fiscal we can restrict losses & with our united efforts surely we can be positive in next financial year.

From FORUM side Convenor conducted the meeting and assured CGM of full support for developmental activities of CTD. We also presented some problems of billing/mailing,distribution of staffs & executives especially in external & marketing,etc.

The GMs present there took note of the problems and assured to solve.

At last FORUM Convenor & CGM from management side thanked all for extending cooperation and hoped that in near future CTD can turn around.


Enhancement of Death / Retirement gratuity as per 7th CPC recommendations

DoT issues orders regarding implementation of 7th CPC recommendation : Applicability to the BSNL / MTNL absorbees opting for pension for combined service governed under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. The maximum limit of Death / Retirement gratuity shall be Rs. 20 lakh w.e.f. 01.01.2016 with change of the formula for pension / family pension.

<<Click here for the orders>>>>>


CS & Other Circle OBs met GM(F) & CGM/CTD regarding transfer/posting case of accounts/Engg.personnel.We expressed out resentment regarding the way the request transfer/retention cases are being dealt by the respective sections.CGM assured that the applications will be duly forwarded to respective sections of BSNL CO for decision.


GS Writes to:

 The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office regarding

(a) Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel. <<Click here for letter>>>>>

(b) Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel. <<Click here for letter>>>>>


GS writes to:

Smt Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board,  regarding

Granting of facilities to the AIBSNLEA consequent upon the membership verification – our submissions regarding.<<Click here for letter>>>>>

Facility of informal meeting to Support Association in BSNL

BSNL Corporate Office has issued instructions to all CGMs regarding grant of regular informal meetings to Circle and SSA level bodies of AIBSNLEA with local management so that they can effectively function as "Support Association".

While issuing these instructions BSNL Corporate Office has mentioned that on account of securing majority votes AIBSNLEA has been granted status of Support Association vide letter number BSNL/5-1/SR/2016 dated 13.12.2016 and is granted some facilities including the facility of informal meeting at the discretion of the management. Denoial of meeting under the clauses of discretion of the management would be against the spirit of BSNL (REA) Rules, 2014.

Regular meetings with major association(s) of executives will help to maintain healthy and harmonious industrial relations in the company and boost the performance of the executive.

<<<Click here for the instructions>>>>


Night Free Calling facility to BSNL Pensioners approved by BSNL.

GS met with GM (Admn) and discussed regarding BSNL Management Committee approval on Night Free Calling facility to BSNL Pensioners. GM (Admn) informed that the competent authority has approved this proposal and necessary orders will be issued shortly. Consistent efforts AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA thus yielded result in getting the proposal moved from Admn. Section after the Directions given by Director (HR) in the informal meeting held with AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA and now got approved from BSNL MC.


On 03-03-2017 CS,ACS(HQ),FS alongwith BS/Central II met DGM(MM) with all our members at PHS.We discussed about some problems of Stores such as acute shortage of Executives,Complex situation arose out of unplanned implementation of ERP,Request transfers of our members working at PHS for over a decade from far away vis-a-vis recent transfer order issued by GM(Plg) in the name of sensitive post.

It has been decided that BS/Central II will represent formally to DGM(MM) demanding complete reshuffling of Executives of PHS including Salt Lake/Ranikuthi Stores,orders to be issued by HQ,implementation of request transfers,posting of JTOs /SDEs under DGM(MM) immediately in order to run the organisation effectively.


On 2nd March 2017 FORUM organised a convention at SUBARNA BANIK SAMAJ HALL opposing sinister moves of Central Govt. especially PMO to make BSNL suffocate & sink including establishment of Subsidiary Tower Company, favouritism to RJIL. Our members in good number attended the convention in jampacked hall at 3-30 PM.FORUM convenor Com.Saibal Sengupta presided over the convention.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD CS & ACS were present on the dais amongst leaders of all the constituents of FORUM.

CS in his deliberation gave a clarion call to forge the unity among executives & non executives of BSNL to stop the move of DoT & to make 100 % state owned PSU BSNL strong & profitable.

All the leaders urged upon to make the 9th March 2017 rally which will start at 2 PM from Subodh Mallik Square to Rani Rasmoni Road a historic one so that we can show our will power to make BSNL survive as a strong,healthy PSU defeating Govt.'s conspiratorial activities.Thus, we could ensure our & national interest & make the management compelled to implement 3rd PRC & wage revision.

All members of all constituents of FORUM resolved unanimously to take part in the mammoth rally on 9th March 2017.



 Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board:

GS, FS, AGS (Finance) and OS (West) met Director (HR) and discussed regarding-

(a) Facilities to be granted to AIBSNLEA: We requested for granting of facilities to AIBSNLEA for its smooth functioning. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter

(b) Partisan attitude of CGM (WB) Telecom circle towards AIBSNLEA: We express our serious resentment against the partisan attitude of CGMT (WB) circle towards the members of AIBSNLEA and requested Director (HR) for her immediate intervention to avoid agitation. In some more circles also AIBSNLEA is facing such problems. Director (HR) directed GM (SR) to issue instructions to the circles to be impartial in solving the problems of AIBSNLEA members by holding meetings.

(c) Feedback / comments on CPSU cadre hierarchy: We expressed our concern against delay in implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and not discussing the matter with AIBSNLEA by Pers. Cell of BSNL CO. Director (HR) immediately directed PGM (Pers.) to hold meeting with AIBSNLEA to take the feedback on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL. She also directed PGM (Pers.) to make early presentation to the management after taking the feedback of executive associations. PGM (Pers.) assured to take immediate steps as directed in this regard.

(d) E-2 and E-3 standard IDA pay scale to JTO and SDE equivalent executives: We requested Director (HR) to take an early approval of DOT on implementation of replacement of E1A and E2A pay scales by E2 and E3 scales from DOT. Director (HR) intimated that BSNL proposal in this regard is pending in DOT but the Addl. Secretary (T) is still to give his final view in this regard. However, she assured to discuss the matter in DOT for early clearance.

(e) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: We requested for an early creation of superannuation trust in BSNL for its employee recruited after 01.10.2000. Director (HR) mentioned that the matter is under active consideration with a high level committee in BSNL CO and shortly its report will be available to create a superannuation trust in collaboration of LIC.

(f) Approval BSNL Board on some important pending HR issues.: We requested for the approval of BSNL Board on all the pending HR issues which have already been cleared by BSNL Management Committee i.e. modifications of SDE RR, 50% posts of MT quota (CAO Post), diversion to seniority quota and E1+5 advance increments to the JTOs (SRD), JAO-2013 batch and PA cadre etc. Director (HR) informed that as soon as the HR plan is cleared by HR committee and approved by BSNL Board, all these HR issues cleared by BSNL MC will be put up directly to BSNL Board for approval. She further told that the HR committee and BSNL Board meetings are expected to be held in March-2017 itself. She assured an early action in this regard.

(g) Filling up of vacant posts of DGMs, DEs/ CAOs /EE (Civil). We requested for filling of the vacant DGMs, DEs/CAOs/ EE (Civil) post at the earliest. Director (HR) directed PGM (Pers.) to file the SLP in the Hon’ble Supreme Court against the judgment of Hon’ble High Court Chandigarh on SC/ST roster implementation immediately to conduct the CPCs. PGM (Pers.) assured that next week SLP will be filed in the Hon’ble Supreme Court and thereafter immediate action will be taken to expedite the CPCs.

(h) Double HRA benefit to the executives serving in hard tenure circles: We requested for granting of double HRA benefit to the executives who are serving in the hard tenure circles. Director (HR) directed PGM (Pers.) to look into the matter and for favorable orders.

(i) Online submission of medical bills of BSNL pensioners: We requested to develop software in ITPC Pune for the online submission of medical bills of BSNL pensioners. Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with CGM ITPC Pune to develop software on minimum cost. She assured an early action in this matter.

(j) Encashment of leave on LTC: We requested that the BSNL Employees availing LTC before one year at their retirement should be allowed to take leave encashment on LTC as per the earlier orders. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

(k) Night free calling facility on residential Telephones of BSNL Pensioners: We requested to extend night free calling facility to BSNL pensioners on their residential Telephones. Director (HR) mentioned that matter is under active consideration and shortly after the approval of BSNL MC, the orders will be issued in this regard.

(l) Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefits: We requested Director (HR) for the implementation of 3rd PRC report with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL in view of its operational profit for the last three consecutive years as the BSNL is on turn around path and to continue this trend, the employees of BSNL should remain motivated and contented and also to stop Brain Drain in BSNL. BSNL have social responsibilities too and national interest as and when any natural calamity comes, it is BSNL only which provides services to Nation without the consideration of profit or loss of the company. In view of this, 3rd PRC report must be implemented with full 15% fitment benefit in BSNL. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and assured to send the proposal to DOT in this line only.

(m) Allowing option to 10% JAO’s qualified: We requested for allowing to exercise 10% JAOs qualified for taking pay fixation at par with 40% JAOs. Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with GM (FP) for its solution.

(n) Rs.22820/- pay fixation to the JTOs/JAO’s recruited after 01.10.2007: We requested for the consideration of Rs.22820/- pay fixation to JTOs/JAOs recruited post 01.01.2007. Director (HR) immediately spoke with PGM (FP-II) Mrs. A. Panda and directed her to discuss the matter with AIBSNLEA and to take the feedback on this issue for its solution. The meeting with PGM (FP-II) has been fixed on 3rd March 2017 at 14:30 Hrs to discuss the matter.

(o) BSNL mobile telephones connection to BSNL executive working in Delhi NCR area and Mumbai instead of MTNL connection. We requested Director (HR) for providing BSNL’s mobile SIM to its employees working in Delhi NCR and Mumbai area in view of frequent disconnections of mobile connections by MTNL and dispute on bill payments etc. Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with GM (Admn) in this connection for its implementation.

All above issues were discussed in detailed and in a cordial environment. The meeting continued for 1 ½ Hrs.


1.CS writes to GS stating our grievance regarding recent AO Trans order without considering Kolkata Pool concept(click to see)

2.CS writes to GS reminder about 2 long pending cases of Kolkata TD (click to see)

3.CS writes to GS about early publication of result of JTO LICE for the vacancy year 2015-16(click to see)


Today at RJCM room TB FORUM/CTD leaders met.From AIBSNLEA CS & President took part.As per decision taken by All India FORUM it has been unanimously decided that FORUM/CTD will hold a convention at SUBARNA BANIK SAMAJ HALL,G C Ave, on 02-03-2017 at 3 PM :(a) Opposing Niti Aayog's recommendation on disinvestment / strategic sale of BSNL (As is evident from PMO ID No.4542267/PMO/2016-ES.I dated 30th December, 2016.) (b) Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.(c) Demanding allotment of 4G spectrum, free of cost, to BSNL.(d) Opposing favours being extended to Reliance Jio.

All are requested to attend the convention.

On 9th March 2017 FORUM/CTD & WB jointly hold a rally from Subodh Mallick Square to Rani Rashmoni Road.At there FORUM will hold a mass meeting opposing the detrimental moves taken by Govt.Of India & DoT against BSNL. FORUM leaders will address the open gathering.After that a delegation will go to meet Honorable Rajyapal of WB at RajBhavan to submit a memorandum in this regard.

Every members are requested to take part positively.


On 28-02-2017 the following members of AIBSNLEA/CTD retired due to superannuation.We wish them happy, healthy & peaceful retired life.


1.From Howrah Branch Com. Sanjay Mukhopadhyay SDE/Andul


 2.From South Com. Ranjana Chakraborty SDE/Sarsuna 


Mother of Sri Prasun Kumar Mukherjee Ex Adv(E)/CHQ passed away on 25-02-2017 to heavenly abode.We deeply mourn the sad demise convey heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.ACS.VP/South and other  AIBSNLEA members were present at the crematorium & paid homage to the departed soul on 26-02-2017. 

May her soul RIP.


BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions regarding:-

(i) Procedure for maintaining waiting list for transfer under Rule-8   <<<Click here for order>>>>

(ii) Guidelines for filling of e-APAR through ERP-<<<Click here for guidelines>>>>


Refuting SNEA's derogatory remarks about AIBSNLEA while reporting JTO to SDE promotion case:

Regarding JTO to SDE promotion related case (OP CAT-45/2015 and similar OP) in Hon. High Court of Kerala, SNEA(I) is simply trying to misguide general members by giving false and derogatory comments about AIBSNLEA while reporting news of the court proceedings in their website. 
Being an impleading respondent in OA filed in CAT and a respondent in subsequent OP-CAT now pending in HC of Kerala, AIBSNLEA filed our version (in support of BSNL, the main respondent) in the appropriate courts at the appropriate time. Our role, as in the case of all other impleading respondents, was to support BSNL's stand which is correct and legal as per various rules and procedures for fixation of seniority of JTOs, preparation of eligibility list, and several other related issues involved in this case. We did this job through the advocate representing AIBSNLEA.
It is to be noted that AIBSNLEA is the only association impleaded in this case in its own name in the capacity as an association of executives, initially at the time of coming this matter as an OA in the CAT Ernakulam and then became a respondent in OP-CAT at High Court of Kerala when appeal was filed by petitioners. The petitioners were a group of direct recruited (DR) JTOs, but their contentions were not acceptable as per rules. SNEA(I) is not a party in this case as an association, though some of their affected members got impleaded in this case.
AIBSNLEA was bold enough to appear as impleading party in the case and expressed our stand openly in public as we have nothing to hide. By impleading in the association's name, we wanted to protect the justified and genuine interests of all general members.
The other association was not concerned about this, but they only wanted to play behind the screen, giving a space for twisting their stand between DR JTOs and JTOs recruited during 1996 to 2000, according to their will and wish. Initially they played "a hide and seek game" and did not become an impleading respondent, as they wanted favors from both sides in view of referendum. In fact they have no right to comment on AIBSNEA in this regard as they are not at all a party in the party-array of this case. Honorable members are requested to realize the cheap politics now being played by that association with an ill-motive of defaming this organization.


GS met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding filling up of vacant posts of DEs/CAOs & DGMs. We requested that about 2000 DEs posts, 1000 CAOs posts and about 400 DGM(Engg.) & 100 posts of DGM(Fin.) are vacant. Similarly, about 160 EEs(Civil) posts are also vacant but the vacant posts of DEs/CAOs/EEs(Civil) are not being filled up on the pretext of pending court cases. From DE to DGM, CAO to DGM(Fin.) no court case is pending hence all these posts should be filled up immediately to meet the requirement of field units & to remove the stagnation in the career prospective of Group-'B' level executives. CMD appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with Director(HR) for an early action.

We also requested for the implementation of 3rd PRC report with full fitment benefit in BSNL. CMD assured to look into the matter. It is understood that BSNL is submitting its feedback to DoT on 3rd PRC recommendations by tomorrow wherein BSNL is trying to provide 15% fitment benefit (highest fitment benefit) to BSNL executives on implementation of 3rd PRC. The HR Group of BSNL is actively involved in this process under the control of CGM(Legal), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. AIBSNLEA is pursuing regularly at all the levels.


CS & President met GM(HR/Admn) on 20-02-2017 and requested him to expedite the Faculty Allowance case of Sri P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC pending for quite some time.New file has been initiated.GM assured early solution.We also discussed about the posting of JTOs who are undergoing training at present,we requested to see that external plant should get manned for generation of revenue in the interest of CTD. CS also written a letter to GM(Fin) requesting that AOs who are on transfer list may be released after 31-03-2017 so that any difficulty in IT & and in field may not happen due to year ending.

We are very much thankful to DGM/NWO/S for his active cooperation in settling transfer/posting case of our members.


Status report on 3rd PRC:

GS met GM (SR) and discussed regarding the status of 3rd PRC recommendations with reference to BSNL. GM (SR) informed that after the presentation given by DoT to the Group of Secretaries meeting held on 02.02.2017 wherein DoT has been advised to submit  the financial  position of the PSUs under the control of DoT. Accordingly, DoT has asked the feedback / comments of BSNL by Monday in this regard which is being replied shortly.

It is understood that as per 3rd PRC interim report, if a PSU has 20 % liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation it may give 15% fitment, PSU having 30% liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation may give 10% fitment and PSU having 40% liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation may give 5% fitment benefit. At present BSNL's PBT is minus in %age.

In view of that we have pleaded 3rd PRC to take operational profit of a PSU instead of  PBT into consideration.


ACS,BS & President/TBZ,Circle Auditor met GM(Plg) and requested him to expedite the release of Diary order,they handed over BSNL CO order.GM assured that that if it is put in a file he will recommend it CGM/CTD for due disposal. Next we discussed about transfer order issued in MM section and presented our views.GM assured us that the order will not be implemented immediately.A detail discussion in this regard may be done.Later, we conveyed his message to DGM(MM) & DGM(Plg),they also appreciated our concern and assured to review every aspect before implementation of such transfer order.


CS,ACS,OS BS/TBZ,BS/TB met Addl.GM(City) on 16-02-2017 and discussed few problems including recent transfer proposal of SDEs under his Area.We demanded that a comprehensive transfer policy to be evolved instead of pick & choose method. The discussion took place in a congenial atmosphere, Addl.GM listen to our reason and assured to look into this.


On 15-02-2017 CS,President & other Circle leaders alongwith BS/TB met GM(NWO/CFA-II) and discussed about some recent transfer & posting due to sensitive post.We expressed our resentment about the way it is being implemented in piece meal way.The whole order is not being implemented our members are being harassed.We wanted well planned rotational transfer.GM appreciated our views and assured to look into the problems.

Later they met GM(HR) and thanked him for his endevour in bringing out latest Property acquisition/disposal guideline. We also requested him to look into early disposal of permission cases in this regard. We reminded him request transfer cases of Ratan Sinha,P S Roy etc.GM assured after joining of new JTOs /SDEs the cases will be solved within 2-3 months.

We mentioned the case of P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC for Faculty Allowance,new file has been submitted.GM assured us that he will take initiative to get it sanctioned by CGM/CTD.

We thanked GM for their cooperation.



Due to constant persuasion by  AIBSNLEA/CTD procedure of acquiring permission/sanction for Acquisition/Disposal immovable/movable property has been delegated to the competent authority by CGM/CTD.All the cases need not to be routed through Vigilance section.As a result seeking permission will be less time consuming & smooth in line with Rule 21 of BSNL CDA Rules.

(click to see order)


Today President,ACS & other leaders including President/TB met & welcomed newly qualified JAOs and requested to join AIBSNLEA as it is the only umbrella organisation which look after problems of all executive cadre.All the accounts executives are members of AIBSNLEA and we look forward that the lead our beloved organisation in future.

All the new comers were delighted and expressed their eagerness to be a part of AIBSNLEA in future.


8 of the JTO trainees of CTD who completed pre-basis at Rajpura/Punjab have been accommodated in NSCBTTC, Kalyani in Phase-I,All the lady candidates are undergoing training at Kalyani wef 06-02-2017. UF(AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA)  is trying to accommodate rest 20 candidates of CTD for Phase I training at CTTC,Salt Lake most probably from the middle of March 2017.

Thanks for your support to UF.


A grand procession led by CGM/CTD endorsed by FORUM under SWAS programme organized today by the Marketing Section of HQ. With great enthusiasm the procession started from TB on 10-30 AM encircled the BBD Bag,Lalbazar & C R Ave area attracting the attention of general public. Among more than 500 participants PGM,GM(Mktg),DGM(S & M) & FORUM leaders took part.

More than 60 AIBSNLEA members from all over CTD marched in the procession alongwith others displaying the banner,posters placard about latest facilities & services offered by BSNL.President,ACSs & other Circle & Branch OBs participated.

We hope this activity create awareness in public about latest BSNL scheme which may contribute positively in increasing customer base of CTD.



CS writes to GS regarding:

1.Reduction of tenure in Nagaland:     (see letter)

2.Issue of Diary 2017 order by BSNL CO:   (see letter)



As per commitment given to AIBSNLEA by DIR(HR) revised result of JAO LICE declared.As we assured already qualified candidates that nobody will be dropped rather new candidates will qualify,that has been effected.

11 new candidates from CTD qualified.We welcome them to executive community & request them to enrole their name in the fold of AIBSNLEA ,the true organisation of Accounts wing & other executives

(click to see the list)


Meeting with Director (HR) :

GS, FS, AGS (HQ) and AGS (Finance) met with Director (HR) in the presence of GM (SR) and discussed regarding:

(i) Harassment & Victimization of AIBSNLEA Office Bearers: We expressed our serious concern against the harassment of AIBSNLEA members by the Office Bearers / Members of SNEA in some circles in day to day work. In the capacity of immediate superior executives, who are incidentally our members, are assigning work to their subordinate executives, who happen to be the office bearers / members of SNEA they are  threatening and making gheros of their immediate superior executive who is our member and harassing by making abusing words and false complaints. We quoted recently held some incidences in Punjab Circle, Karnataka Circle, Gujarat Circle etc. Director (HR) immediately directed GM (SR) to take the report from the concern Circle Heads and to take immediate action to ensure discipline in the organization.

We also informed Director (HR) that in some circles vindicating actions are being taken by the Management by the way of issuing show cause notice against participation in peaceful demonstrative actions on the call of United Forum even after calling off the said demonstrative action programs on 06.01.2017 after the cordial meeting with Director (HR). We requested to stop such type of vindictive action to prevail harmony in the interest of BSNL. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

(ii)  Problems being faced by the members of AIBSNLEA in completing the subscription deduction form: We informed that in the field units some immediate superior / counter signing officers on the format of subscription deduction are pressing our members to fill up the form of a particular association to whom they belongs. Hence, our members are being terrorized under the threat of spoiling their careers / APAR in case they do not fill up the form as per their direction. Hence, we requested to remove the column of counter sign from the format since executives are well educated and well known to the management. Director (HR) immediately directed GM (SR) to modify the said format immediately to avoid such incidences and to allow to prevail democracy in the organization. 

(iii) Extension of some facilities to AIBSNLEA for its smooth functioning: We requested for granting some facilities to AIBSNLEA for its smooth functioning in day to day working. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter.

(iv) Implementation of E2 & E3 standard pay scales to JTO & SDE equivalent executives: We requested for the implementation of E2 & E3 standard pay scales to JTO & SDE equivalent executives in BSNL by getting an early approval of DoT. Director(HR) mentioned that matter is pending in DoT wherein AST has already proposed to send the proposal of approving E1A & E2A pay scales in BSNL & E1 pay scale to future JTOs/JAOs. She assured that CMD will be discussing this matter with Secy(T) shortly so that issue is resolved before notification of 3 PRC report.

(v) Allowing option to exercise 10%quota JAOs: We requested to issue order in respect of JAOs recruited through 10% quota at par with JAOs-2010 batch of 40% quota. GM(FP) was present in the meeting and assured to process the case for settlement.

(vi) Settlement of the long pending HR issues: We requested for the settlement of the long pending HR issues which are already approved by the BSNL MC through the committee of HR group of DoT & BSNL. Director (HR) informed that in the last HR group of DoT & BSNL officers meeting held on 19.01.2017 could discuss only HR Plan of BSNL and still discussions are to take place in this regard in this month itself by this committee. Thereafter only, this committee will consider all the pending HR issues which are linked HR Plan of BSNL i.e. Modification in SDE RR, Diversion of 50% MT Quota Posts of CAOs to seniority quota, E1+5 increments benefits to the JAO Batch 2013, JTO SRD and PA Cadre etc. We further requested for early considerations.

(vii) CPCs to fill up the vacant DE/CAO/EE (C) vacant posts: We expressed our concern against non filling up of the vacant posts of the DE/CAO/EE (C) cadres on the pretext of pending court cases. Director (HR) immediately spoke to PGM (Pers.) and directed him to immediately file SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court against the judgment of Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh as per the advice of the ASG by the next week itself to remove the statement in the CPCs. 


 Mother of Com.Sharad Kejriwal our member now posted at Shilong passed away today at 6-30 AM.We pay homage to the departed soul & convey our deepest condolence to the bereaved family.


 CS writes to GS regarding grievances of members for non settlement of several personal issues and JAO 2013 batch E1+5 increment cases and other long pending HR cases being not discussed in the Board meeting.                                                   


On 31-01-2017 the following Comrades retired from service due to super annuation:

1.Com.Uttam Dey PS to DE/DD1:Member of North Branch.

2.Com.Siba Prasad Das SDE/Entaly/OD: Member of Central-II Branch.

3.Com.Sanmay Kumar Jana  SDE/Intl/Alipur: Member of South Branch.

4.Com.Dilip Kumar Roy(D K Roy) SDE/OD/Jadabpur:Member of South Branch

Com.D K Roy is the one of the founder member of AIBSNLEA.From May 2004 he was Circle OB of AIBSNLEA/CTD. Now he holds the position VP in South Branch. Com Roy has a multi faceted personality for organising people for a better cause.He was a true leader of masses. We wish he will still serve for the betterment of society.


We wish all the Comrade a happy,healthy & peaceful retired life.


Diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota,extension of E1+5 increments to JAO SRD,JAO 2013 & 2015 batches and E5 to E6 scales to DGM(Adhoc): On these issues Dir(HR) mentioned that all pending HR issues approved by BSNL MC will be discussed by the Committee formed by DOT comprising Jt.Secretary(admn.),DDG(TPF),Dir(CM) and Dir(HR)and shortly clearance from BSNL Board will be taken.


GS Writes to

The PGM (Pers.) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding

Representation from Shri Kandrudas Bhagat, Staff No. 201334, PS to GM (NWO-II) /CFA Calcutta Telephones appealing for additional attempt for appearing in the online examination for E-2 to E-3 (CSSS PA/PS) 


The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding

 Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel(case of J.Samaddar & Dilip Chakaborty)


CS,ACSs,OS BS/North & BS/Howrah met GM/NWO/CFA II at his chamber in BE college on 24.01.17. We presented him our Diary which he said very useful & keenly waiting for it.We intimated that in CTD we have secured more than 50% vote in the 1st EMV and AIBSNLEA is always eager to work for the betterment of CTD.

Some discussion regarding rearrangement of executives in North & Howrah area owing to recent Vig.guideline & extreme shortage of executives.We demanded immediate posting of AO in BKP/Cash Collection Centre.We also discussed about problem of NTC in SRP in absence of new CLIP instrument.

GM appreciated our views and noted all the points & assured to settle the cases at the earliest.

Later we met DGM(HR) as GM(HR) was not available. We reminded some cases about which GM(HR) assured immediate settlement earlier,

1.Procedure for permission of acquiring/disposal of immovable/movable property in line with BSNL CO.

2.Faculty allowance case of Sri P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC.

3.Issue of procurement of Diary Order for 2017.

4.Arrangement of Phase I training of JTO Trainees of CTD at Rajpura in NSCBTTC,Kalyani.

We expressed our dissatisfaction that despite definite assurance by the competent authority settlement is still pending.DGM informed us due to visit of Parliamentary Committee,DIR meeting etc GM had a tight schedule,however he will request GM to look after the cases early.


In a Press Meet at Telephone Bhavan Conference Room CGM/CTD has launched Mobile Wallet Service of BSNL in association with SBI MOBICASH. Our President & OS attended the press meet.WE hope CTD will be able to increase its customer base with his service. DGM(Mkt)  organised the Press meet nicely.



BSNL Corporate Office issued instruction regarding grant of facility of deduction of subscription to AIBSNLEA the support association in BSNL in the 1st MV and revised instruction governing deduction of monthly subscription-<<<Click here for instructions>>>>


Meeting with Director (HR):

GS, AGS (HQ) and AGS (F) met with Director (HR) in the presence of GM (SR) and discussed regarding:

A CPCs to fill-up vacant Gr A and Gr B equivalent posts: 

We requested to fill–up all the vacant Gr A and Gr B equivalent posts since there is no stay order from any court i.e. JTO to SDE (T), SDE to DE (T), DE to DGM (Engg), JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM (F), JTO (TF) to SDE (TF), SDE (TF) to AGM (TF), JTO (C/E) to SDE (C/E) and SDE (C) to EE (C) etc. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter and to discuss with concerned PGMs/GMs and PGM (Pers) in this regard.

B Implementation of E2 and E3 standard pay scales to JTO and SDE equivalent executives: 

We requested to get the approval of DoT for implementation of E2 and E3 standard pay scales to JTO and SDE equivalent executives. Director (HR) mentioned that today itself she has discussed the matter with Addl. Secretary (T), DoT for E2 & E3 pay scale clearance but still he is of the opinion to send the proposal of replacement scales E1A and E2A pay scales to the Union Cabinet for approval. She further informed that CMD has already written a letter to DoT for an early approval of BSNL’s proposal.  However, she assured to continue to pursue in DoT for early clearance.

C 30% Superannuation Benefits to BSNL recruited employees: 

Director (HR) informed that GM (CA), BSNL CO has already taken DoT approval for the creation of a Superannuation Trust of BSNL recruited employees. Hence, shortly trust will be created.

D CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: 

We requested for early implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL. Director (HR) mentioned that PGM (Pers.) has already seized this work and is taking feedback from all the stake holders. She assured an early action in this regard.

At the last, Director (HR) mentioned that AIBSNLEA has full rights to meet the Management at all levels and give its valuable feedbacks in resolving various pending issues.  She further mentioned that BSNL Management cannot ignore AIBSNLEA and its alliance who escaped by a narrow thin margin in the recent MV. She also mentioned that negotiation can be fruitful only when the environment is cordial. We assured our fullest co-operation in the interest of entire executive community of BSNL and for the growth of BSNL.


GS writes to Shri Narender Modi Ji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Government of India regarding recommendations of NITI Aayog on closure, transfer to states, status etc of theCPSEs under M/O Communications and Information Technology including the BSNL. <<<<Click here for the letter>>>


Mother of Sri Asok Ghosh SDE/UTP Treasurer of AIBSNLEA/Howrah Branch passed away yesterday on 17-01-2017.We convey our deep condolence to the bereaved family.May the departed soul RIP.


 Meeting with GM (Rectt), BSNL CO, New Delhi

GS AGS (F) met with GM (Rectt) and discussed regarding issuing of regular posting orders in respect to JAO 2016 Batch since the committee has already submitted its report 10 days before regarding review of result. GM (Rectt) mentioned that mater is under active consideration and after receiving the report from the agency the review of result will take place. Efforts are being made to complete the process in this month itself.


CS,President,ACSs & OS met GM(Fin) & GM(HR) respectively and discussed about some transfer /request transfer problems.


Closure, transfer to States, Status etc in respect of the CPSEs:

It is reliably learnt that  the NITI Aayog has recommended for Closure, transfer to States, Status etc in respect of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and the PMO has asked the Department concerned to furnish the status of implementation of the recommendations by 01.01.2017. <<<<Click here for order>>> AIBSNLEA strongly opposes such move and will react strongly.


CWC meeting of AIBSNLEA at Faridabad:

AIBSNLEA successfully conducted its First Central Working Committee meeting after the 5th All India Conference at Faridabad (Haryana) from 8th to 9th January 2017. There was a joint session with AIGETOA & AITEEA on the 2nd Day.

From CTD CS,CP & ACS attended the CWC & took part in the deliberations.We placed some resolutions amongst which immunity of transfer for President is also claimed.We also asked GS to expedite cases already forwarded to him.

It has been decided to devote full efforts for filling up mandate form in favour of AIBSNLEA which should be completed immediately.



<<<Click here for the glimpses of CWC Meet at Faridabad on 8th and 9th Jan., 2017>>>>>

<<<Click here for the glimpses of Joint Meeting of United Forum comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA at Faridabad on  9th Jan., 2017>>>>>



GS, President, FS, AGS (Fin), CS-KTD and CP-KTD met GM (FP) and discussed regarding:

(a) CPC from JAO to AO and AO to CAO: We requested to initiate CPC from JAO to AO and expedite CPC from AO to CAO.  GM (FP) mentioned that the eligibility list of JAOs to AO promotion is being finalized and shortly it will be uploaded on website thereafter the ACRs/VCRs will be collected to initiate CPC.  CPC from AO to CAO is in progress.  The ACRs/VCRs are being collected but meanwhile some more court cases have been filed to stall the CPC.  However, he mentioned that after legal opinion the process will be completed.

(b) Diversion of 50% MT quota post to the seniority quota Posts of CAO: GM (FP) mentioned that the case is at present pending with BSNL Board. The same will be first discussed in the committee meeting formed for examining the HR Plan of BSNL. On the basis of the recommendation that committee this will be decided by the BSNL Board.

(c) JAO (10% Quota) Option Case of 2010 Batch: We requested to allow option to these JAO also at par with their counter parts of JAO (40%) quota of 2010 Batch. GM (FP) intimated that the case is under process and assured an early action in this matter.

(d) JAO Training in Haryana Circle: GM (FP) informed that due to Court / CAT case / Judgment on the qualified candidates of JAO 2016 batch were not sent for training. Corporate Office issued directions to the Haryana Circle to go for a review petition or further appeal in High Court of Punjab & Haryana.

(e) Consideration of request/tenure transfer of AOs/CAOs: We requested to consideration some pending request/tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs and some requests of modification, cancellation on genuine grounds.  GM (FP) assured to look in to the cases.


United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA deferred the ongoing agitational programme in response to the positive attitude and concern shown by BSNL Management for the settlement of the demands in the meeting held on 06.01.2017 at 15.30 hrs.  <<<<Click here for deferment letter of UF to BSNL Management>>>>>  

<<<Click here for SR Cell letter>>>>>

Record of discussions of the meeting of  United Forum with Director (HR), BSNL Board held on 06.01.2017:

A meeting of leaders of the United Forum, comprising of GS- AIBSNLEA, GS- AIGETOA & GS-AITEEA held with full HR Team of BSNL Corporate Office under  the Chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board for two and half hours on the invitation of BSNL management in backdrop of our ongoing Protest Program against the agitation notice served on 15th Dec 2016. The meeting was held in congenial environment and point wise deliberation held in accordance with the notice. The point wise discussion was held as below:

1.Recognition to AIBSNLEA in leading Circles/SSAs:

United Forum requested for extending the recognition to AIBSNLEA as majority association in circles where AIBSNLEA has won. The management side informed that legal opinion has been sought. GS AIBSNLEA requested that he has submitted some fresh inputs and decision may be taken after examining those inputs. Director (HR) assured to look into the same.

It was also highlighted to the Director (HR) that the facility for subscription deduction has yet not been given to AIGETOA. AIGETOA has submitted fresh request and the same may be extended to AIGETOA. Director (HR) told to GM (SR) to take necessary action in this regard. Further, she assured us that informal meetings shall be granted, as and when required.

2.Extension of Rs 22820/- as initial basic to JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007:

The management and the leaders of united forum discussed the matter in details and it was finalized that Committee formed to extend Rs 22820/- as initial basic for post 01.01.2007 recruited executives as per the meeting of the leaders of the United Forum with CMD on 22ndDec 2016 will submit its report expeditiously and recommendations shall be processed in one month to submit it for the approval of the board.

3.Replacement of intermediate Pay Scale of E1A, E2A by standard pay scale of E2, E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent:

Director (HR) told that the management is of the opinion that standard pay scale of E2-E3 for JTO-SDE equivalent should be implemented in BSNL but she also agreed that the issue has got stuck up in DoT and not moving on expected lines.  We requested that since there is agitation among the Executives, it is the best time to put pressure on DoT to finalize the standard scale of E2-E3. It was assured that the CMD and Director (HR) will meet to the Secretary DoT in next week and press for approval of E2-E3 for JTO-SDE equivalent by DoT. The association will follow up with the Director (HR) on the issue and take decision according to the situation.

4.Extension of 30% Superannuation Benefits to BSNL recruited employees:

It was informed by the Director (HR) that all pre-requisite have been completed and the trust has been formed. Now the composition of trust and the company to manage the corpus have to be approved by BSNL Board in its upcoming meeting. The quantum and date of effect as 01.01.2007 will be taken care after inception of the policy on paper. She assured us that she is very considerate on the issue and will definitely look forward to increase the quantum and revision in date of implementation.

5.Implementation of CPSU Hierarchy in line with Khan Committee Report:

It was brought to the notice of Director (HR) that how Personnel cell can formulate CPSU policy without taking into account our inputs as United Forum represents a major group in BSNL and the BSNL recruited executives shall be the most effected persons with this policy. We categorically told that any compromise with the interests of the executives shall result into protest both through organizational actions as well as legally. Director (HR) appreciated the concern and instructed GM (SR) & PGM (Pers) that input of United Forum should also be taken into account and CPSU Policy shouldn�t be finalized without the concurrence of United Forum leaders. The related approval in this regard may be obtained from her in the file.

6. Issuance of posting order of LDCE-2015 qualified candidates & modification of SDE RR:

It was apprised to us that the necessary formalities have been completed to delink the modification of SDE RR from BSNL Board and it will be once again finalized by the MC in a changed order. Only the concurrence of the members of the HR committee is required. It was informed to us that due to non-availability of JS (Admin), DoT because of his busy schedule, the same is withheld. We requested Director (HR) for her intervention in convening the meeting urgently which will pave the way of issue of promotion order of the LDCE-2015 qualified candidates. She assured that she will intervene personally to convene the meeting at the earliest. The whole process will tried to be completed in January 2017.

7.Immediate conduction of CPCs in all disciplines:

We expressed our serious concern that on the pretext of pending court cases all the CPCs are stalled.  It has caused stagnation and frustration among the executives ie.  JTO to SDE (T), SDE to DE, DE to DGM, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM(F) JTO (TF) to SDE(TF), JTO(E/C) to SDE (E/C), SDE( C)to EE ( C) etc.  Director (HR) directed PGM (Pers) to look in to the matter for early filling up of the vacant Gr.B and A  Posts.

8.Resolution of Rule-8 inter circle request cases of JTOs:

The Director (HR) told that all CGMs shall be asked to settle maximum numbers of Rule-8 cases from the recent promotion of LICE passed JE to JTOs in the Circles. Instruction in this regard shall be issued to all CGMs. The association will follow up and try to ensure to issue of the letter from Corporate Office and relieving of our colleagues from Circle under Rule-8 in the current financial year.

9.Scrapping of MT RR/ DGM RR:

As agreed earlier, the decision shall be taken on MT RRs after discussions with majority association. For DGM RRs, the decision to scrap has already been taken earlier and necessary action in this regard shall be taken soon.

10.Notional Pay fixation of all upgraded pay scales w.e.f 1.10.2000 of JTO/SDE (C/E)/Arch/TF) and PA cadre: 

We requested to settle the issue by giving parity with JTO (T)/SDE (T) in this regard as while upgrading these cadres the parity w.r.t pay, qualification and designation have already been given.  It should not be relate with the JEs/AEs of Railway and CPWD departments as MC suggested.  Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter with PGM (Estt.) for an early solution.

11.Extension of one increment to LDCE 2012 passed candidates:  Issue shall be reexamined in light of the inputs submitted by us. 

12.Diversion of 50%MT quota CAO Posts to the seniority quota, extension of E1+5 increments to JTO SRD JAO-2013 and 2015 batches and E-5 to E-6 scale to DGMs (Adhoc):

On these issues Director(HR) mentioned that  all the pending HR issues approved by BSNL MC will be discussed by the  Committee formed by DOT comprising Jt.Secy. (Admn), DDG (TPF), Director (CM) and Director (HR) and shortly clearance from BSNL Board will be taken.

13.Removal of pay anomaly of JTOs promoted from TTAs of outside quota:

Director (HR) assured to discuss the matter again with PGM (Estt.) with the feedback given by United Forum for an early solution etc. 

14.Vindictive action against the leaders of AIGETOA:

Director (HR) assured that it will be withdrawn and looked forward for a positive approach from all of us. She wished us good luck in our endeavors.

At last Director (HR) appealed that united Forum should withdraw its agitation programme in view of the viability of BSNL.  This is the last quarter of FY-2016-17 wherein, the revenue of BSNL should not fall rather should increase.  United Forum leaders in view of the positive response given by Director (HR) and direction given to all the GMs of HR group that they should always meet us informally and should continue to take our feedback.  She also assured that we can always meet her informally as and when required.  United Forum assured that after having talk with the circle secretaries they will decide deferment of the agitation programs.  The meeting ended in a cordial environment.


BSNL CO issued order for Subscription Collection from Salary of AIBSNLEA.All BS are requested to take initiative for filling up mandate form Members at the earliest.

Click to see order                             Download mandate here.                                                          


Father of Sib Sankar Mukhopadhyay SDE/Electrical our active member passed away yesterday on 04-01-2017.We convey our deep condolence to the bereaved family.


CS,President,ACSs & OS met CGM/CTD for conveying new year greetings.We presented him with AIBSNLEA Diary & Calender,we also requested him to issue diary order early.

We met also GM/CFA II ,GM/Tx,GM(Fin) & other GMs and presented them with the diary & calender & greeted them for new year.


Our colleague Bimalendu Ghosh JAO(O)/Wages & Bills/South suddenly breathed his last on 31-12-2016.We deeply mourn the sad & untimely demise and convey heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

May his soul RIP.



Com.Dilip Bhattacharjee SDE/Entally/Intl -Financial Secretary AIBSNLEA/CTD retired on 31/12/2016.He is a member of Central-II Branch.Com.Bhattachrjee will discharge his duty as FS till next conference.

We all members of AIBSNLEA/CTD wish him a happy,healthy & peaceful retired life.