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3rd PRC Report....Gazette Notification.....<<<Click here for report>>>>>

Membership Drive: All the Circle & District Secretaries are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum members by filling up of Membership form and subscription deduction format from salary before last date i.e. 15.07.2018  <<<Click here for membership form>>>>>    <<<<Click here for subscription deduction format from salary >>>>>

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সকলকে জানাই শুভ শারদীয়ার অনেক অনেক শুভকামনা


BSNL CO issues order of IDA increase to 135.6 per cent wef 01-10-2018    (see order)


Update on DE to DGM promotion case :

In Hon'ble CAT Bench Chandigarh: The case could not come up for hearing due to paucity of time and posted for next date of hearing on 29.10.2018.


AIBSNLEA Executive Diary - 2019:

AIBSNLEA has brought BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY-2019 containing updated information on service matters mostly concerning the BSNL employees and also important information on Telecom Engineering, Financial matters including GST. The Executive Diary is having full page for each day.The diaries are ready for dispatch  by the First Week of December-2018. All the Branch Secretaries  are requested to ensure that the diary orders pertaining the their circle are placed to Circle at the earliest.


BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi issued Transfer of executives in the grade of DGM in Telecom Operation Stream - <<<Click here for order>>>


GS writes to The GM (Pers). BSNL Corporate Office regarding  implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy-<<<Click here for letter>>>


AIBSNLEA Meeting with Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C), Govt. Of India:  GS, President, AGS (Fin) and AGS(DR) met with  Hon'ble MOSC (IC) Shri Manoj Sinha Ji for early settlement of various issues viz. (i)   Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL(ii) Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners (iii) Payment of pension contribution on actual basic Pay (iv) Allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL (v) Payment of pension through  existing Banking CPCs instead of CCA

Hon'ble Minister  mentioned that BSNL should have serious approach towards Its Revival. BSNL has to grab the opportunity through "BSNL Wings" and FTTH connections and increase its revenue as finally burden will come only on BSNL. BSNL should increase its CFA customer base from 1 crore to 1.5 crore during next 8 months to increase its revenue. In mobile segment there is stiff competition.   We insisted that about 20 lakhs people dependent on BSNL and are watching with hope towards Hon'ble Minister. We requested that Hon'ble Minister can only decide the fate of these 20 lakh people as approach of Bureaucracy is always as per line of rule book.

After detailed discussions, Hon'ble Minister assured that after arrival of Secretary (T) from US tour on 14.10.2018, he will hold a meeting with Secretary (T) and CMD, BSNL. Unions and Associations   may also be invited for aforesaid meeting and try to resolve issues at earliest. On our pleading Hon'ble Minister assured to give good news within this month itself.

We provided all  the letters addressed to Hon'ble MOSC (IC) on above issues which he marked to Shri Saket Kumar , PS, (IAS) to conduct above meeting .



Meeting with DDG (Budget), DoT: GS, President AGS(F) and AGS (DR) met DDG (Budget) ,DOT and enquired about clearance on the proposal of BSNL Board for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit. DDG (Budget) mentioned that the file is already sent to nodal cell of DoT with its comments that decision in this regard may only be taken by Cabinet. We requested for favourable comments on file when case come into finance for vetting of Cabinet Note .


Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board:

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and apprised her regarding meeting with Hon’ble MOSC(I/C)  and meetings in DOT. Director (HR) appreciated the efforts of AIBSNLEA in this regard. We further discussed regarding

A) AO to CAO Promotion:  We  further requested the DIR HR) for  kind consideration  the promotion from AO to CAO subject to DOP&T guidelines /endorsement  on SC/ ST roster implementation. DIR (HR) assured to look into the matter.

B) Consideration of request/ tenure transfers of AOs /CAOs/ DGM (F)s: We requested DIR (HR) for the consideration of request/ tenure transfers of AOs /CAOs/DGM(F)s in finance wing. DIR (HR) assured to look in to the matter .


Estt. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi endorsed DPE order regarding revision of IDA at revised rates i.e. 135.6% w.e.f. 01.10.2018 w.r.t Board level and below Board level post including non-unionised supervisors in CPSEs - <<<Click here for order>>>


GS writes to

 Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL regards request for filling up the vacant CAO Posts  <<<Click here for letter>>>


Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board:

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding

A) AO to CAO Promotion:  We requested the DIR HR) for considering the promotion from AO to CAO. DIR (HR) in the presence of Sr.GM (FP), GM (Pers) and OSD and discussed the matter in detail on SC & ST roster implementation vis-à-vis Hon'ble Supreme Court judgement. Sr.GM (FP) informed that today Senior Advocate Shri R.D.Agarwala has submitted the legal opinion wherein he has opined that let, DOP&T issue the endorsement/guidelines on the basis of Hon'ble Supreme Court judgement on SC &ST roster implementation. Till that time BSNL should restrain from issuing promotion orders. We contested against that and requested DIR (HR) to take appropriate decision in this regard so that promotions can be made. DIR (HR) further mentioned that she will further discuss the matter and will upload the view of the BSNL Management on this issue in the BSNL Intranet Portal. The decision will be applicable to all the cadres for promotions.

B) Consideration of request/ tenure transfers of AOs /CAOs/ DGM (F)s: We requested DIR (HR) for the consideration of request/ tenure transfers of AOs /CAOs/DGM(F)s. Also expressed our serious concern against the transfer orders issued by SEA Cell on "Pick & Choose" method. DIR (HR) assured to look in to the matter and examine the transfer orders issued on "Pick & Choose" method.  


Meeting with GM (Pers):

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding.

JTO to SDE(T) Promotion: We requested the GM (Pers) to consider the JTO to SDE (T) promotions to fill up the vacant SDE (T) Posts on the basis of Hon'ble High Court, Kerala Judgement. GM (Pers) mentioned that let the Contempt case pending in the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum be decided and the AIEL be prepared, immediately CPC will be expedited to fill up the vacant SDE(T) Posts.


Meeting of AUAB : Today All Unions and Associations of BSNL hold its meeting at NFTE CHQ Office at New Delhi. On behalf of AIBSNLEA GS & President attended the meeting. Com. C.Singh, GS, NFTE presided the meeting. AUAB expressed its serious concern against the non-implementation of the assurances/directions given by the Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) in the meeting with AUAB held on 24.2.2018. Also expressed dissatisfaction against the poor response of the BSNL Management in this regard. After detail discussions AUAB unanimously decided to serve the Notice of Trade Union Action Programmes as under:

i) Press release/Press Conference at CHQ/Circle/SSA levels on 29.10.2018 high lighting the demands.

ii) One full day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA levels on 30.10.2018.

iii) Rallies at Circle and SSA levels and submission of Memorandum to the respective CGMs/GMs on 14.11.2018.

iv) To intensify the Agitational Programme in terms of Indefinite Strike will be decided after 30.11.2018 in case the AUAB demands are not settled.

v) AUAB decided to issue protest letters to CMD regarding

a) Outsourcing of Passive Infra Maintenance of Non BSNL Sites amounting Rs.1800 Crores per Annum and

b) Repatriation of excess ITS Officers against the Sanctioned Strength to DOT as per the Hon'ble High Court Delhi Judgement of in diminishing order.

All the Unions and Associations of BSNL will be requested by AUAB Leaders to come together and fight collectively on the common demands. The demands are as under

1) 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment

2) Pension Revision

3) Pension Contribution on Actual Basic Pay instead of Maximum Pay.

4) Immediate Allocation of 4G Spectrum to BSNL.

All the Circle Secretaries/District Secretaries are requested to implement make the Agitational Programme successfully.


Meeting with GM (Pers.) BSNL CO               

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met GM (Pers.) and discussed regarding

AO to CAO promotion clearance: We requested GM (Pers.) to give early comments on SC/ST roaster policy in BSNL to SEA cell so that SEA cell can issue the promotion order. GM(Pers.) mentioned that today he has given the comments in this regard and returned the file to SEA Cell.


Meeting with Sr. GM (Estt.) BSNL CO:

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Sr. GM (Estt.) and discussed regarding

(a) FR 22(1) a (i) pay fixation to the JTOs officiating as per the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulum bench and Hon’ble High Court Kerala Judgement: We expressed our concern against the BSNL CO recent order for the implementation of Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement on FR 22(1) a (i) pay fixation case wherein Estt Cell has again mentioned the order dated 22.12.2015 to revert the JTOs as TTA on 1.1.2007 and re-fixed in JTO scale which is causing heavy   financial loss to these JTOs  and against this order AIBSNLEA has already filed the contempt petition in the Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi. Sr. GM (Estt) after detail discussions assured to look into the matter for an early solution.

(b) SC/ST roaster implementation in CPSU cadre hierarchy committee report: Sr. GM (Estt) mentioned that some Associations/Unions are yet to give their feedback on this issue thereafter only the committee will give its report.


Meeting with Sr. GM (FP) BSNL CO:

GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Sr. GM (FP) and discussed regarding

AO to CAO Promotion: We requested Sr.GM (FP) for issuing promotion order from AO to CAO. Sr. GM (FP) mentioned that she is going to discuss the matter with Sr. Advocate Shri R.D. Aggarwala by tomorrow. She also mentioned that the comments of GM (Pers.) on SC/ST roster implementation policy in BSNL are also await, thereafter only with the approval of the competent authority the necessary action for promotion will be taken.  


Left item of meeting with CMD BSNL on dated 03.10.2018:

(f) Delay in reimbursement of medical claims: We expressed our serious concern against the delay in reimbursement the medical claims of BSNL serving employees for the last 2-3 months and BSNL pensioners for last six months respectively. We explained that majority of BSNL employees exercise their options in view of BSNL MRS also. This was also one of the factor for absorption in BSNL but now on the pretext of financial constraints the medical bills of BSNL serving employees and pensioners are pending months together. we requested to release timely funds against medical claims. Some employees are interested to switch over to CGHS Scheme for BSNL MRS but they are not being considered due to confusion in code number by the respective CGHS dispensaries. This issue needs to settled in DoT level and those who are allowed to switch over CGHS Scheme their one time medical fee reimbursement from BSNL is also getting delayed. We requested CMD BSNL for his kind intervention for the settlement of above mentioned issues. CMD BSNL after detailed discussions assured to look into matter.


 Meeting with CMD BSNL:
GS, President, AGS (Fin) met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding:

(a) Promotion from AO to CAO: We expressed our serious concern against non- issuance of promotion order from AO to CAO even after the stay order vacated from Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh. The AOs promoted in the year 2003 and 2005 are still waiting for CAO promotion. CMD appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with Director (HR). He further mentioned that respective cell should ensure that after issuing the promotion orders, the contempt of Court case should not arise. 
(b) CPCs in all the streams of BSNL: We requested CMD BSNL to allow holding of CPCs in all the disciplines of BSNL to the eligible executives for their promotion in the next higher grade. We explained that majority of the executives are interested to get promoted in the next higher grade through CPCs only and not through CPSU Cadre hierarchy. CMD BSNL after discussing the status of the various court cases pending, assured that after the settlement of these pending court cases the process of CPCs may resume. 
(c) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL: We requested CMD BSNL to use his good office in DoT/MOSC office for getting implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL.CMD, BSNL mentioned that he has been trying in this regard but we should also pursue the matter with Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) for an early decision.
(d) Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic pay of BSNL employees and pension revision: CMD BSNL mentioned that Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) in the meeting held on 24.02.2018 directed DoT officers for necessary action and now we should follow -up in DoT & MOSC office for settlement.
(e) Allocation of 4G spectrum to BSNL: CMD, BSNL mentioned that BSNL took up this issue with DoT, 3 years before but till date it is not allocated and further delay will not help even after its allocation. He further mentioned that he is regularly perusing in DoT and MOSC office.


Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board
GS, President and AGS (Finance) met Director (HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding:

(a) AO to CAO promotion: 
We resented against the delay in the process of promotion from AO to CAO by SEA Cell BSNL C.O. on the pretext of legal opinion. The stay order was vacated by the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh three weeks before but the promotion orders are not being issued. We apprised Director (HR) that Sr. GM (FP) has sent the fill to Pers. Cell BSNL C.O. One week before to get clearance on SC/ST roaster implementation policy for clearance and guidance but the reply is still awaited, similarly the legal opinion from Sr. Advocate Shri R.D. Agarwala is also awaited . Director (HR) appreciated  our concern and assured that tomorrow she will talk to GM (Pers.) and Sr. Advocate Shri R.D. Agarwala for an early clearance / legal opinion respectively.
(b) CAO to DGM (Finance) CPC: We requested to issue promotion order from CAO to DGM (Finance) as the CMD BSNL has advised to discuss the matter. Director (HR) mentioned that she has already directed Sr. GM (FP) to discuss the matter with CMD BSNL and to get approval. However, she assured to look into the matter. 
(c) Implementation of FR 22(1) (a) (i) pay fixation to the officiating JTOs as per the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulum and Hon'ble High Court Kerala Judgements:: The SLP of BSNL has been dismissed in the Hon'ble Supreme Court. The implementation order has been issued by Estt. Cell but it is against the Court judgements. It will cause further litigations. On our letter Director (HR) directed Sr. GM (Estt.) to put up the case.


GS writes to

(i) The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi regarding Request to regularize the date of promotion of recently promoted AGM/DEs as 29.06.2018thereby avoiding discrepancies-<<<Click here for letter>>>

(ii) Smt. Suiata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding  Fixation of Pay under FR- 22(1)(a) (i) to the officials,  who were screening test passed and were  officiating in the grade of JTO -   <<<Click here for letter>>>


BSNL Day is celebrated by BSNL/CTD Administration at Conference Hall, TB at 3pm. As CS is on leave CP,ACS,VP & OS attended the celebration. On our behalf CP addressed the meeting. GM (HR /Admn), GM (Vig),GM (F) & GM (BB) graced the occassion.



Message of Director (HR),BSNL Board on BSNL Foundation Day i.e. 01.10.2018   <<<<<click here >>>>>


                                       AIBSNLEA / CTD WISHES                                                A HAPPY BSNL FOUNDATION DAY         
                                                  TO ONE AND ALL.                           


Com.Pradip Kumar Roy -Member of South Branch retired due to superannuation today. On his last working day South Branch comrades met & greeted him.We wish him healthy, peaceful & active life after retirement.



WITH EFFECT FROM 01.10.2018  IDA increases likely by 7.6%

All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers –AICPI (IW) for August 2018  remained  stationary and stood at 301 points. So, BSNL Employees/Retirees may get additional IDA of 7.6% and  total IDA/IDR will be 135.6%.


Status of AO to CAO Promotions: GS, President, AGS(Fin.) met concerned officers of SEA Cell & Legal Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi to know about the legal opinion to be received from Sr. Advocate Sh. R.D. Agrawala..

It is informed that Sh. R.D. Agrawala Sr. Advocate will return to Delhi from Chennai on 2nd Oct., 2018, thereafter only he will give the legal opinion. We further requested Director(HR) to consider in house legal opinion of CGM(Legal), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi & issue the promotion order. Director(HR) assured to look into the matter. We are expecting promotion orders in the next week only.


Group Term Insurance Committee Meeting: AIBSNLEA was invited for the Group Term Insurance Committee Meeting held at Corporate Office, BSNL, New Delhi at 12.30 hrs today. GS, President & AGS (DR) attended the meeting. GTI Committee meeting was conducted under the Chairmanship of SR.GM (Estt). Officer In charge from LIC attended the meeting and quoted the rates as detailed below.

Scheme (A) Executives below Age Group: 50 years - Rs.1.80/Rs.1000 + GST 18% for Rs.50 Lakh without Medical claim.

Scheme (B) Executives Age Group: Above 50 years - Rs.7.40/Rs.1000 + GST 18% with Medical Claim.After detail discussions and negotiation the Officer In charge of LIC  agreed for the negotiated rates for Scheme (A) for Rs.1.60 and Scheme(B) Rs.6.75 subject to approval of the Competent Authority of LIC. But the Committee Members bargain for Rs.1.50 for Scheme (A) and Rs.6.50 for Scheme (B)

Salient Features of Scheme (A):

1) Maximum Limit of Coverage: Rs.50 Lakh

2) No Undertaking is mandatory for the Executives

3) This GTI Scheme will be optional only.

4) Reviewed after 1 Year.

5) Sovereign guarantee under Section 37 of LIC act for Bulk claim.

6)  Annual Payment no additional charge. For Quarterly Payment additional 2% will be charged. For Monthly Payment additional 4% will be charged.

7) Claim will be payable to Nominee by On Line after 1 Week from the completion of the formalities.

8) Claim form will be simple (1 page)

9) No Medical Claim Facility.

Committee will try to finalize it by tomorrow so that the Scheme may be announced by 1st October 2019.


Meeting with GM( Pers): GS, President, AGS (Fin & AGS(DR) met GM (Pers) and discussed regarding

A) JTO to SDE Promotion: GM (Pers) informed that yesterday he met BSNL Counsellor at Ernakulam and explained him to get dismissed  the Contempt case in the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam in JTO to SDE Promotion. The Contempt case has been listed for hearing on 9.10.2018 and after the clearance from the Court only the process for CPC from JTO to SDE will be expedited.

B) SDE to DE Promotion: GM (Pers) informed that today DGM(Legal) has attended the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh during hearing and now the case has been posted for  hearing on 5.11.2018 & 6.11.2018.After the clearance from the Hon’ble Court CPCs, if required may be initiated.


 AIBSNLEA meeting with  Committee on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to examine the SC &ST roster implementation in CPSU : AIBSNLEA was invited by the GM(Pers) to place the views/opinion on SC & ST roster implementation in CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. GS, President, AGS(Fin) & AGS(DR)  attended the meeting. Sr.GM(Estt), SR.GM(FP), GM (Pers) & CLO were present in the meeting as Committee members. AIBSNLEA reiterated its stand which was communicated vide Letter dated 15.11.2017 in Para 7.2: “ AIBSNLEA is of the opinion for implementation of roster on Promotion as per the existing DOP&T directions and  as per the  Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India delivered on 26.9.2018. It should be mentioned in the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy”


The Indian Express News>>>>>>SC/ST job promotions: No need to refer Nagaraj judgment to larger bench, rules Supreme Court   ....<<<Click here for detail News>>>   <<Click here for the copy of SC judgment dated 26.09.2018>>>>


Status of DE to DGM(T) Stay order case : The MA filed by BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi in Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh for the vacation of stay in DE to DGM(T) promotion came up for hearing today in Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh and decision is reserved and to be pronounced on 15.10.2018.


Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board: GS, President & AGS(Fin)  met Director(HR), BSNL Board and discussed regarding

A) AO to CAO Promotion:  We requested Dir (HR) to issue Promotion orders from AO to CAO in the light of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgement delivered today. Dir(HR) after some discussions directed OSD to speak with Sr.GM(FP) and advised her to take the legal opinion if required from the CGM Legal BSNL Corporate Office on the recent Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court  instead of waiting for the Legal Opinion from the Sr. Advocate since there is a  clarity on this issue now. Dir (HR) assured an early action for issuing the Promotion orders from AO to CAO.

B) CPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE & DE to DGM (T): We requested to direct GM (Pers) for expediting CPCs from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE & DE to DGM (T). director mentioned that GM (Pers) has gone to Ernakulum, Kerala to attend the Court in the Contempt case filed by some DR.JTOs against JTO to SDE Promotion. Similarly DGM (Legal) Pers, cell has also gone to Chandigarh to attend the Court in the Contempt case filed by  Shri Ramesh Kumar, SDE, Rothak in the SDE to DE Promotion. After the clearance from these contempt cases further promotions can be initiated. DE to DGM (T) court case in the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh was heard today and now the Judgement is reserved to be pronounced on 15.10.2018. Thus the interim stay orders continue on DE to DGM Promotion.

The CPCs in other disciplines will be considered after the clearance in the above Court cases.

C)Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL: We requested Dir(HR) to use her good office in the Internal Finance of DOT for getting an early clearance on BSNL Board's  proposal for  3rdPRC implementation in BSNL.  Since the BSNL proposal is pending for clearance in IFD Dir (HR) assured to look in to the matter.


GB Meeting of AIBSNLEA/CTD North Branch was held at DumDum Exch on 25th Sep. BP Com. Durga Das Bhattacharya presided over the meeting. BS Com.Indrajit Biswas conducted the meeting. CS, CP, VP,ACS,OS & other Cicle & Branch leaders  were present. CP appraised the house about the proceedings  & outcome of CWC Dehradun in detail. During an interactive session CS appraised the house about the present status of AO to CAO , SDE to DE & other promotions, JTO FR-22(1) a(i) case, 3rd PRC etc. He also commented that Branch functioning is necessary for a healthy & strong organisation otherwise Circle functioning also will be affected. He requested the BS to hold the branch meetings at regular intervals, Circle leadership will be present there if required. He also praised the members of the North branch for their commendable roles in the various organisational activities. The members of North branch thanked the Circle leadership for attending the GB meeting & assured that this branch will function in more vibrant manner to strengthen our beloved Organisation.



Meeting with DOT Nodal officers: GS, President met the Nodal officers of DOT and discussed regarding

(a)  Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit:  We confirmed that the reply to the queries raised on the issues of financial condition of BSNL by the internal finance of DOT has again sent to Internal finance of DOT for consideration. It is understood that further action for moving a Cabinet Note by DOT can take place only after the clearance of internal finance of DoT.

(b) Allotment of 4G Spectrum to BSNL: It was informed that some action by DOT is being taken for allocation of 4G Spectrum to BSNL in accordance with the judgment of Hon'ble Supreme Court wherein it has been directed to DOT to allocate Spectrum after bidding process only. It is understood that Legal Opinion in this regard is likely to be obtained by DOT which may take time.


Meeting with DDG (Budget) & Director (TPF), DoT: