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Chief Advisor:Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay OS(E)/CHQ

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3rd PRC Report....Gazette Notification.....<<<Click here for report>>>>>

Membership Drive: All the Circle & District Secretaries are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum members by filling up of Membership form and subscription deduction format from salary before last date i.e. 15.01.2018  <<<Click here for membership form>>>>>    <<<<Click here for subscription deduction format from salary >>>>>


GS writes: The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate office, regarding     

Representation received from Shri Shyamal Munshi, HR No. 198400106, Calcutta Telephones regarding inclusion of his name in the list for consideration to DGM (T) (see letter)


Revised schedule for disbursement of Salary & staff remunerations to BSNL employees:

BSNL Corporate Office re-schedules the date of disbursement of "Net take home" to BSNL staff w.e.f. 01.07.2018 (Net take home for the month of June 2018). The revised dates are as under:

Group A: 5th of the following month and if 5th is holiday then the next working day.

Group B:1st of the following month and if 1st is holiday then the next working day.

Group C: ---- do ---------

Group D: ---- do ---------

<<Click here for the letter >>>


Promotions from AGM to DGM in Telecom Wing:

BSNL Corporate Office reloads the letter dated 15.06.2018 wherein it was requested to forward screening committee reports and APARs of all AGMs working on regular basis with revised Annexure.

<<Click here for the letter >>> <<Click here for the list >>>

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to send the representation received, if any, in this regard to AIBSNLEA CHQ immediately for taking it up with DPC Cell for the corrections, if required. 


Filling-up of all vacant Group "B" and Group "A" vacant posts through CPCs:

GS discussed with Jt. GM (Pers.) regarding the decision taken by the competent authority to fill-up all vacant Group "B" and Group "A" STS level posts through CPCs before implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. Jt, GM (Pers.) informed that tomorrow Director (HR) is holding a meeting to discuss and decide the action plan to fill-up the vacant Group "B" and Group "A" STS level posts.

AIBSNLEA has already requested CMD BSNL, Director (HR) and GM (Pers) to consider our above requests.


JAO to AO CPC status update:

It is reliably learnt that the CMD BSNL has approved the CPC proposal from JAO to AO to fill-up about 2400 AO vacant posts by considering up to JAO-2013 Batch. The promotion orders for JAO to AO will be issued subjected to withdrawal of the court case in the Hon'ble CAT Bench Bangalore. AIBSNLEA continuously pursuing the CPC process.


Vigilance clearance for considering executives for promotion to the grade of DE/AGM (T) on regular basis:

BSNL Corporate Office has called VC of 4226 executives of SDE (T) cadre for considering them for promotion to the grade of AGM/DE (T) from the office of CVO vide letter dated 08.06.2018. BSNL Corporate Office now circulates the list for getting any errors / omission / addition / deletion / correction of this data.

<<Click here for the letter >>> <<Click here for the list >>>

BSNL Corporate Office further intimated that the process for e-DPC from List No. 8 will be considered in due course.

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to send the representation received, if any, in this regard to AIBSNLEA CHQ immediately for taking it up with DPC Cell for the corrections, if required.


Media News:

State-run BSNL to launch 5G services together with telcos worldwide

“BSNL will launch 5G services the same day as their launch globally,” BSNL Chief General Manager Anil Jain said.

<<Click here for the complete news>>>


Timely completion and proper maintenance of APAR and communication of all entries to executives for fairness and transparency in public administration under Telecom Finance of BSNL:

BSNL Corporate Office once again requested to arrange to forward the APARs of all Telecom Finance Executives up to the period ending 31,03,2017 immediately. It has been reported that APARs of 638 Executives up to 16-17 is still awaited desipte issuance of the reminders on 26.11.2016, 16.06.2017, 01.09.2017, 27.10.2017, 27.12.2017, 08.02.2018 and 06.06.2018.

<<Click here for the letter and list>>>

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to sent the requisite information to BSNL Corporate Office at the earliest. 


Today 18 06 2018 in response to our letter to CGM CTD with copy to Dir(HR) & GS CGM called me over phone at about 12 noon. The initial reaction of CGM was that he is in receipt of the letter and he asked why letter is written without discussing the issue with him. He further said this time he is honuoring the letter, but next time he will send back the letter  without giving any cognizance. He suggests that we must talk to him before writing any such letter. He further mentioned that whatever is being done is  as per instruction of CMD and he will not learn rules and regulation from the Association. He emphasized that such letters will spread the negativity. Only AIBSNLEA is protesting the actions while  other associations and unions are appreciating the actions and there by speaking positivity. He also alleged that we are trying to cover our member's inefficiency. While discussion he even questioned my performance as DE regarding collection of dues and retention of TD lines.

I politely replied that AIBSNLEA doesn't believe in negligence of duty and negativity. All the Accounts people who are doing commendable job are all our members.Our engineering members are also involved in discharging their duties with responsiblity and devotion against all odds. We only protested the illegitimate use of dies non and humiliation faced by the executives in the meetings. I also told why all the workloads of different jobs like retailer visit,franchisee SIM cell,collection of dues always given to CSC and external section.Why transmission and CMTS executives are excluded from these kind of jobs.Why exchange/DSLAM  failure due to fibre cut and transmission issue are not restored in a time bound manner?  He avoided the reply and suggested  that the external units should submit a report calculating the loss for such disruptions.

Again I politely remind him that we are neither against the discipline imposition nor spreading negativity, rather,we always work hard and motivate our members to work for the development of CTD.But,we do not like to lose our dignity which we earned by serving in the department in a prolonged career. Present situation is demotivating the executives which is not acceptable to us.He said we should not accuse him personally, I replied in nowhere in that letter anybody is personally accused, only the repressive behaviour of the administration is being objected. At last he again reiterated that before writing any letter we should visit him and tell our grievances.And if any executive feels any problem he may go on leave.

The telephonic conversation lasted for about 15 minutes. Comrades, we feel the purpose of writing the letter has been achieved and we also consider  the discussion as a positive consequence of the protest letter written by our mighty Association. What is painful is that the leaders of the other association are not projecting true feeling of their members to the management, but if CGM has to be believed, they are projecting the opposite picture to him. May be they are all afraid and doing so to please CGM. They should remember that as leaders they are duty-bound to serve their members not the management.

We can assure all executives that AIBSNLEA CTD will always rise to such occasions in any case of humiliation and unjustied steps taken by the Administration and will never be cowed down, come what may.



The list of SCF quota SDE for CTD candidates (see list ). List of candidates qualified but vig.cleareance pending ( see list )

Endorsement order of CTD (see list 1,list 2 & list 3 )

Joining of newly promoted SDEs in ERP: It is reported to CHQ that some Circles joining through ERP to newly promoted SDEs finding problems. Com. GS discussed the matter with the concerned Officer in Pers. Cell, BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi and they explained that so far staff no. of newly promoted LDCE quota and SCF Quota have not been finalized. They suggested that these newly promoted SDEs should submit HRMS no. instead of staff no. in their joining in ERP so that their joining will be accepted.


Pers Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued order regarding Implementation of the Hon. HC Kerala Order dated 05.06.2018  <<<<Click here for order>>>>


Congratulations!! AIBSNLEA's untiring and persistent efforts yielded result in getting released Promotion orders of JTO (T) [3139 nos.]  to the grade of SDE (T) in B.S.N.L against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (Promotion quota) -  ....

<<<<Order copy>>>>.... <<<<Annexure-I>>>  <<<<Annexure- II>>>       <<<In .xls Format>>>     <<<<Annexure- III>>>     <<<In .xls Format>>>

AIBSNLEA is thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director (HR) BSNL Board, GM (Pes.), GM(SR), GM(CLO), Jt. GM (Pers), OSD to Director (HR), BSNL Board and all concerned Pers. Cell Staff for issuing the above promotion orders..

AIBSNLEA/CTD expresses our heartfelt gratitude to CHQ & our beloved GS for this achievement.Thus an agony of almost 2 decades of the members seems to come to an end.Hope,other promotion orders in the pipeline also will be issued soon under his active persuasion.


Dear Comrades!!! GM (Pers) with his full team is sitting in office to expedite CPC work and posting orders on promotion from JTO to SDE(T). He has assured to issue promotion order today itself. Pl wait for some time. :Prahlad  Rai GS

Dear Comrades !!! I am continuously discussing with GM (Pers), Jt. GM (Pers), AGM (Pers) for issuing JTO to SDE promotion order. Promotion orders will be issued today itself late night pl.:Prahlad  Rai GS


JTO(T) to SDE(T) SCF Quota Promotion Orders:

GS discussed with GM(Pers.) regarding issuing of promotion orders from JTO(T) to SDE(T) SCF Quota. GM(Pers.) mentioned that the DPC work is being expedited today itself and efforts are being made to take the approval of Director (HR) so that promotion orders are issued today. We are expecting that JTO(T) to SDE(T) SCF quota orders will be issued today itself. As soon as the promotion orders are issued, the same will be updated on CHQ side.


AGM to DGM promotions in Telecom Engineering Wing:

BSNL Corporate Office calls list of AGMs (Regular) working as on date & Screening Committee reports for preparation of e-DPC.

<<Click here for the letter >>> <<Click here for the list>>>

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly arrange to sent the requisite information to BSNL Corporate Office at the earliest. 


A delegation consisting of CP,CS,OS(E) & FS met DIR(HR) and handed over a memorandum:( see here)

A discussion took place in a congenial atmosphere.Madam told that we can expect all the DPCs to be materialised within this month,but 3rd PRC is not expected very soon because DoT,when asked to prepare cabinet note  for relaxation of affordability clause,again sent a letter to BSNL asking about the total expenditure for this including non executive wage revision and source of meeting this huge amount.Madam told that only answer is amendment of BSNL Pension contribution on actual Basic Pay.Hon'ble MOS(C) is also sympathetic to this demand.When asked about Tower Company Madam told BSNL Management is not thinking over it at this moment.

But she alarmed that a very crucial time is ahead of BSNL,within next one year we are going to face a severe financial crunch .Salary, Medical etc might be affected.We all must try to increase the revenue of BSNL heart & soul.

She informed that BSNL is going to launch 4G service soon.


We also discussed some problem related to CTD & All India as below:

1.Standard pay scale with benefit up to E6 scale.

2.Immediate implementation of following awards which are already accepted by BSNL   Management committee:

    i) Restructuring of AD(OL) scale,      ii) E1+5 increment for JAO 2013 batch      iii) Conversion of 50% quota of CAO vacancy (like in case of DEs)

3. Case of Sri Kandrudas Bhagat PS regarding EPP   

4. Creation of additional post of DGM(Finance) in CTD  

5.Some Transfer Cases: Request transfer of i)  Mr. Biswajit Bandyopadhyay,AO(Gangtok/WBT) to CTD,  ii)Sri Tarun Mondal AO (NETF)/Guwahati has completed his hard tenure  months back,yet to be released to return to CTD.We,request before your kind self that immediately ERP release may be done for the sake of his compelling health ground & family situation. iii) Request of  issuance of cancellation/retention(for 1 year)  of Transfer order  in  favour of  Mr. Tapan  Kumar Banerjee, DGM(F)/CTD may kindly be considered.

6.Settlement of Pay fixation as well as Arrears in respect of JAO 2010 Batch

7.Sanction of special CL for Circle and Branch leadership of AIBSNLEA.

 Madam patiently heard all the cases & assured to settle at the earliest.


CS writes a protest letter to CGM/CTD regarding autocratic & repressive attitude of CTD/Administration:  (see letter)


JTO to SDE (T) promotions under SCF quota – Status update

AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts yielded results as the JTO to SDE (T) promotions orders under SCF quota numbering around 3,200 wherein JTOs recruited in the year 1999 may be covered are expected to be issued by tomorrow after getting the approval from the competent authority.

AIBSNLEA tried to get filled up all vacant 10,000 posts of SDE (T) but the Management took a decision to fill-up only 3,200 posts with respect to the LDCE conducted for the year 2009-10 and 2010-11 and rest of the vacancies they considered as under dispute and therefore left it.  We will continue our efforts to get filled-up all these vacant posts.


AO to CAO Promotions:

GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding our submissions for utilization of 50% MT Quota Posts in Accounts Wing to the Seniority Quota Posts of CAOs for giving promotions on adhoc basis in view of acute stagnation in the Cadre of Accounts Officers.

<<Click here for the letter >>>


JTO (T) to SDE (T) Promotions:

BSNL Corporate Office intimates that till date gradation particulars are not received from thirteen circles viz A&N, AP, BH, BRBRAITT, CG, ITPC, MH, NCNGN, NE-II, NETF, NTR, STR and UP (W)

<<Click here for the letter >>>

Further, BSNL Corporate Office also intimates that the vigilance clearance in respect of JTOs is received from A&N, BH, BRBRAITTC, BSNLCO, CG, CHTD, HP, HR, JKD, KRL, KTK, MP, NE-I, PB, STP, UKD, UP (E) and UP (W) circles only

<<Click here for the letter >>>

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly bestow their personal efforts for submission of the desired information to the BSNL Corporate Office at the earliest.  


Core Committee Members meeting with CMD BSNL:

CMD BSNL called a meeting of the core committee members of all Unions and Associations wherein Comrade GS along with core committee members i.e. GS.BSNLEU, GS/NFTE and GS/SNEA attended the meeting. CMD BSNL mentioned that joint efforts of BSNL Management and all employees are required to increase the revenue of BSNL.

CFA segment: He mentioned that Broad-band connections surrender is taking place due to speed limit constraints and FTTH growth is also not much. He further mentioned that we should explain the customers that Broad-band copper market is not for speed, it is for download wherein maximum 2Mbps to 20Mbps. The tariff under Rs. 99 Plan 70 GB down load is available for speed purpose Mbps Plan through FTTH should be recommended wherein the Exchange to Subscriber premises wireless network is being created on revenue sharing basis through channel partners immediately. CAPEX will be arranged to have our own wireless system.

Cable TV operators (Local TV) are also facing threat from JIO and now we will make them cannel partner on 50:50 revenue sharing basis. In this manner the Brad band target has now been increased to 20 times.

CM Segment: CMD mentioned that in CM segment 40% revenue has gone down which has affected cash flow. The main reason is that BSNL don’t have 4G spectrum and metro cities lie Delhi & Mumbai. Now BSNL decided to deal directly with retailers along-with franchises.  The commission will be paid 12% whereas Reliance JIO is giving 9% and Airtel 5%. Proper monitoring system on retailers is very much required. Recently BSNL has signed an MoU with Patanjali Group and now offering a special plan of Rs. 144 with unlimited voice, 1.5GB data per day to all Patanjali card holders. Through this we should capture the market.

EB Segment: CMD informed that last year our revenue growth was positive in this segment by providing maximum lease line circuits after 7-8 months JIO is also entering in this field. To compete with now BSNL officers have to leave their rooms and go for marketing.  And this moment is known“KAMRA CHODO - Leave the Rooms”. In this manner, CMD clarified that BSNL has to increase its revenue without depending on Govt support. At this stage, we can not ask Govt support in view of the implementation of 3rd PRC. We assured to discuss the matter and mobilize the employees in this regard.

Incentive to BSNL employees and BSNL pensioners: CMD informed that we are finalizing an incentive scheme under Marketing Cell to the BSNL employees and BSNL pensioners for selling the BSNL brands and to become channel partners.


Congratulations! BSNL CO issues clarification on applicability of E6 IDA pay scale up-gradation under EPP to Gr. B absorbees working as DGM on adhoc basis:

AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting released a clarification from BSNL Corporate Office that  the Group “B” abosrbess working as DGM on adhoc basis (availing E5 pay scale) shall be eligible for consideration of time bound pay up-gradation to E6 scale under the EPP if otherwise eligible on the same consideration as being done for other executives.

<<Click here for clarification >>> 


We deeply mourn the untimely sudden demise of the elder son of Com. Joydeb Sammader , Br.President of TBZ Br. now posted  at West Bengal Circle as DGM(F). Com. D MUKHERJEE, Br. President Central Branch, Com. Kamal Poddar , Com. Anup Roy from ITPC & Com. Somnath DasGupta from Telephone Bhaban Br. were present at the funeral.

We pray that the departed soul may rest in peace.


GS writes: to The CMD, BSNL regarding our submissions for promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under SCF quota consequent upon judgment of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala.

<<Click here for letter>>>


Online Form for redressal of grievances of retired employee of BSNL:

AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA’s combined efforts yielded results in opening of a grievance redressal cell for retired employee of BSNL under the SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office. Now the grievances may be filed by the retired employees online through the link clicking the link, a form will be opened. Details are to be filled in Section-2 (Personal Details) and Section-3 (Grievance Details). Most of the questions are to be answered with multiple choice and check boxes/drop-down options. Some of the questions are mandatory. Forms can be filled through mobile or laptop/PC.

The grievances shall be referred to the concerned cell of Corporate Office and Circles by GM (SR), the nodal officer. All concerned should take prompt action on receiving the mails from the Grievance Redressal Cell i.e. SR Cell of Corporate Office. The closure of the complaints/grievance shall be monitored by SR Cell.   

We are thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director (HR) and GM (SR) for facilitating the pensioners for the redressal of their grievances.


Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 12.12.2017 in CA No. 392 of 2017 - BSNL Corporate Office issues further orders:

1. Officers retained as DGM Level <<Click here for letter>>>

2. Officers reverted to AGM Level <<Click here for letter>>>

3. Officers reverted to SDE Level <<Click here for letter>>>

4. Officers reverted to SDE Level (Ineligible Executives) <<Click here for letter>>>


Revised seniority list 147 LDCE passed executives of TES Gr. "B" equivalent to SDE (T):

BSNL Corporate Office revises the seniority list 147 LDCE passed executives of TES Gr. "B" equivalent to SDE (T). <<Click here for letter>>>


Judgement dated 05.06.2018 in OP(CAT) No.45/2015 on the files of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala:

The judgement in the above case along with other connected cases was pronounced by the Division Bench of the Hon’ble High Court comprising Hon’ble Mr.Justice. C.T Ravikumar & Hon’ble Mr.Justice. K.P.Jyothindranath on 05.06.2018 when AIBSNLEA counselor Advocate Benny M John appeared on behalf of AIBSNLEA, the 16th respondent.

The prima facie understanding regarding the judgment is as follows:

* The main findings of the Tribunal were not interfered by the Court.

* The final eligibility list is to be prepared within 6 months and provisional promotions can be done on a 1:1 ratio equally from the senior most promotees and senior most direct recruitees.

* It seems some contrary observations and directions in the judgment and the same can be detailed only on receipt of the certified copy of the judgement.

AIBSNLEA has applied for the certified copy of the judgement and the same will be shared  on receipt.


Misleading information by AIGETOA against AIBSNLEA posted on their website dated 30.05.2018.

AIGETOA in their website as updated on 30.05.2018 the GS AIBSNLEA falsely indicated AIGETOA name about the Allahabad court case and un-necessarily bothered Director (HR) for the reasons best known to himThis update on AIGETOA CHQ website is false and un-called for a responsible Association without verifying the facts. The fact remains that AIBSNLEA CHQ Office Bearers had meeting with Director (HR) in the presence of GM (Pers.) and demanded to issue JTO to SDE (T) SCF quota promotions also since these JTOs are waiting for their first promotion since 1995 JTO Recruitment year. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and asked GM (Pers.) to explain the bottle neck in the promotion of JTO to SDE (T) SCF quota, if any. GM (Pers) explained that the court case in the Hon’ble High Court, Kerala has been listed for pronouncement of the judgment on 4th June 2018 and one more court case stay order is pending in the Hon’ble High Court Allahabad and  in this regard yesterday GS AIGETOA has assured him to get withdraw the court case by tomorrow itself. After hearing this reply Director (HR) immediately spoke with CGMT Kerala Circle and directed him to take all the efforts through BSNL’s advocate to get the judgment pronounced on 4th June itself wherein CGMT Kerala Circle assured her to get the judgment pronounced on 4th June 2018. Just after this, Director (HR) immediately called the GS AIGETOA in her chamber and advised him to ensure withdrawal of court case from Allahabad High Court by tomorrow itself and GS AIGETOA assured for its compliance by tomorrow. During these discussions, AIBSNLEA CHQ Office Bearers were present but they did not interact in between and never implicate the name of AIGETOA in it. Both the above actions of Director (HR) were based on the feedback given by the GM (Pers) only. Thus the allegation of GS AIGETOA against GS AIBSNLEA is false and uncalled for.

AIBSNLEA is working and safe guarding the interests of entire BSNL executive’s community in true sense which can be witnessed since its inception in the year 2004. AIBSNLEA need not to learn the functioning from the friendly Association. With the untiring efforts of AIBSNLEA only the BSNL Management decided to initiate CPCs to fill-up the vacant Group “B” and Group “A” level posts (up to DGM level) and after this decision, AIBSNLEA promptly persuaded to issue promotion orders wherever it is immediately possible. About 2000 LDCE qualified JTOs were waiting for their posting on promotions due to SC/ST Roster implementation court case and SDE RR modifications. BSNL Management responded positive to our demand and immediately issued modified SDE RRs. These two decisions paved the way to issue promotion orders of LDCE passed JTOs to the post of SDE (T) and accordingly, Management issued the promotion orders of 1987 SDEs of LDCE quota.

To continue the process, AIBSNLEA emphasized BSNL Management to speed up CPCs work to fill-up all vacant SDE/AO and DE/CAO equivalent posts before notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. Whereas, the fact remains that the so called joint forum is continuously pressurizing BSNL Management for immediate implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy without holding of CPCs. The executives can analyse the truth with the ongoing developments for the last three years where more than 2000 LDCE qualified JTOs were waiting for their SDE promotion and the 4500 JTOs are waiting for the last 22 years for their first promotion to SDE cadre under SCF quota.

WHAT THESE MIGHTY ASSOCIATIONS WERE DOING FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS? Now every body is trying to take the credit for the promotions, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy etc when these are becoming reality. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy was demanded by AIBSNLEA in the year 2011 where a committee headed by Shri S.R. Kapoor, the then PGM (FP) was constituted thereafter again another committee headed by the then PGM (SR) Shri N.K. Narang was constituted but both the committees failed to submit the report. Thereafter, a new committee headed by the then ED (NB) Shri M.A, Khan was constituted wherein AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA were the members from Association side and after many marathon meetings the committee report was submitted which was twisted by Pers Cell BSNL Corporate Office in close coordination with the so called majority Association after referendum and with the support of their associate Association of Joint Forum. But, with the timely action taken by AIBSNLEA, many important modifications / improvements were incorporated in the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. AIBSNLEA always demanded cut-off date from the last CPC or from the year of recruitment and some more issues but BSNL Board approved it with prospective date of implementation which AIBSNLEA protested and demanded immediate holding of CPCs to fill up the vacant SDE/AO, DE/CAO and equivalent posts before notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to save the executives from humiliation because after CPSU cadre Hierarchy implementation all the existing RRs and posts of Group “B” and STS equivalent will be abolished and  under new promotion policy. Under this CPSU Cadre Hierarchy these SDEs/ AOs equivalent executives are first to be promoted to the functional post of Sr. SDE/ Sr. AO equivalent and thereafter to the post of DE/CAO. It will further stagnate the existing SDEs and AOs who are waiting for their DE/CAO promotion.

Whether the so called joint forum leaders are not aware of the facts that BSNL Management is intending to notify MT Recruitment simultaneously with the implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy? If known, why they are hiding this fact from their members? Since they claim that they were involved in the process of finalization of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and what is their stand now?

AIBSNLEA has cleared its view to the BSNL Management on all the occasions whether it is during discussions or in writing to oppose MT Recruitment at STS level. Thus AIBSNLEA in true sense trying to protect the interest of entire executive community in BSNL rather than playing with the career prospects of executives in BSNL. Let the executives be understand the game plan of the so called Joint Forum Associations from the above facts.


Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued instructions to update the status of executives in ERP on or before 06.06.2018 since the process for Promotion to different grades of all executives / Streams is in active consideration.

Click here for >>>>><<<<Letter>>>     

<<<Annexure-Part-01>>>    <<<Annexure-Part-02>>>   

<<<Annexure-Part-03>>>    <<<Annexure-Part-04>>> 

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle / Branch Secretaries are requested to go through the lists given above and ensure that the same may be got corrected by Admin. Cell in the ERP in targeted time i.e. 06.06.2018.


Com.Manimala Bose AO/CC/South-Member of South Branch retired due to superannution today.She is a bonafied member of AIBSNLEA since its inception and acts as Branch Auditor.On the last working day Branch and circle leadership meet and greeted her.We pray for her healthy,peaceful & active retired life.

Comrade Bose donated  Rs.5000/- to South Branch.We appreciate her noble act.



Issue of Additional Increment on regular promotion to a scale.

BSNL Corporate Office today circulated a copy of the DoT letter number 40-12/2004-Pen(T) (Pt.) dated 17.05.2017 for compliance by all units of BSNL. According to this letter, in order to process the pension case an undertaking from the retiring BSNL employees may be obtained to the effect that in case the court cases filed against the DoT order dated 05.07.2017 are decided in favour of DoT, the retiree shall refund the over-paid amount on account of grant of an extra-increment on post based promotion under the EPP of BSNL.

Since, the case for quashing the DoT order dated 05.07.2017 has been filed and won by AIBSNLEA but DoT continued to reduce the pay before retirement. Against that AIBSNLEA file a Contempt Petition in the Hon'ble PBCAT New Delhi. Notices have been issued to the respondents. The Contempt case is posted for hearing on 16.07.2018. In response to this, DoT has issued the letter as above to the CCAs now to fix-up the pension after taking an undertaking without reduction of the pay.

<<Click here for letter>>>


Additional list for promotions and posting of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) in BSNL under Competitive Quota (33%) on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination held on 21.06.2015:

<<Click here for Letter dated 30.05.2018 for 103 candidates>>>

<<Click here for Letter dated 29.05.2018 for posting of 29 candidates in BSNL CO New Delhi>>>

AIBSNLEA congratulates all these newly promoted SDEs


AIBSNLEA notifies its 3rd CWC meet at Dehradun:

The 3rd Central Working Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA after the 5th All India Conference Mysuru (Karnataka) will be held at Forest Research Institute Campus, Dehradun on 18th and 19th August 2018 to transact the following agenda:

1.Discussion and decision on organizational matters.

2. Discussion and decision on the issues of importance on service / welfare matters especially issues related to:

(i) CPCs to fill up the  vacant DGM (Eng)/DGM (Fin), DE/CAO, SDE(T)/AO equivalent posts,

(ii) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and abandon of MTRR/DGMRR,

(iii) Standard pay IDA scales E2 & E3 instead of E1A and E2A IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives and subsequent up-gradation of IDA Pay Scales of E3 by E4, E4 by E5, E5 by E6 and E6 by E7,

(iv) Rs. 22,820/- Pay fixation of JTOs/JAOs post recruited 01.01.2007,

(v) Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court judgments on TES Group “B” seniority in true spirit.

(vi) Notional Pay Fixation w.e.f. 01.10.2000 of JTOs/SDEs (C/E/Arch/TF) Engg. Wings and PA Cadre,

(vii) FR 22 (1)a(i) Pay fixation of Officiating JTOs.

(viii) 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees,

(ix) Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre and

(x) BSNL MRS, Group Term Insurance Scheme (GTI) etc.

3. Discussion and decision on the implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations for Executives in BSNL.

4. Discussion and decision on burning items related to viability of BSNL i.e. Creation of BSNL's Tower Subsidiary, Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic, Procurement of stores / material, Rental / Tariffs, Strategies on Sales & marketing and merger of BSNL & MTNL etc.

5. Discussion and decision on the relative activities of other Executive Associations and Non-Executive Unions.

6. Discussion and decision on the venue of 6th AIC.

7.  Any other items with the permission of chair.

All CHQ Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries and Central Working Committee members of AIBSNLEA are requested to attend the meeting. Detailed Programme / agenda shall be circulated at the venue before start of the meeting. The CHQ Office Bearers meeting will be arranged at the same venue on 17th August 2018 at 18.00 Hrs.

The boarding and lodging arrangements have been made from 17th August 2018 to 20th August 2018. For more details Shri B.M. Dhyani, Circle Secretary, Uttarakhand Circle may please be contacted at 9412000909. The venue is 30 Kms away from the airport and 4 Kms from Railway Station. Buses are passing through in-front of the venue itself.

<<Click here for letter>>>



Com.Aloke Das, Com.Niyati Roy, Com.Priyambada Dutta, Com.Ganesh Prasad, Com.Ananda Prasad Sarab members of AIBSNLEA/CTD qualified in the LDCE.  


AIBSNLEA's untiring and persistent efforts yielded result in getting released promotion and posting of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) in B.S.N.L. under Competitive Quota (33%) on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination held on 21.06.2015

<<Click here for Letter>>>   <<<Undertaking>>>>  <<<<List in Excel Format>>>>

AIBSNLEA is thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR) BSNL Board, GM(Pes.), Jt. GM(Pers), OSD to Director (HR), BSNL Board.

Similarly AIBSNLEA is trying to get released the Promotion orders from JTO to SDE(T) of SCF quota wherein the vigilance clearance are being collected of all eligible JTOs and CPC from JTO to SDE(T) will be expedited after 30th May,2018 on pronouncement of Judgement by Hon'ble High Court, Kerala.


CS, President, OS and CWC member attended the GB meeting of TBZ branch. BS was also present there. It was decided to hold the branch conference with in June'18 to elect a new branch committee consisting seven members and one CEC member. All the members present there unanimously resolved to carry out the proposal.    


CS and President with OS(E) met GM(HR) for early solution of some pending problems. We also requested him to arrange JAO phase-III training at NACBTTC, Kalyani instead of CTTC if the latter fails to arrange.

GM appreciated  our concern and assured to solve the problem at the earliest. For training he said that if GM(HR)/WB circle communicates in this matter CTD can take steps to arrange training at NACBTTC.

OS(E) communicated to CS/WBT in this regard. We hope the case will be solved suitably.


Creation of the Tower Subsidiary Company of BSNL- Status of the Court Case filed by the Executive Associations of BSNL i.e. AIBSNLEA, SNEA, & AIGETOA:

All Unions and Associations of BSNL decided to file  a Writ Petition against the creation of BSNL Tower Subsidiary Company in the name of AIBSNLEA & SNEA. Accordingly, the Writ Petition was prepared wherein AIGETOA also became party later-on.

The case filed by these Executive Associations of BSNL i.e. AIBSNLEA, SNEA & AIGETOA has been registered in the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi vide WP No. 5758/2018 and came for hearing on today in the Court No. 10. After a brief hearing, Hon'ble High Court passed an order that the operation of this Subsidiary Tower Company shall be subject to out come of this case and posted for next date of hearing on 25.09.2018.

It is an achievement towards BSNL Associations & Unions.  


AUAB defers the call for walk-out and conducting rallies on 28.05.2018, against Subsidiary Tower Company: Based on the notice issued today, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, for organising walk-out and rallies on 28-05-2018, the CMD BSNL invited the leaders of the AUAB for talks. The talks started at 16:30 hrs. and lasted for almost two hours.

In the meeting, the CMD BSNL informed the AUAB leaders that the item of Subsidiary Tower Company is not there in the agenda for the BSNL Board meeting to be held at Hyderabad on 28-05-2018. He also made an appeal to withdraw the struggle. Thereafter, a meeting of the AUAB was held. In view of the information given by the CMD BSNL, the meeting unanimously decided to defer the call for organising walk-out and rallies on 28-05-2018.

We are thankful to our members who supported the cause and got prepared for participation in the agitation programme.


Grievance Redressal Cell for the Retired Employees.

AIBSNLEA & AIRBSNLEWA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting released order for opening of a Grievance Redressal Cell  (GRC)- A Single window and easily accessible cell  in BSNL Corporate Office for the Retired Employees under the SR Cell of BSNL Corporate Office.

The Contact details of the Cell are as under:

Tel: 011 2376 6063

Fax: 011 2373 4338


We extend our sincere thanks to Director (HR), BSNL Board and GM (SR), BSNL Corporate Office for opening of the GRC on our request.

<<<Click here for the Office Order>>>>

We request all the pensioners to make full use of this Cell and post all their grievances to the email id given. Any type of grievances including pending medical bills, non/delay payment of leave encashment, wrong calculation of pension amount or any other grievances may be posted. This has been introduced after continuous effort by AIBSNLEA & AIRBSNLEWA's and success of the scheme will depend on how pensioners use it.

We have also requested to introduce an online form linked with an icon at BSNL portal (, so that the pensioners can enter their grievances directly in the portal online. This also being prepared and will be in operation shortly.

Pl. share the information with all the BSNL pensioners.



The transfer order of Mr.Gautam Dutta DE/Jdv. has been cancelled. He will be retained in Jadavpur area. We are grateful to PGM(NWO/CFA II) for his kind cooperation in this regard.      


Meeting with CMD BSNL  Com Prahlad Rai with his office bearers met CMD BSNL and discussed about implementation  of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit:

He apprised CMD BSNL regarding our discussions held with Secy. Telecom. & Member (Finance) DoT in the informal meeting held on 11.05.2018 regarding implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL, payment of pension contribution on actual basis instead of maximum of the pay scale and pension revision. CMD confirmed that now there is a move in DoT to draft the Cabinet Note on relaxation in the affordability clause of 3rd PRC report w.r.t. BSNL. CMD also mentioned that we will strict for 15% fitment benefits. He further mentioned that our efforts are yielding the results now.


Immunity from transfers of office bearers of Associations :

BSNL Corporate Office has decided to call for details of officer bearers of recognized/support/SEWA associations at SSA/Circle level/CHQ.

Further, circles are requested lo incorporate the statistics of such office bearers against their names in the long stay list of the circle which is due to furnish for the financial year 2018- 19.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>


GS writes to:

1. Shri Manoj Sinha Ji, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications (I/C), New Delhi regarding:

(A). Our serious concern over Transfer of BSNL Assets to DoT.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>> 

2. Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL regarding:     

(A). Filling-up of the vacant Four Executive Director (ED) posts in BSNL – Our concern regarding.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>

(B). Discrimination and anomaly between executives of Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TF and Finance/Telecom - Reg.

<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>


Promotion from JTO to SDE under SCF & LDCE:

BSNL Corporate Office had called for the Gradation List Particulars and VC for promotion to SDE grade under SCF & LDCE quota. Till date, the requisite information is not received from 22 Circles. <<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure timely submission of the requisite information including the VC.


CS and AFS attended the opening ceremony of Eden City Maheshtala Exchange. CGM, PGM(NWO/CFA-II), PGM(Plg) and DGM(NWO/Alp) were present. CGM addressed the dweller of Eden City in an interactive meeting. The exchange has the fibre and copper connectivity to every tower and can provide 24X7 fault free service for LL, BB and FTTH service.     


It has been learnt that our present GM(HR) Mr.P.K.Mahapatra is going to be transferred to his home town Bhuvaneshwar, Odisha. Mr.T.N.Thakur will take over as new GM(HR) soon. CS, ACS, President along with OS(E) met GM(HR) and requested him to settle some pending issues before leaving. GM assured to settle all cases at the earliest.

Later, CS and OS(E) met GM(Fin) and requested him for implementation of a few request transfer cases of Accounts wing, GM assured to consider the cases suitably.       


BSNL CO issues order to stop curtailment of Extra increment due to fixation in the same scale after availing EPP .

DoT order was challenged by AIBSNLEA  as well as certain affected executives before CAT, Principal Bench, Delhi in OA No. 2649 /2017 [MA No. 2791/2017 & 3225/2017] and Hon'ble CAT Principal Bench, DElhi vide its order dated 21-12-2O17 has quashed and set aside the DoT order dated O5-O7-2O17 .  (See order here)


Meeting with Dir(PSU) DoT:- GS, President, AGS (DR) met Dir(PSU) DoT and discussed regarding.

a) Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit: We requested Dir(PSU) for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit as recommended by BSNL Board. We also pleaded that administrative ministry can consider implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL as per its recommendations on affordability clause. However, the reply from DPE in this regard has also been received in DoT long before. Dir(PSU) mentioned that the DPE reply has been given cognizance by all the Sr. Officers in DoT but further action is yet to be taken. It seems that the work regarding preparation of Cabinet note for relaxation in the affordability clause has not yet started in DoT. This a serious situation and all the Unions and Associations of BSNL Should immediately decide their strategies to impress upon DoT for the settlement of this issue otherwise the issue will linger on in DoT.

b) Reply to BSNL on CPSU cadre hierarchy: Dir (PSU) confirmed that Jt. Secy. (Admn) Dot being the Govt. Nominee Director of BSNL Board has sent his observations to BSNL for the rectification in the CPSU Cadre hierarchy proposal before its placement in the next BSNL Board meeting which scheduled to be held on 28thMay 2018.


GS writes to:

The DDG (Estt), DoT, regarding denial of first time bound promotion received by BSNL Executives of Calcutta Telephones by office of Pr. CCA Kolkata causing reduction of Pension and pensionary benefits.   <<<<Click here for the Letter>>>>   


Modification / addition / deletion in the SDE (T) RRs 2002    <<<<Click here for the Order>>>>


On 11-05-2018 CS addressed on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD the Street Corner meeting organised by AUAB/CTD at Taratala Crossing demanding the need of roll back of STC to save BSNL.VP Com.Atanu Majumder and members from Behala were present in the meeting.


Today Street Corner meeting was arranged by AUAB/CTD at Jadavpur 8B Bus Stand.Leaflet containing demands of Roll Back of STC was distributed among common people.On bebalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD CS Com.Subhasis Mitra & BS/South Com.Atanu Majumder explained need of struggle to survive all PSUs including BSNL for the benefit of common people.Our members from Jadavpur an South were present.


Meeting on curtailment of wasteful expenditure in BSNL: - The informal meeting with the representative of Unions/ Associations was held today at 15:00 Hrs. to discuss the curtailment of wasteful expenditure in BSNL. AIBSNLEA suggestions/ feedback submitted vide letter no. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/CMD/2018 dated 07.05.2018, 19 issues were discussed on threadbare. During discussions GM Budget and GM (SR) assured to appraise our feelings to the higher Management.

We strongly protested against the move of curtailment of medical facility by reducing no. of days from 25 to 15 days on the pretext of curtailment of wasteful expenditure. We categorically told that BSNL MRS was approved by BSNL Board and now cannot be amended by administrative orders and it cannot be a wasteful expenditure. After detailed discussions GM (Budget) BSNL CO assured no curtailment in BSNL MRS facility. He also assured that the necessary order w.r.t. medical claims will be issued shortly w.e.f. 01.04.2018 for BSNL pensioners.

The main emphasis was given on curtailment on electricity expenditure which is amounting about Rs.2500 Crores per annum and the immediate 10% curtailment is required for which necessary instructions will be given to the Circles to form the committees to examine the areas where the curtailment is possible.

To reduce legal expenses the volume of amount will be examine and on that basis only appeals to the higher Benches will be proposed.

To reduce the expenditure on motor vehicles will be reviewed and the common pool concept in administrative offices will be adopted.

The BSNL IQs proper maintenance will be ensured to avoid expenditure on stay in Hotels etc.

Meeting with GM(Pers):- GS, President AGS(HQ) and AGS (DR) met GM(Pers) and discussed regarding

 Filling up of the Vacant Group-A and Group-B equivalent posts: We extended our sincere thanks to GM(Pers) for getting approved the proposal to initiate CPCs to fill up the vacant Group-A and Group-B level posts subject to outcome of the Court cases. GM(Pers) appreciated our concern and mentioned that BSNL management committee has given clearance to initiate CPCs. He immediately issued instruction to the concerned officers in Pers cell to move the proposal for initiating CPCs in all discipline up to 17th May 2018. He assured an early action in this regard.

Similarly, we requested to issue promotions orders for LDCE qualified JTOs to the post of SDEs subject to VC in view of the decisions taken by the Management Committee for initiation of the CPCs. GM (Pers.) assured an early action in this regard also.

AIBSNLEA was continuously pursuing for initiating CPCs and promotions of the LDCE qualified JTOs..


Due to the constant persuasion by Circle and active intervention of OS(E) and our beloved GS the long awaited transfer order of P Sridhara Aigal (DGM/NWO/Central) to his hometown issued.We are thankful to CTD/Admn.also in this regard (see order)


Promotions in BSNL:

AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded results in getting approved the proposal of promotions through CPCs and LDCE subject to out come of court cases from the Management Committee of the BSNL Board. AIBSNLEA conveys its sincere gratitude and thanks to the CMD, Director (HR), GM (Pers.) and entire team of Pers. Cell for their untiring efforts in this regard.


On 09-05-2018 in the call of AUAB/CTD Com.Ashoke Ghosh ACS addressed the Street Corner meeting arranged in front of CGO Complex, Salt Lake  on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD demanding roll back of Subsidiary Tower Company.


On 08-05-2018 in the call of AUAB/CTD Com.Arindam Roy OS addressed the Street Corner meeting arranged in front of BOI,Sealdah on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD demanding roll back of Subsidiary Tower Company.


GS writes to Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR/Finance), BSNL Board regarding:   Vacancy of Accounts personnel in Kolkata,as per our request. (See Letter Here)


On 07-05-2018 in the call of AUAB/CTD Com.Arindam Roy OS addressed the Street Corner meeting arranged in front of TBZ exchange on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD demanding roll back of Subsidiary Tower Company.


On 04-05-2018 Com. CS Subhasis Mitra  alongwith comrades of Telephone Bhawan Branch  attended the Joint Convention on the subject " Development of BSNL Services & Increase of Revenue earning" organised by BSNLEU ,CTD Circle. Com. CS in his speech told that this the  time to raise into the occasion & again make CTD one of the most profit making  circle of BSNL.

CGM CTD graced the occasion.