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Last Updated:  3rd December 2016

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Booth Level Co-ordination Committee of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA







Com.CS,President,ACS & OS met CGM/CTD on 01-12-2016 & protested strongly about the way & language of letters issued to CAOs under his signature.We conveyed our resentment & explained that they could not be held responsible solely for collection of revenue.

Friends we are determined to protect our member at any cost .With your support & strength you all know that we are capable of that.So,stay away from any rumour & and give them a befitting reply to them who are out to catch fish in troubled water.

Vote for AIBSNLEA in Sl No.1 on 07-12-2016.


Com.Prasenjit Mitra SDE,Plg/Alp,Com.Debasis Chakraborty AO/Rkt & Com.Amit Saha SDE/Ent retired due to super annuation on 30-11-2016.Our Comrades & Branch leaders met them & bade them farewell with flower bouquet & sweets.All of them were staunch follower & bona fide members of AIBSNLEA from day one. On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD Circle we wish them happy & healthy retired life.


Branch level leaders of UF(AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA) alongwith CS,President,CHQ leaders & other OBs of Circle & Branch level are covering the length & breadth of CTD on a programme of mass contact.They are going desk to desk to reach out each of the executive percolating the message of executives' unity under the banner of AIBSNLEA to protect the interest of every cadre.We are getting a huge response amongst all including those who are yet to be our members.Organisers are really doing commendable job proclaiming our demands like 3Ps,Restructuring of AD(OL),E1+5 increment for JAO 2013 batch ,etc.requesting all to cast their vote in favour of AIBSNLEA in Sl.No.1 on 7th December 2016 with the belief SAVE BSNL ; SUPPORT AIBSNLEA.

We are determined to reach out all within this week in order to achieve Numero Uno position  in the coming EMV.


1st Membership Verification for recognition of Executives in BSNL - Casting of Votes by provisionally promoted JAOs.

BSNL Corporate Offices authorizes Circle Heads to permit provisionally promoted JAOs to cast their votes in the 1st MV of Executives Associations.

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Subsidiary Tower Company:

Unions & Associations of BSNL have decided to go for One Day Strike on 15.12.2016 against the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. To mobilize the members poster have been designed.

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A Report on the GB meeting on Election campaign of UF of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA at Telephone Bhavan Kolkata on 28.11.2016

A  Joint General Body meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was held at Telephone Bhawan Kolkata Telephones District at 2.00 pm on 28-11-2016 with huge gathering in a grand manner.  Around 750 executives attended. The meeting was presided over by Sri Tridip Chakraborty, President, AIBSNLEA/CTD.

CS WB AIBSNLEA Comrade B K Bhattacharjee, President, Comrade Swapan Bose, ACS Com Anirudhha Bose, Adv. CHQ Comrade Basudev Chakraborty, CS CTD AIGETOA Comrade Saikat Das, President Comrade Amit Das, AGS Comrade Deepak Sahoo and veteran leader Comrade Amit Gupta graced the occasion by their precious presence on the dais.

All the dignitaries on the dais were felicitated with flower bouquet in the very beginning. Comrade Prahlad Rai inaugurated the manifesto of UF/CTD on the stage.

Comrade Saikat Das, Com Deepak Sahoo addressed the gathering by expressing their full support to AIBSNLEA in the forthcoming EMV on 07-12-2016. They reiterated that on AIBSNLEA can fulfill and achieve the demands of BSNL recruited executives.

Comrade Prasun kr. Mukhopadhyay, CS CTD & OS (East) CHQ AIBSNLEA delivered his speech.  In his short deliberation he discussed about the role of our association and the joint movement with AIGETOA.  This is first time the membership verification of BSNL executive to be held on 7thDecember, 2016. Our election manifesto has been prepared and issued today in this historic meeting in Kolkata. He appealed all the members to cast their valuable vote in favour of our beloved association at Serial No. 1 in the ballot paper and become No. 1 executive association on 7thDecember 2016 to fight for scrapping of MTRR, DGM recruitment, replacement of the pay scale of E-1A to E-2, E-2A to E-3 & subsequent up gradation up to E-4 to E-7, implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30 % superannuation benefit to BR executive.  He questioned about the performance of our sister association we have witnessed in the past.  Their only achievement is nothing but transfer & posting of their members, pro-management activities like favouring MTRR, DGM recruitment etc.  So defeat them to this association in this verification and save BSNL, save the interest of BSNL executive.  Because we have achieved 5 increment of JAO 2010 batch, we are fighting for JAO 2013 batch.  Above all, we are fighting for 3Ps. Pay, Promotion and Pension.  We have settled pension of 37a of BSNL pensioner.  If the AIBSNLEA becomes No.1 executive Association, the 3rd PRC and other cadre based issues to be settled.  AIBSNLEA will protect the right of all the executive.

Comrade Ravi  Shil Verma, GS AIGETOA in his address explained needs and effects of MOU between the two associations of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.  He thanked veteran leader of AIBSNLEA Comrade Amit Gupta for his important role with the formation of MOU in the year 2013. He stressed the needs of struggle and fight jointly with BSNL management for all the issues of our executive irrespective of all executive cadres.  He stated that nearly 14,000 votes of AIGETOA will be in favour of AIBSNLEA along with 16,000 votes of AIBSNLEA resulting which we must win in this verification.  There is no such force who will counter these two associations.  He stated that other sister association is trying to keep away from AIBSNLEA.  According to him other association has a desire to bring the verification from management so that they can stop scrapping of MTRR and DGM recruitment, E-2 E-3 pay scale, stay 10 years in the same pay scale of E-3.  But now they are afraid that their dream will not be possible if AIGETOA join hands with AIBSNLEA.  The role of other sister association is always against future prospect of young executive.   Our demand is that there should be no lateral recruitment beyond JTO/JAO.  After pay and promotion then they want to block further in the issue of 30 % superannuation benefit to the BR executives.  If any achievement comes through hard fought battle of these two associations, they have shared of this as achievement of their own and hence they claimed that all credits to them.  Finally he appealed all the executives to cast their vote in favour of AIBSNLEA on 7th December 2016 in Sl . No.1

Our beloved GS Comrade Prahlad Rrai of AIBSNLEA during his elaborate deliberation discussed all the issues of BSNL executive.  He shared his experience of his long leadership for the struggles in past as well as in present.  We have started our campaign for the last 2 months all over the country to all the members for their overwhelming support to be No. 1 executive association in the forthcoming membership verification of BSNL executive.  AIBSNLEA   consisting of 10 executive association of BSNL Engg. AFSOA, Civil, Electrical, Architecture, PA/PS, Secretariat, AD(OL).  He apprised that at the time of formation of BSNL and after exercise of our absorption BSNL   management assured us that executive promotion policy shall implemented in BSNL.  But after a lot of struggles and negative approach with the then ITS officers it was achieved in 18-01-2007.  All our legitimate issues are not settled for 6-7 years.  But EPP is not achieved as per our aspiration.  Our demand is that there will be scope of promotion of absorbed Group “B” executive upto the level of DGM after that according to the vacancy.  ITS Gr. A absorption is pending till date. 50 % post of group “A” should be filled up from promotee officers. Earlier one JTO got only one promotion during his service and retired from that post.  Whereas, one ADET of JTS recruitment was having 7 promotions up to the level of Member of Telecom Commission.  After 2008, MTRR came again in 2016.  We are opposing MTRR and DGM recruitment.  After the verification, management is to sit with the majority executive association on this issue.  Our sister association is in favour of the above.  We are against any lateral entry above the rank of JTO and JAO.  3rd PRC is coming, before that our pay scale should be finalized this is our demand.  This is a heart burnt issue of our sister association when the BR executives will reach SDE to DE scale after completion of 15 years of service so they are trying to remain in the E-3 scale for the 10 years to be a hindrance to our young executives.  Our demand is that E1A to be replaced by E-2 and E2A to be replaced by E-3 and subsequently E-3 to E-4, E-5 to E-6, E-6 to E-7 before 3rd PRC.  He apprised us that he as Circle Secretary of JETA in Rajasthan circle and Shri Amit Gupta Circle Secretary of WB Circle were fighting for pay scale of JTO of Rs. 1640-2900 and achieved.  Now our sister association claimed that they have achieved it.  Under rule 37-A our pension is now secured but for our BR executives, their 30% superannuation is not settled yet.  Before the 3rd PRC 30 % superannuation is to be settled and this should be given effect from 1-1-2007.  2005, 2010 batch pay anomaly case has been settled. 2007 batch JTOs should be given pay scale of Rs. 22,280/- and their pay scale should be revised.  E-1+5 increments to JAO 2013, PA cadre, SDERR, MT Quota diversion to CAO waiting for board approval.  All other HR issues lying with BSNL management should be settled before December, 2016.  SDE LDCE result postings will be issued after maintaining SC/ST roster.  2000 SDE to DE and 800 AO to CAO DPC is under process.  2700 JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to EE Civil/Electrical is under process.  PPS post has been created. AD (OL) restructuring approval is pending in DoT.  25% Sr. Hindi Translator to be upgraded to JTO scale.  GSM with GPRS data facility, mobile handset and 525 plan have been provided. Now their further improvement is under active consideration. In the 3rd PRC BSNL should be considered as a Schedule “A” company.  BSNL is the only telecom sector to provide service in remote area of Uttaranchal, Jammu & Kashmir.  BSNL has earned operating profit for the last consecutive financial years. And last year, it was Rs. 3800 crores.  So pay should be revised in 3rd PRC.  It should be extended BSNL pensioner also.  This is our responsibility and we have made our presentation to PRC.  JAO 2016 batch have got their posting and they are eligible for voting power.  Against the wrong policies of BSNL and calling of any agitational programme called by forum, AIBSNLEA always in the forefront.  VRS we have opposed it.  65% market share of BSNL broadband service is at present.  Rural deficit charges given to BSNL, pension contribution should be on the actual basic pay instead of maximum of pay scale.  Subsidiary Tower Company we opposed it.  There is a strike on 15th December 2016 on this issue.  54% loss of BSNL has been reduced during the last 4 years.  Revenue of BSNL is increasing gradually last year it was Rs. 31,000 Crores.  Now we are not a sick company. In the membership verification we must finish at No. 1. 

Lastly he appealed all the executives of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA to cast their vote in favour of AIBSNLEA and get the AIBSNLEA No.1 to protect the interest of all the executives.  Kolkata is ideal of trade union movement.  Again he appealed all the executives to ensure their votes on 7th of December in favor of AIBSNLEA in Sl. No.1

The meeting ended with slogan shouting & expressing our faith in UF and win in the EMV. 






On 28-11-2016 GS met CGM/CTD alongwith CS,President & AIGETOA leader after GB.They discussed about modalities of EMV in CTD & requested CGM to include newly promoted JAOs of CTD in the Voter list as per BSNL CO order.CGM informed that thair names will be included and they can cast their vote exactly according to the provisions contained in BSNL CO letter.


A malicious campaign is being spread by that United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is insisting on cascading effect.

In this regard, it is informed to all and sundry that United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA has insisted on replacement of non standard intermediate pay scales and merging of non-functional SR SDE scale with SDE scale. This would have enabled the smooth resolution of the whole issue as none of the groups would have been at loss. 

All we have opposed is keeping an executive in E3 scales for 10 years.

We have given two suggestions one was for merger of scale...and second was to replace two initial scales of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3 and give promotions as per EPP as and when due...This would have enabled all Executives getting promotions upto E7 Scale and resolution of the crucial pay issue for our young executives. This proposal would have benefited the youngsters as the Intermediate Pay Scales would have been replaced and would have also benefited in their career as they would have got E4 Scale after 10 years of service. The management was also quite supportive of the proposal, however our sister association categorically stated that this proposal is not acceptable to them. They were not even agreeable to changing the scales without disturbing EPP and dealing the anomalies later on as has been done in case of other anomalies related to 2nd PRC.

The only thing that was acceptable to them was replacement of scales with changes in EPP by keeping an executive in E3 scales for 10 years or replaces all scales outrightly...

CMD BSNL after sensing no breakthrough, directed Establishment Cell to process replacing all scales as he was also not convinced with idea of keeping an executive in a single scale for 10 years.

Friends those singing the tunes of calling themselves as messiahs of Youngsters should reply what heartburn they would have faced if our youngsters would have got E4 in 10 years...what loss they would have faced if the five promotions would have been given up to E7.

We have always worked with utmost sincerity on the issues. We never have heart burn if our youngsters are getting any benefit. It is a natural process that those coming late in department always benefit and if anybody is having heart burn for that then it is a serious question mark on working of the Association...

We request all the executives to not to be misguided by such malice campaigns..we request all to analyse the facts, action of the association, approach on the issues..and then decide...We still wonder who went to DoT and informed AST that E1A and E2A is an Scale decided by cabinet as a part of negotiated settlement and only cabinet can lower the scales..we are very much intrigued who went to AST and told him that replacing initial two scales will result into legal consequences...we still fail to understand that two stalwarts of the saviour association go to DoT and same day proposal is returned but the same gets mention on their website as positive development..after all what was cooking.. ... we leave it for the people to analyse and decide who is doing what...what is the fact...what is hidden..

For those who are singing the tunes of themselves being the saviours of youngsters and spreading this mischievous campaign..we would like to know what is their stand on the most importance issues of PPP...I.e. Pay Promotion and Pension...

Their stand on the issues itself tells how much they care about the much they care about the youngsters :

1. They want MT and DGMs from outside...They ask BSNL for infusion of fresh if the blood of youngsters present in BSNL is not fresh...They say MT RR need not be scrapped and is necessary for BSNL..

2. They say they are happy with one promotion...They say they are happy with limit of Posts on AGM level...They say they are happy with promotions upto Sr SDE...They feel OK with Parachute Management in the middle..

3. They say that Executive should stay in E3 scales for 10 years as not doing same may result into heartburn if SDE and Sr SDE scales are merged,  juniors may get promoted to E4 after ten years of service..They say asking for promotions upto E7 level is illogical ...They say E7 is forte  of some classified groups and can not be extended to ordinary executives of BSNL...for them Pay Loss is a non issue...

4. They are happy with 6% contribution in Superannuation Fund for DRs...They call demand of 12 percent as illogical and unrealistic demand...They say DRs will already have crores and crores of Rupees in their fund from EPF..

These are some of the excerpts from their stand on the most important issues of Executives I.e. PPP.......Pay Promotion and Pension..which is sufficient to explain what they have in store for executives..

Friends...we have always believed on doing work on ground..we have always believed in that actions speaks louder then the words...we work for the whole fraternity..we take care that none of the executives are at loss.

Approach of United Forum of AIBSNLA and AIGETOA on 3Ps-

1. No lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO/Equivalent ... We consider blood of youngsters from BSNL as fresh and competent enough to run BSNL.. We believe that none other than themselves should be in the forefront of the company ..we believe none other than the BSNL executives should occupy the top management posts of BSNL...NO MT..NO DGM is our demand..we want scrapping of MT RRs in totality..

2. We believe in promotions upto AGM level without any limit on posts..We believe that there should be a contemporary CPSU hierarchy policy in place...We want that each executive who joins BSNL should have a well defined path to reach the level of CMD...we believe that E7 ..E8...E9 is for an ordinary BSNL executive also and it does not belong to particular class...we support Khan Committee report...

3. We ask for replacement of E1A and E2A scales with E2 and E3 and we say that an executive should not be forced to remain in E3 scales for 10 years...We don,t have heartburn when our young executives get E4 five years earlier then us...We ask for merging Sr SDE and SDE scales..We consider Pay Loss as an important issue and we are working on that..we are trying for constitution of a committee in similar lines as being done in the case of departmental JAOs of 2010 batch...We are fighting for treating Departmental TTAs who were selected as JTOs in DR a quota as promotion..and accordingly for their pay fixation considering their appointment as Promotion..we would like to highlight that cascading is a non issue for us ..

4. We don't consider 12 percent contribution as unrealistic ... we consider 12 percent fully justified and as rightful due for all BSNL recruits...We consider implementation date for Superannuation fund as the date on which employee was recruited in BSNL right from the date 01.10.2000..we consider as implementation of Death Relief Scheme as the most important requirement..

5. Filling up of the vacant Gr. “B”, STS & JAG level posts on regular basis till the time CPSE cadre hierarchy comes into existence..

6. Notional pay fixation for JTOs/SDEs (C/E/Arch/TF) Engg Wings & PA cadre, E1+5 increments to JAOs of 2013 & 2015 Batches/JTOs SRD & PA Cadre..

7. Modification in SDE RR..

8. Time Bound Promotions to DGMs (Promoted from Gr. B cadres) from E-5 to E-6 grade..

We have highlighted the stand of the so called saviour association on some most important issues vis-a-vis our stand. We request the whole BSNL executive Fraternity to think, introspect and decide..We request executive to Vote for NO MT recruitment..We request to Vote for No DGM recruitment..We request to Vote for merging of Sr SDE and SDE scales and not placing an executive in E3 scales for 10 years..We request to Vote for 30 Percent Superannuation Contribution..we request to vote for 12 Percent Superannuation contribution as realistic contribution..

Long Live United Forum..Long Live AIBSNLEA ..Long Live AIGETOA .


AIBSNLEA efforts to safeguard the  interest of BSNL Executives absorbed or BSNL recruited.

AIBSNLEA has tried to get resolve the contentious HR issues during the last 10-11 years wherein the EPP was notified on 18.1.2007 with the great and sincere efforts of  AIBSNLEA, because the then BSNL management with a indifferent attitude was not implementing the assured career progression to executives even after completion of 6-7 years after the formation of BSNL.  With the untiring efforts of AIBSNLEA the then Secy (T) Dr. J.S.Sarma interfered in the matter and high level committee headed by Sh. S.Bhave, Addl.Secy (T) was constituted.  AIBSNLEA provided the necessary feed back to the committee in favor of EPP and accordingly Sh. Bhave committee submitted its report which was finally discussed with AIBSNLEA in the formal meeting with the then Secy (T) Sh. D.S.Mathur on 10.1.2007 and thereafter with the approval of the BSNL Board this EPP was notified on 18.1.2007.  AIBSNLEA brought the kind intervention of then Secy (T) Dr. J.S.Sarma and  perks were granted to all executives w.e.f 1.1.2005.  GSM telephone connection with STD facility handset and GPRS DATA service were provided with the efforts of AIBSNLEA.  All the STS vacant posts of DEs/AOs/EEs(C/Ele/Arch/TF) were not being  filled up till 2006.  This issue was  brought to the notice of Secy (T) Dr. J.S.Sarma and with his kind intervention the direction was given to CMD BSNL, Dir (HR) to fill up 2375 DEs posts and all the vacant STS level posts of Accounts, (Civil/Elect/Arch/TF)  Engg wings where the absorption of Group A officers was completed.  With our continuous persuasion first time after the formation of BSNL 2375 DEs,361 CAOs and about 300 EEs(C/E/Arch/TF) promotion orders were issued on adhoc basis in the year 2006.

AIBSNLEA succeeded in getting notified BSNL MSRR-2009and the detailed discussions with BSNL Management and after BSNL MSRR notification the regularization of Adhoc STS (DEs,CAOs, EEs took place.  As soon as DEs/CAOs/EEs were regularly promoted.  AIBSNLEA tried for DGM promotions and first time in the year 2009, DGMs Engg, DGM(Fin) and SE (C/E/Arch/TF) were promoted on Adhoc basis.  On completion of 4 years of regular STS service, AIBSNLEA succeeded in getting  regular promotion order of DGMs.  It was a historical achievement to have regular DGMs promoted from Gr. B level executives.

AIBSNLEA also succeeded in getting implemented 2nd PRC report in BSNL with 30% fitment benefit being a schedule A and profit making PSU.  AIBSNLEA efforts only got released presidential directives on 27th Feb 2009 from DOT.  The DOT effort to grant 20% fitment benefit was strongly opposed by AIBSNLEA.  E-1+5  advance increments benefit could be achieved by AIBSNLEA through Sh. K.C.G.K Pillai committee and now the efforts are being made to get the same benefit to JAO-2013, 2015 batches, JTO (SRD) and PA cadre.

48 PPS Posts have  been created with all the CGMs in field units and 5 Sr. PPS posts in BSNL C.O. Restructuring  of AD (OL)  cadre proposal got approved from BSNL MC and now pending for approval of DOT.

With  the struggle of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, BSNL has approved in its MC for replacement of E-1A by E2, E2-A by E3 of JTO and SDE equivalent executives in BSNL which is pending in DOT for clearance .To avoid stagnation in E3 grade for 10 years, BSNL has proposed to upgrade subsequent pay scales.  But the DOT administration is interested to lower the pay scales E1-A by E-1 and E2 A by E2 scales which cannot be tolerated.  Hence we have to keep ready for a strong and decisive struggle in BSNL to achieve E2 and E-3 IDA pay scales for JTO and SDE equivalent executives.  AIBSNLEA is committed to achieve standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent executives in BSNL.

AIBSNLEA efforts yielded result in getting set-up Khan committee headed by the then ED (NB) Sh. M.A.Khan.  The Committee report on CPSU cadre hierarchy  is pending in Pers. cell of BSNL C.O. for consideration but the same is being delayed for implementation on the pretext of MT recruitment. AIBSNLEA is strongly opposing MT recruitment above JTO/JAO level also demanding DGM RR scrapping.  AIBSNLEA strongly feels that BSNL is having young and talented executives available having B Tech/M tech MBA, ICWA and CA qualifications and they  should reach to the rank of GM/CGMs and will be  eligible for BSNL Board of Directors/CMD interviews due to age profile.  Hence, AIBSNLEA will never allow recruitment of MT/DGMs above JTO/JAO level.

 AIBSNLEA demands 12% contribution  from BSNL towards 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees w.ef. 01.01.2007.    BSNL absorbed employees are covered with pension Rule 37A.  60-40 provision secretly introduced by Govt. has now been withdrawn with the  AIBSNLEA untiring efforts.  78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit has been granted to BSNL employees and BSNL pensioners. Stepping up of pay of seniors w.r.t their juniors under EPP . The manner AIBSNLEA in  concern for the  settlement of the HR issues, in the similar manner AIBSNLEA in concern towards viability of BSNL also.  Hence as and when an agitation  call is given by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations the AIBSNLEA is always at the forefront  to  protest against the wrong policies of the Govt. and failure of the  BSNL Management in providing required materials to field Units.  With  our efforts only the 30% disinvestment of BSNL could be   wherein 20000 crs BSNL’s divested money was going out of the exchequer  of the Govt. VRS to one lakhs workers was opposed because BSNL never provided the road map to maintain the existing 34000 telephone Exchanges in the country.  Unbundling of copper conductor was also stopped  that is why  today BSNL’s  Broad Band market share is more than 65%  With our struggle only  Rs.6740/- crores BSNL spectrum charges were refunded to BSNL Rs.1500 Rural deficit charges for the FY 2011-12 was paid by DOT to  BSNL.  now the sanction of  Rs.1250 cr rural deficit charges has come from Govt.Efforts are being made to pay pension contribution on actual basic of BSNL employees instead of maximum of the pay.

Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations has served a notice to protect against the  fragmentation of BSNL in Tower subsidiary. 15th Dec 2016 one day  strike will be there to protest against the creation of Tower subsidiary.

In this manner AIBSNLEA is safeguarding  the interest of all the BSNL executives and to save BSNL.  AIBSNLEA have cordial relations with all the unions/Associations of BSNL. In view of the above all the BSNL executives are requested to vote and support to AIBSNLEA in the Executive Membership verification to save BSNL and its executives interest.

AIBSNLEA extends sincere gratitude and thanks to the CHQ of AIGETOA and their members for their  unqualified support to AIBSNLEA in the membership verification. AIBSNLEA  also reciprocate the same to AIGETOA and assure that after becoming No.1 executive Association, it  will take all the efforts for the settlement of DR executives pending issues on  top priority along with other  issues.

AIBSNLEA extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the AIGETOA for extending the unqualified support to AIBSNLEA in the forthcoming Membership Verification.


GS writes to

1. Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL regarding Important HR issues are pending since long for want of approval of BSNL Board – our request to get them approved in the BSNL Board meeting scheduled for 23.11.2016  <<<Click here for letter>>>>>


Report of the special  joint meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA of CTD Circle on 19.11.2016

  As demanded by the general members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, a special joint meeting was organized with mass gatherings in and outside the hall of 8 Hare Street CTRC Room as spontaneous presence than that of targetted members.  The meeting was presided over by Com. Tridip Chakraborty, President,CTD of AIBSNLEA in presence of CHQ President, Com. P Shiv Kumar, CHQ, OS(E) and CS CTD Com. Prasun Kumar Mukhopadhyay,  Advisor to GS, CHQ Com. Basudev Chakraborty, ACS/CTD Com. Subhasis Mitra from AIBSNLEA and  AGS CHQ Com. Dipak Sahoo, CS/ CTD Com. Saikat Das & President Amit Das from AIGETOA on the dias.

In the welcome address, it was emphasized by Com Tridip Chakraborty the need of the hour for safe guarding the interest of entire executive cadre,  recruited before and after formation of BSNL for electing the future leadership in BSNL in getting the issues resolved of entire cadre of executives for which casting of votes in favour of AIBSNLEA is the only option.

Com. Basudev Chakraborty in his speech categorically mentioned that executives belonging to other minded association should be motivated by appraising them that the future issues can only be got resolved from BSNL Management by No 1 Association which is nothing but AIBSNLEA having its real leadership from Circle to CHQ level.

Com. Prasun  Kumar Mukhopadhyay, OS (East), CHQ in his deliberation welcome all the JAOs of 2016 batch, newly promoted and joined under the umbrella of AIBSNLEA and explained about the activities of CHQ, AIBSNLEA in getting the order issued from the Management in spite of hurdles created by some other association. While asked, he assured them that he has already appraised the CTD Management to include their names in the ensuing referendum so that they can elect their future  leadership in Central HQ of being a leader of themselves.   He also appraised the activities and success achieved since its formation for all the Disciplines of AIBSNLEA whether existing executive or retired pensioners, whether absorbed or direct recruited executives of BSNL.He also assured that after implementation of standard pay scale if any anomaly occurs to any batch,will be addressed & resolved after verification.

Com.  Saikat Das,CS/CTD AIGETOA in his lucid deliberation explained that only UF is working for the interest of BR executives & assured that AIGETOA members entirely not onlywill cast their vote against No.1 in favor of AIBSNLEA but also mobilize BR of other associations to do so.

Com. Dipak Sahoo, AGS, CHQ of AIGETOA in deliberating his speech categorically mentioned their long pending legitimate demands of 3Ps which was being neglected by the BSNL Management and the supports being extended by existing Associations in the calls of agitations and experienced the  betrayals of some other sister association and ultimately relied upon AIBSNLEA and in turn yielded of signing of MOU with AIBNSLEA.  The results are that all the legitimate demands of executives rectuited directly have processed and under pipeline in active consideration under both the leadership of Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA and  Ravi Sil Verma, GS, AIGETOA.  Narrating the above facts, he emphasized  that there is only option from the ALL DR Executives to cast their vote in favour of AIBSNLEA to strengthen to become No 1 Association.

Com. S Shivakumar ,President/CHQ/AIBSNLEA elaborated about the status of all DPCs,  206 and 147 cases, E2-E3 pay scale, Stoppage of MT recruitment, the history of the 1640 struggle under the leadership of Com. Prahlad Rai, achievement of 30% fitment  benefit of in 2nd PRC and assured that fitment benefit in 3rd PRC as per schedule. He extended sincere thanks to Com. Ravi Shil for his unconditional support for the success of AIBSNLEA to become No.1 association and assured that all the grievances of DR JTOs will be addressed  by the AIBSNLEA. He appealed  to one and all to vote for AIBSNLEA in Sl. No.1.

Com. Subhasis Mitra ACS CTD/AIBSNLEA  delivered the vote of thanks to the chair & all others who made the meeting a grand success & reminded everybody to join en maase in the meeting of Com.Prahlad Rai GS/AIBSNLEA & Com.Ravi Shil Verma GS/AIGETOA at the east gate of Telephone Bhavan on make our beloved AIBSNLEA No.1



CS writes to CGM/CTD for inclusion of names of Executives joined as regular incumbent within 30-11-2016 in Voter list.(see letter)


20:50 hrs

Dear Comrades,  


Due to the consistent efforts of GS AIBSNLEA  & CHQ President, the sinister motive of our sister association is defeated. CMD BSNL is kind enough to issue provisional promotion orders to LICE JAOs on completion of training tomorrow.  Click Here For Order

Great Victory for AIBSNLEA...

AIBSNLEA Jindabad!!!.

Please Vote for AIBSNLEA No 1 Executives Association.

Dear JAO/Trainees of CTD thank you for your patience and faith in your own AIBSNLEA,welcome to the executive community!


 Dear JAO/Trainees of CTD don't worry as usual AIBSNLEA only will fight for your cause tooth & nail as a vanguard of the interest of whole executive community of BSNL. Our beloved GS has already communicated with CMD and we definitely will intensify our pressure to get the problem settled.Some miscreants & conspirators (you know who) created all these problems to debar our prospective members from participating in the verification on 07-12-2016.

AIBSNLEA with your strength is strong enough to settle this issue and throw a befitting reply on the face the conspirators & betrayers.

So,be patient & stay tuned & have faith in our beloved AIBSNLEA the home of all cadre of BSNL executives.executives.

GS writes to

1. Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL regarding - Promotion of Group ‘C’ employees (LICE) to the grade of JAOs –our protest on keeping under abeyance the posting orders for the qualified candidates.

 <<<Click here for letter>>>>>>  

2. Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL regarding - Proposal of E1+5 increment benefit to JTO(SRD)/JAO2013 batch and PAs – Our protest against the delay in settlement .

 <<<Click here for letter>>>>>>  


On 19-11-2016 President AIBSNLEA/CHQ Com.S Shivakumar will visit Kolkata on Election campaigning/canvassing.A meeting has been arranged at Telephone House 8 Hare Street at 13-00 hrs.Other eminent Circle & CHQ leaders from AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA will be present.All are requested to be present positively to greet our President & make the programme successful so that we can achieve number one position.


Dear JAO Comrades undergoing Phase-I training :

Today AGS HQ ,  AGS finance of AIBSNLEA met Dir HR , GM Recruit , GM FP and GM SR and requested to issue immediate promotion / Posting orders to the JAOs candidates who are undergoing training in various training centres all along BSNL. We protested against the order issued yesterday  ( No:9-1/2016/Rect dated 16/11/2016) by CO in collusion with some sister association to achieve their sinister motives. Dir (HR) assured that the committee report will be submitted within a week time and  the JAO candidates name also  will be included in the supplementary voters list.

But we have not agreed for the proposal and insisted the corporate management to issue promotion orders immediately.


On 15-11-16 Lunch hour demonstration was organised by UF at TB.All members from both the associations of City & HQ area joined to mark their protest against the unjustified victimisation of Com.R P Sahoo Ex-GS of AIGETOA.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD President addressed the members & urged upon that we should defeat our betrayer sister organisation in the forthcoming verification of 07-12-2016.


Lunch Hour Demonstration at all SSA HQs / Circle HQs / BSNL CO on 15.11.2016:

United Forum of Executives Association comprising of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA has served a notice on CMD, BSNL against delay in disposal of various cases slapped against Ex. General Secretary Shri R.P. Shahu and victimization thereof and non-settlement of genuine grievances. <<<Click here for the Notice>>>

Accordingly a Lunch Hour Demonstration is being held at all SSA HQs / Circle HQs / BSNL CO on 15.11.2016.

All the members of AIBSNLEA  are requested to actively participate in the Demonstration Program.


Conduct of 1st Membership Verification for recognition of Executives' Association in BSNL - Supplementary Voter list:

BSNL Corporate Office has issued guidelines for preparation of supplementary list of executives working in  BSNL for the purpose of 1st Membership Verification for recognition of Executives' Association wherein it is mentioned that:

1. The supplementary list shall circulated by 11.11.2016 and thereafter no relieving for transfer / posting is to be effected till completion of voting for membership verification.

2. The names of the voters retiring on 30.11.2106 shall be shown as deleted in the voter list.

3. The names of the voters whose requests for VR with date of retirement from 07.12.2016 or earlier have been approved by the competent authority till finalization of the supplementary list shall also be shown as deleted in the voter list.

4. In any case, no name shall be added or deleted from the supplementary list after 11.11.2016.

5. The eligibility of any employee joining on promotion as Executive on or before 30.11.2016 in any Circle shall be decided by the Head of Circle as per BSNL (REA) Rules 2014.

<<<Click here for detailed instructions from SR Cell >>>

All the CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to kindly take a note of it and act accordingly.

Conduct of 1st Membership Verification for recognition of Executives' Association in BSNL - Appointment of Polling teams, Counting teams etc:

BSNL Corporate Office has issued guidelines for appointment of Polling teams, Counting teams etc.

<<<Click here for detailed instructions from SR Cell >>>

All the CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to kindly take a note of it and act accordingly. It must be ensured that executives of IMPECCABLE integrity only are deputed for the works in connections with the Membership Verification.

Further, Circle Secretaries are requested  to nominate one Polling Agent and one Relief Agent (only BSNL Executives) for each polling station by 25.11.2016 and intimate to the SSA / Circle Heads under intimation to CHQ.

Recognition of majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL - Facilities regarding

BSNL Corporate Office has issued guidelines regarding the facilities available to all the participating Associations. According to which Five (5) Special Casual Leaves for all the office bearers of the Associations at all level have been permitted.

<<<Click here for the letter from SR Cell  >>>

All the CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries / District Secretaries are requested to avail this facility for canvassing program in the interest of AIBSNLEA.


 Acting CS & OS(E) attended the Central Office Bearers (CHQ), Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries Meeting held at HOTEL DIANA PALACE, 12, Hathroi, Ajmer Road, Jaipur from 10.11.2016 to 11.11.2016. on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD. Acting CS placed the detail information regarding our position for forthcoming verification & reiterated that in CTD we will achieve majority.Our co-ordination with AIGETOA is very healthy.OS(E) placed the report & plan of tour programme of NE/Assam/Bihar/Jharkhand and hoped that our result will be good at those circle.

Detail report is as follows:

A report on the Central Office Bearers (CHQ), Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries Meeting held at HOTEL DIANA PALACE, 12, Hathroi, Ajmer Road, Jaipur from 10.11.2016 to 11.11.2016.

Com. Sivakumar, President presided over the meeting.  He welcomed one and all.  He has informed that the meeting is being held at a crucial time when the Membership Verification is scheduled shortly.  He also requested every one to participate in the discussion and deliberations actively.  He also suggested all CSs to present their views, strategies adopted so that the same can be adopted by other circle secretaries.  He also mentioned to take the print out of manifesto and distribute to one and all. 

Agenda items for the meeting to be held on 10.11.2016 were circulated and approved unanimously.

Com. M. K. Marodia, CS Rajasthan, the host Circle welcomed all

After the self introduction, one minutes silence in memory of the departed comrades were observed.

Com. Prahlad Rai, G.S. also welcomed one and all in Jaipur which is the home town of him.  He informed that membership verification is very important and requested one and all to take active participation and suggest the ways and means to become No.1 during the membership verification.  He briefed about the status of pending HR issues,  activities of the united forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, united forum of Unions and Associations, organization activities, viability of BSNL, trade union actions.

Regarding membership verification he informed that  time is short.  He briefed about the tours already carried out and the meeting attended by him along with the GS and President of AIGETOA and also the tour program for the remaining period.    He also mentioned that for the remaining tour program also, either GS or President of AIGETOA will be accompanying with him.  He mentioned that he has already completed the tour in southern and some part of eastern zone.  He also requested all the CHQ office bearers to take active participation in the membership verification campaigning in close co-ordination with the Circle Secretaries,   He also mentioned that Circle Secretaries should tour within their circle and at-least once all SSAs should be covered and major SSAs should be visited in multiple times.    Branch meetings and meetings in sections "Nukkad Sabha" should be conducted and  meetings should not be restricted with GS or CS only.

He mentioned that some circles have already held multiple meetings in all SSAs.  But, in many circles, circle secretaries have not yet started visiting the SSA and holding the meetings.  He also mentioned that all the Circles should print hand bills in local languages and approach each and every executive along with manifesto of AIBSNLEA  irrespective of their membership.  He also mentioned that some CHQ office bearers are very seriously involved and some are not even attending a single meeting.  He instructed all the CHQ office bearers to take responsibility and there should be no excuse from CHQ office bearers.    He requested all the circle secretaries, Asstt. General Secretaries, Organizing Secretaries, Advisors to present their views and suggest modalities to make the AIBSNLEA as No.1 association.

He also suggested to assess the strength and weakness of the AIBSNLEA and act accordingly.

GS Com. Prahlad Rai in his address mentioned that each and every member should feel that AIBSNLEA is keen to settle the grievances of all the executives favorably rather than any other association, then only executives will vote for the AIBSNLEA irrespective for their membership.

He mentioned that the responses in southern region is tremendous and such responses will have to get from the remaining parts of the country.  He requested all the leaders to avail leave and make tours till the membership verification is over. 

He also mentioned that all the Circle Secretaries are doing well.  But, still they have to make tours and conduct meetings. 

He has requested all the CSs and CHQ OBs to make the tour program and submit the same to the CHQ immediately.  On behalf of the CHQ he has assured that all the CHQ office bearers are available at the disposal of Circle Secretary.  He mentioned that the entire country should know about the activities of the office bearers.

He also mentioned that any difficulties / discrepancies regarding election may also be brought to the notice of the CHQ immediately for the remedial action and orders

GS report was presented and discussed in detail para-by para and point by point.

Status of HR Issues:

1. Implementation of Executives Promotion Policy in BSNL: AIBSNLEA untiring & persistent effort’s yielded result in getting issued Executive Promotion Policy on 18.01.2007 and got implemented but still some issues remains un-resolved as under:-

A. Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy- Change of designations on each Time Bound upgradation on functional basis: BSNL Management constituted a Joint Committee Headed by Shri M.A. KHAN, ED(NB) to submit a report on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, E2-E3 Pay scale to JTO/SDE equivalent executives and First time bound promotions on completion of four years. The KHAN Committee submitted its recommendations on both the issues i.e. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and E2-E3 Pay scale to JTO/SDE equivalent executives in the month of Sept. 2015 but due to reluctance of the nodal units i.e. Pers. Cell to implement the KHAN Committee report it is still pending. Recently, the Pers. Cell has given a proposal on the CPSU Cadre hierarchy. The final discussions on the issue with the Associations are yet to take place. It is, therefore, requested to kindly give your valuable suggestion in writing for taking them with the Management.

B. Implementation of E-2, E-3 standard IDA Pay scales to JTO and SDE equivalent executives in BSNL: No intermediary scales have been permitted under DPE O.Ms. Dated 26.11.2008 and 02.04.2009. Generally, promotion has to be from one ‘Grade’ to next higher ‘Grade’ with it corresponding scale as per the promotion policy of respective CPSEs. A CPSE cannot have more than one pay scale in a grade (say DGM & GM in E8 pay scale) to promote its executives within the same grade”. Ignoring the DPE O.Ms. on implementation of 2nd PRC recommendation for standard pay scales E-2 & E-3 for JTO/SDE equivalent executives, BSNL Management is continuing efforts to implement E1A & E2A intermediate IDA pay scales in BSNL for JTO/SDE equivalent executives, which is not at all justified. In view of this, standard IDA pay scales E-2 & E-3 as recommended by 2nd PRC and KHAN Committee has to be implemented in BSNL for JTO and SDE equivalent executives to provide justice. DPE has again clarified not to allow intermediary pay scales in PSUs.

After United  Forum struggle in May-2016, the proposal for replacement of E1A by E2, E2A by E3 and subsequent scales upgradation has been approved by the Management Committee of BSNL Board and now pending for the approval of DoT.

C. Date of effect of Implementation of revised IDA Pay Scales for the Executives w.e.f. 1.10.2000: BSNL management has granted benefit of residency period w.e.f. 1.10.2000 to the Executives i.e. JTO/SDE (Civil/Electrical/Arch./TF) Engineering wings, CSSs, PAs/PSs, JAOs etc. for whom the RRs were notified after 1.10.2000 and accordingly the pay scales were upgradedWhereas, as per Dr. Vinay Shahi’s committee recommendations the upgraded scales for the above executives’ should have been implemented w.e.f. 1.10.2000 on actual basis or notional basis.  BSNL Corporate Office has issued order of notional pay fixation for JAOs w.e.f. 01.10.2000, we are demanding similar benefit to other upgraded cadres also. The proposal moved by PGM(BW) is still pending with BSNL Management.

D. Time bound promotion from E-5 to E-6 to the DGMs promoted from Grp.”B” Executives:. The proposal for modification in BSNL MS RR 2009 for Time bound promotion from E-5 to E-6 to the DGMs promoted from Grp.”B” Executives has been cleared by the MC. However, it is still awaited for withdrawal from the agenda of BSNL Board.

E. One time placement of SDE to Sr. SDE: As per DOT agreement and commitment of BSNL at the time of absorption of Group ‘B’ officers in BSNL on 01.10.2000, the SDEs who completed 5 years of regular service would be provided one time placement in the Sr. SDE grade. A proposal to give relief to the stagnating SDEs for their placement in the Sr. SDEs grade through Cadre Review Concept, on the back drop of the demand of the Association to reduce the eligibility criteria from 12 years to 5 years (As approved by Telecom Commission in 1994) for placement in the existing scheme, was approved by DoT and discussed in the GoM. This was subsequently remitted to BSNL. It was assured by Hon’ble MOC & IT, in the meeting held on 22-10-2001 with the Association that BSNL has agreed to the proposal in principle and a board memo was under preparation. We further understand that the memo was also finalized, but was not placed in the BSNL Board meeting. The majority of TES Group ‘B’ officers has been absorbed in BSNL and the BSNL Executive Promotional Policy is implemented w.e.f. 01-10-2000, the issue needs to be settled favorably. BSNL Management is continuously replying that since this issue was not in the terms and reference of absorption of Gr. ‘B’ Officers in BSNL, now it cannot be considered after implementation of the Executive promotion policy. We have requested Director (HR) to re-examine the case in view of the feedback provided by our Association. 

F. Settlement of Pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay than their juniors:BSNL CO, Pers. Cell has filed SLP against Hon’ble High Court, Kerala judgment in The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, wherein AIBSNLEA has been impleaded. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has dismissed the SLP of BSNL. AIBSNLEA has made the representation to extend the similar benefit to all as granted by Hon’ble High Court Kerala. Pers. Cell of BSNL Corporate Office is examining the case.

G. Amendment in BSNL MSRRs allowing Diploma holders to the promotion of EE: As per these BSNLMS RRs, the existing JTOs/SDEs (C/E/Arch) Engineering wings having diploma qualification were not eligible to be promoted to the grade of Assistant General Manager EE/Arch. AIBSNLEA strongly protested against this discrimination and finally BSNL Management issued amendment on BSNLMS RRs allowing Diploma holder SDEs (C/E/Arch) to the post of EE as per 1994 DoT RRs. We have again pleaded to remove discrimination on the pretext of degree/diploma qualification to the promotion of EE from SDE (C/E/Arch) and parity with the JTO (T) / SDE (T). On our persuasion a committee comprising of GM(Pers.), PGM(BW)/(EW)/(Arch) was constituted to examine the issue. We submitted our views to the committee members. Now the committee has submitted its recommendations to the Management Committee which has cleared the proposal. The BSNL Board approval is still expected. It is understood that 50%-50% EE(C/E) posts will be shared by the Degree and Diploma holder SDEs(C/E). Meanwhile DoT allowed diploma holders with 10 years technical experience to be treated at par with degree holders for EE promotions which was also endorsed by BSNL but it was challenged by some degree holders in the court and stay order has been granted. The case is pending in Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi. We have further requested management to implement committee report to consider 50%-50% EE(C/E) posts shared by the Degree and Diploma holder SDEs(C/E).

2. 30%Superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines: We requested CMD BSNL, Director (HR/EB) and ED (Finance) to resolve superannuation benefits to directly recruited employees as per DPE guidelines and BSNL should contribute 12% as Superannuation Benefits in respect of Direct Recruits to fulfill the limit of 30% contribution.The remuneration committee of BSNL Board recommended to start a superannuation benefit trust to directly recruited BSNL employees with a contribution of 3% initially and further it can be reviewed on the basis of financial health of the company. DoT issued the Presidential Directives in this regard and now, the BSNL Management is under process for creation of a trust and other formalities in this regard.

3. Management Trainees Recruitment Rule-2009: AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA’s consistent effort yielded results in getting deferred MT Exam - 2015 but some executives associations and non - executives Unions are continuously making efforts for MT recruitment. Our considered opinion is that since the CPSU Cadre hierarchy for non - post based promotions up to JAG selection grade is under discussion in Committee, the MTRRs has no relevance.  The MT Examination notification has already been withdrawn. But, BSNL Management has to scrap the MTRRs.

4. DGM Recruitment: The qualified and experienced Executives in BSNL having 10 to 20 years of service should also get an opportunity to compete with others for the DGM posts by making appropriate, justified and rational changes in the eligibility conditions. This would mark the beginning of allowing BSNL to have a management structure of its own at DGM level which by virtue of age profile will be groomed into senior management in due course of time. This strategic move will not only meet the career growth of aspiring talented executives in BSNL but will immensely contribute towards growth and viability of BSNL. However, in the recently held DGM Recruitment it does not happen and the internal candidates however allowed writing the examination but their result is not declared treating them not-eligible.

6.CPCs to fill up the vacant JAG, STS Group ‘A’ & Group ‘B’ Grade posts in BSNL on adhoc/ Regular basis :

a. JTO (T) to SDE (T) CPC against seniority cum fitness quota (67%): The Court case regarding JTO to SDE promotions in the Hon’ble CAT Bench Chandigarh came for hearing on 31st March 2016 and dismissed. However, still there is a stay order granted by the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala on promotion from JTO to SDE. After vacation of the stay orders by Hon'ble High Court of Kerala, the CPC proceeding for JTO to SDE promotions will be expedited to fill up 6600 SDE(T) vacant posts.

b. LDCE from JTO (T) to SDE (T): BSNL conducted LDCE from JTO (T) to SDE (T) to fill-up the TES Gr.”B” LDCE quota vacancies of the year 2010-11but Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh granted stay order on declaration of result till the time the seniority quota promotion orders are issue. The Hon’ble CAT has now vacated the stay order and instructed the BSNL that the promotion orders as per the LDCE result can be issued subject to making suitable amendments in the SDE RR restricting reservations on promotions as per the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Now BSNL Management has to take a call on this.

c. CPC from SDE (T) to DE Regular:  CPC from SDE (T) to DE Regular is in progress to fill up about 750 DEs posts but the promotion orders could not be issued due to stay order on promotions granted by Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh on the basis of SC/ST roster implementation in BSNL. The Hon’ble CAT has now vacated the stay order and instructed the BSNL that the promotion orders can be issued subject to restricting reservations on promotions as per the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Now BSNL Management has to take a call on this.  

d. CPC form DE (T) to DGM (Engg.):  The CPC was initiated to fill-up 480 DGM posts on Adhoc basis one year before but due to pendency of court case promotion orders could not be issued. Now, Hon’ble Supreme Court has delivered the judgment on 21.01.2015 on TES Gr. “B” seniority to re-casted on the basis of Rule – 206 and one expert committee headed by Shri Rammurthy, Retd. Judge of Hon’ble High Court with one member has been constituted to submit report within a period of six months to examine the repercussions on beneficiaries of RR – 1966. After submission of the report by the Committee the case was posted for hearing on 18.04.2016 and thereafter being listed on every Tuesday. But unfortunately, it could not be heard even for a single time due to paucity of the time. After taking the legal opinion from Sr. Advocate of BSNL, Addl. Solicitor General of India on TES Group ‘B’ seniority pending court cases , BSNL Management decided to expedite CPC and issued 213 DGM promotion orders on 03.03.2016 against which a contempt application was filed by 147 SDEs (LDCE quota) in Hon’ble Supreme Court which was dismissed. Thereafter BSNL Management continued to expedite CPC and issued 445 DGM promotion order on 31st March, 2016. Hence in the month March, 2016 about 658 DGM promotion orders have been issued, which has created history. Now, as on date about 350 DGM Posts are vacant for which preparatory action for conducting the next CPC has been initiated.

e. CPC from JAO to AO: We continued our efforts to get expedite CPC and finally with our untiring efforts, the promotion orders from JAO to AO of 1552 AOs were issued wherein, majority AOs have been posted in the same circle, only a few AOs about 50 were posted to other circles that to nearby circles. Further CPC to fill up about 600 AO posts could not be initiated due to pending court case in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh on SC/ST roster implementation in BSNL. The Hon’ble CAT has now vacated the stay order and instructed the BSNL that the promotion orders can be issued subject to restricting reservations on promotions as per the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Now BSNL Management has to take a call on this.

f. CPC from AO to CAO Regular/Adhoc: About 230 CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (Regular) promotion orders were issued in 2014. Further, CPC work of CAO regular promotion was in progress to fill up about 290 CAOs posts on regular basis and 336 CAOs posts of MT quota on adhoc basis but due to stay order granted by Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh, the promotion order could not be issued. The Hon’ble CAT has now vacated the stay order and instructed the BSNL that the promotion orders can be issued subject to restricting reservations on promotions as per the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Now BSNL Management has to take a call on this.

g. CPC from CAO to DGM (F):  Promotion and posting of 160 Nos. Executives of STS level of Telecom Finance to JAG level on regular basis were issued in 2014. Recently, with the continuous efforts of AIBSNLEA, Promotion and posting of 234 Nos. Executives of STS level of Telecom Finance to JAG level on Adhoc basis have been issued on 09.09.2016.

h. CPC from JTO (E) to SDE (E): CPC from JTO (E) to SDE (E) to fill up about 8 SDEs (E) vacant posts is completed for 2013-14 vacancies. The posting orders are issued in 2014 and at present no vacant post is available in Electrical wing.

i. CPC from SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E): AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts yielded results in getting released the promotion and posting orders in respect of 114 SDE (E) to EE (E) posts on adhoc basis. Similarly, efforts were being made to get promotion and posting orders for 150 EE posts in Civil Wing also but due to stay order at the 11th hour the orders could not be released.

j. CPC from EE(E) to SE(E): Due to AIBSNLEA’s consistent efforts CPC from EE(E) to SE(E) to fill up about 20 (Twenty) vacant SE(E) posts was completed and promotion orders were issued.

k. CPCs to fill up vacant AEs(Arch) and SDEs(Arch) Posts: All vacancies of AEs/SDEs(Arch) have been filled up.

l. CPC from JTO(C) to SDE(C): The CPCs from JTO(C) to SDE(C) was completed to fill up about 64 SDE(C) posts. The management has issued notification for LDCE for promotions against 89 vacant SDE (C) posts.

m. CPC from EE (Civil) to SE (Civil): All the excising vacancies of SE (Civil) have already been filled–up.

n. Promotion orders from Assistants to Section officers and personal Assistant to Private Secretaries in the erstwhile CSS and CSSS: These Executives are posted mainly in the BSNL Corporate Office. The promotion orders for them are being issued on regular basis and time to time.

o. Issue of promotion order from JTOs (TF) to SDEs (TF) on regular basis, SDE (TF) to DE/AGM (TF) and DE to DGM (TF): The promotion orders from JTOs (TF) to 26 SDEs (TF) were issued, CPC from SDE (TF) to DE/AGM (TF) and DE to DGM (TF) were expedited and promotions order were issued.

6. Serious anomalies in the TES Gr. ‘B’ officers’ seniority lists: Hon'ble Supreme Court CA No. 4339 of 1995 dated 28.09.2006 and CP Civil No. 248 of 2007 in CA No. 4339 of 1995 dated 25.03.2008 in the judgment directed the respondent that they shall rearrange the seniority in terms of the principals laid down in P.N. Lal's case restoring their earlier position and shall not put any employee over and above the present petitioners on the basis of the seniority in the service in the entry year. While implementing the above judgment DoT/BSNL has re-casted the seniority of 45+20+9+4=78 (about) TES Gr. 'B' officers only whereas, thousands of TES Gr. 'B' officers are to be provided similar benefit. Now TES Gr. 'B' officers promotions to DE is being issued on the basis of two seniority lists i.e. one on rule-1966 and another on para rule-206 basis. It has caused serious anomaly and heart burn to the TES Gr. 'B' officers in BSNL. Regarding implementation of Rule-206 or Rule-1966, BSNL Management has filed SLP in the Hon’ble Supreme Court for clarification. Hon’ble Supreme Court has delivered the judgment on 21.01.2015 on TES Gr. “B” seniority to re-casted on the basis of Rule – 206 and one expert committee headed by Shri Rammurthy, Retd Judge of Hon’ble High Court with one member has been constituted to submit report within a period of six months to examine the repercussions on beneficiaries of RR – 1966. After submission of the report by the Committee, the case was posted for hearing on 18.04.2016 and thereafter being listed on every Tuesday. But unfortunately, it could not be heard even for a single time due to paucity of the time.

270 SDEs seniority case:

The Hon'ble Supreme Court on 12.5.2008 passed an interim order for maintenance of "Status quo". Inspite of the said interim order BSNL issued promotion order for the posts of DGM to 172 DE/AGM out of 270 SDEs on 8.2.2012.  Contempt petition no. 403 of 2012 was filed by promote Sh. M. Shamugam for initiating contempt processing against contemnor CMD BSNL and other officials of BSNL. The said contempt petition no. 403 of 2012 was listed before the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 26.7.2013 and the Hon'ble Court issued show cause notices and directed for personal appearance of contemnors  CMD, BSNL, Director(HR) and AGM (Pers.) of BSNL. The Contempt Case was heard on 23rd Sept 2013 and disposed of but next date of hearing is yet to announced.

147 SDEs (LDCE Quota) retrospective seniority case:

AIBSNLEA’s OA 2126/2009 in Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi reference mentioned in  the Operative portion of the judgment on 147 SDEs (LDCE Quota) retrospective seniority case:

“We have to remind ourselves, some more are waiting in the wings, watching the proceedings, to jump on at the appropriate time. We cannot, but, record our deep anguish and displeasure at such conduct. We say this, because, the matter has been raised in various Benches of the Central Administrative Tribunal in Chandigarh, Cuttack, Calcutta and the Principal Bench with varying results. We only notice the proceedings pending before the Principal Bench (Judicial I) Delhi of the Central Administrative Tribunal, in O.A 2126/2009 wherein all the 147 merit based candidates are stated to be parties. We have been taken through the order of the Principal Bench dated 21.9.2011 wherein the proceedings pending before the various Benches were noticed, while considering the application for reference to a larger Bench. The Principal Bench has referred to OA No.86/2009 which challenged the seniority of the 147 persons as also the stay order of this Court dated 18.2.2010. The Principal Bench in paragraph 11 held so:

Contention raised by the counsel for the respondents before us is that since two contradictory views have been expressed by different Benches of the Tribunal, namely, Ernakulum Bench and Chandigarh Bench, the matter should be referred to the Full Bench. We, however, of the opinion that even if the matter is referred to the Full Bench, no purpose would be served because ultimately this very issue is pending before the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala. Once the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala gives its view, it would be binding not only on the parties but also on the Tribunal unless, it is upset by the Hon'ble Supreme Court or by some other High Court in some other proceedings. At that time the matter can be finally resolved.”

BSNL filed an SLP in the Hon’ble Supreme Court along with other respondents. The last date of hearing was 18th April 2016 and thereafter being listed on every Tuesday. But unfortunately, it could not be heard even for a single time due to paucity of the time.

7. Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre: The committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Addl. GM (Estt.) has submitted the report to the competent authority recommending to revise the pay scale of AD(OL). The Pers. Cell has received the clearance / comments of EF Cell and on that basis the revised proposal with matching saving concept is being processed to the competent authority for approval wherein the pay scales of AD(OL) will be at par with SDE/AO and 25% Sr. Hindi Translator posts are being upgraded equivalent to JTO cadre. After the approval of the competent authority in BSNL the case has been referred to DoT for ratification where it is being examined by the Estb Cell. Final orders will be taken after the concurrence of Finance Wing / DoT.

8. Regularization of offg. JTOs: The suggestion put forward by AIBSNLEA in the matter of regularization of the remaining officiating JTOs by a onetime personal upgradation, is the correct feasible and viable solution. On the basis of legal opinion BSNL Management decided to modify the JTO RR 2001 and accordingly a committee was constituted wherein AIBSNLEA submitted suggestions/views and finally committee submitted report to frame the new JTO-RR-2014. After the approval of BSNL Management Committee and BSNL Board, the regularization of the Offg JTOs started and now all the officiating JTOs have completed their Phase-II training and joined as regular JTO.

AIBSNLEA filed case in the Hon’ble Principal CAT Delhi for granting FR-22(1)a(i) pay fixation benefits to the Officiating JTOs and got favorable judgment which has been implemented partially in most of the circle.  That is over payment recovery has been stopped.  But, pay has been reduced as per the corporate office letter dated 22.12.2015.  AIBSNLEA pursuing for the extension of FR 22 (1)(a)(i) benefits to the officiating JTOs. 

9. Allowing to exercise option to Departmental JAOs on their promotion: The pay anomaly case of departmental JAO-2010 batch joined after 7th May 2010 was taken up by AIBSNLEA and got settled favorably.

10. E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs: The BSNL Management Committee has cleared the proposal of E1+5 Increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAOs 2013 batch and PAs which is still pending for BSNL Board approval.

11. Antedating of pay -  anomaly due to accrual of increment of Junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale implementation of 2nd PRC: We further requested to restore the original order dated 23.09.2009 wherein provision for ante-dating the increment of the senior to that of the junior was envisaged. Alternatively, management can think of any other solution that will address the issue of anomaly wherein the junior does not draw more pay than the senior and also the senior does not face any drop in his basic pay which he/she will be drawing by virtue of the 3% annual increment provided in the rule. The Committee constituted to examine the case has not recommended changing the present order. We will still continue to pursue the case till its resolution to our satisfaction.

12. Implementation of DPE order for payment of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit w.e.f. 01.01.2007 in BSNL Pensioners: DoT has issued Presidential Directives and orders for implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation for existing BSNL employees on 10.06.2013. Similarly now, DoT has also issued Presidential Directives and orders for implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation for BSNL Pensioners also.

13. Payment of pension contribution of the IDA pay scales: We requested to BSNL Management to take up the matter with DoP&T/DoT for modification in payment of pension contribution from highest of IDA pay scale to the actual basic pay from BSNL. As the case was referred to DPP&W and DOP&T by DoT and now DoT vide letter no. 7-45/2008/TA-I/409-433 dated 01.03.2012 submitted that Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) has not concurred the above proposal. Hence the Pension contribution in respect of absorbed BSNL employees are to be recovered as per the previous methodology as stipulated vide DoT letter no. 7-45/2008/TA-I/409-433 dated 25.02.2010.

All the Circle Secretaries presented the activities already taken in connection with the membership verifications, further proposed activities for the remaining period, membership strength, anticipated votes in the membership verification for AIBSNEA, support and activities of AIGETOA, strength of AIBSNLEA and weakness of AIBSNLEA, wherein we have to concentrate more, weakness of other participant associations, etc. with various suggestions


Report on the Open Session

 Shri R.C. Arya, CGMT Rajasthan circle along with Shri G.P. Verma GM (F) and Shri Shashikant, GM (HR & A) of Rajasthan Telecom Circle attended the Open Session.

Rajasthan Circle, AIBSNLEA welcomed all the dignitaries on the Dias and felicitated CGMT Rajasthan by presenting a bouquet and a Shawl.

Com. M K Marodia, CS AIBSNLEA Rajasthan welcomed all the dignitaries present in the meeting.

Shri Verma GM (F) in his address mentioned that the Bad time of BSNL had already gone and is now moving towards good days.  In the year 16-17, BSNL is expecting a profit which will have effect on the 3rdPRC.    He mentioned that Rajasthan Circle is performing well and appreciated the staff and officers of Rajasthan.    He also mentioned that the Revenue growth of the Rajasthan Circle is highest in the country.  Congratulated the AIBSNLEA for the support

Shri Shashikant, GM (HR & A), Rajasthan Circle in his address thanked for inviting him for the meeting.  He has assured all support from the administration of Rajasthan Circle and will help in resolving all the grievances of the executives.

Com. Ravi Shil GS AIGETOA in his address thanked AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for inviting him in the Open Session.  He has mentioned that the MTRR recruitment has been cancelled by the management due to the continuous efforts of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.   He appealed all the executives to vote for the AIBSNLEA to become No.1 so that the MTRR itself can be scrapped. 

He mentioned the status of the pay scale implementation case at the DoT level.  He mentioned that if executives needs more than one promotion they will have to vote for the AIBSNLEA  the association which is really working for the benefits of the entire executive fraternity.  He requested to get success in convincing the executives about the efforts of our association as compared to the vested interest of the circle office bearers of certain associations

He also mentioned about the T U activities for achieving the issue of the pension contribution for the Direct Recruit executives.    He has requested CGM Rajasthan to use his good office with the BSNL Management to settle the superannuation benefits of the Direct Recruit executives.  He appealed all the executives to struggle until the genuine demand is achieved. 

He mentioned that in-spite of the marriage of his son, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA is holding and attending the meeting with the leaders through out the country and under his leadership all the executives will get their genuine demands, the only need is to support AIBSNLEA and vote for it.

Com Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA in his addressed welcomed one and all.  Com. GS mentioned that the meeting is being held at crucial juncture during the membership verification.  He mentioned that though we have already taken various activities, we have still time to reach to each and every executives and make aware of the executives that AIBSNLEA is always working for the benefit of the executives.    He thanked Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS AIGETOA and his team for extending unconditional support to the AIBSNLEA.  He appreciated the AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle in taking the opportunity to welcome the new CGM of Rajasthan Circle and other Senior officers.

He mentioned about the history of formation of AIBSNLEA consisting of executives of the entire executive fraternity and its activities and the equal treatment to all disciplines of executives irrespective of their strength of membership.   He briefed about the entire activities of AIBSNLEA right from its formation and the cases settled. 

He demanded that based on the operative profit, the pay scale of all the staff and officers along with the pensioners should be revised. 

He also mentioned that AIBSNLEA will ensure the need of superannuation benefits to the Direct Recruit executives and all out efforts are being taken jointly with the AIGETOA.

He also mentioned that AIBSNLEA is always working for the benefit of the executives and the efforts have yielded many results in stopping the VRS, unbundling the copper conductor, etc.    He mentioned that BSNL is not a sick industry and we can very well.

He opined that under the leadership of Shri R C Arya ji CGM, Rajasthan Circle will make more profit  and will meet the expectations of the BSNL management and wished all success to the CGM in his efforts to improve the Rajasthan Circle and extended all the support from the AIBSNLEA.

Shri  R C Arya, CGM Rajasthan in his address mentioned that both GSs Com Prahlad Rai and Com. Ravi Shil Verma are best workers as far as the BSNL is concerned and they are also discharging their duties as GSs without  harming their official work. 

CGM in his speech mentioned that BSNL has very good expertise in IT and can extend any sort of support to any Govt. organization  and requested to make use of our expertise.  He also mentioned that a dedicate group can be formed at Corporate office level and extend service to outside country also. 

He mentioned that our existing executives are having expertise in technical works and BSNL is in need of the marketing expertise.  Separate marketing strategy is to be worked out.  No Govt. can think of closing the BSNL  which is handling many vital roles in the telecom industry. 

The private operators are not fulfilling the service conditions and violating many aspects which BSNL cannot do.  He also mentioned that the presence of private operators is also necessary in the country and due to the presence of BSNL only private operators are providing the services at a reasonable and affordable tariff.

BSNL is introducing NGN technology which many of the private operators have not yet introduced and NGN can cater many facilities which are the need of the hours.  Multiple VAS are available in NGN.  NGN can provided centrex facility on an all India basis.  The technology also support other technology switches also.  He has briefed about the WIFI hot spot benefits.  He also mentioned that the executives of BSNL should be proud of handling the highest technology of the world. 

He requested all the executives to work hard for the growth of BSNL.  He also mentioned about the formation of contingency fund and requested all the associations to sit with the BSNL management and work out some methodology.

He mentioned that the full efficiency comes only when you feel that BSNL is your own organization and if you work according to the instructions, you do work with full dedication the result also will be accordingly affect.

Com. M K Marodia, CS Rajasthan assured full support to the CGMT Rajasthan and his team in achieving the targets.

Com. Sivakumar, President CHQ, AIBSNLEA extended vote of thanks. The Open Session concluded with National Enthum.

Central Office Bearers (CHQ), Advisors, Consultants and Circle Secretaries Meeting 

Com. N L Sharma, AGS (HQ) updated the status of printing of Diary 2017.  He requested all the Circle Secretaries to send the consolidated order of the Diary from the circle and avail the discount offer. 

OS (W), OS (E) & OS (N) presented the report about the performance and membership of the respective circles in their jurisdiction.

AGS (HQ), AGS (ENGG), AGS (F), AGS (GD), AGS (CE/ELEC/ARCH), presented their reports

Com. Ajay Kaswan, AGS (DR) suggested to concentrate on the free floating members and requested all to contact such members and brief about the achievement of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.    He also suggested that the efforts being taken by both should be displayed on the websites so that the members can see it.   He also suggested that the leaders should try to clear the mis-understanding of the individual members and as far as possible should try to avoid conversations of conflict nature.

Advisors and Consultants also expressed their views on the membership verification and measures to be taken to get maximum number of votes and expressed their willingness to support at any extend possible.


Comrades of ITPC & Civil/Electrical Wing will vote in WB Wing,So they are requested to check the voter list at website of AIBSNLEA/WB  (click here www.aibsnleawbtc,org).BS North & South are requested to co-ordinate in this regard,


Vijaya Sammilani of AIBSNLEA/TB Branch held on 07-11-2016 at CTRC Room.Branch President Com.Susmita Nag conducted the programme. BS welcomed all & congratulated the dignitaries.President ACS,OS and other OBs of Circle were present.Com.Saikat Das CS & Com.Sadhan Mondal President AIGETOA/CTD attended the occasion. Our members presented song & recitation. Com.N K Das BS/Central Branch offered Synthesizer playing.More than 50 members present there enjoyed the programme very much.

President,ACS AIBSNLEA & CS AIGETOA congratulated the organisers for such an arrangement & gave clarion call to vote AIBSNLEA in Sl.No.1 on 7th December 2016 to make us a clear winner.



CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA Circle on 03-11-2016 & Joint CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA held discussion regarding forth coming Verification on 7th December 2016.It has been decided to make joint campaign programme in every work spot & set  up mechanism for 100%  polling in our favour.In order to work out smoothly Booth level joint committee has been formed.(see above). On 19-11-2016 Com.Shivakumar President,AIBSNLEA,CHQ will visit CTD,A meeting will be held on that day at 8 Hare Street Club Room at 2-00 PM.All members specially of TB & TBZ Branch will attend the meeting. On 28-11-2016 Com Prahlad Rai GS,AIBSNLEA & Com.Ravi Shil Verma GS,AIGETOA will address a mammoth gathering at TB East gate. We should organise it in a befitting manner. Com.CS as OS(E) CHQ will go on tour of whole East Zone hence rest of the OBs of Circle should take care to make the programme successful. ACS(HQ) will look after it.

Tour programme of all exchanges under CTD will be from 29-11-2016 to 05-12-2016.All BS are requested to finalise it in consultation with booth committee.


On 04-11-2016 President,ACSs,OS and other leaders visited NSCBTTC & met JAO/JTO trainees.We congratulated all of them & invited to join our great AIBSNLEA and asked them to work for the betterment of BSNL & executive community.Almost all of the them have already decided to join AIBSNLEA.

Later we met our members there & including Principal and discussed about settlement of several problems of Training Centre in a cordial atmosphere.Circle leadership admitted to pursue these matter with the competent authority.


Vijaya Sammilani of AIBSNLEA,Telephone Bhavan Branch will be held on 07-11-2016(Monday) at Telephone Bhavan Recreation Club at 3-00 PM.All members are requested to attend positively.


CS writes to GS for reduction in period of Tenure Posting.(click to see letter)


AIBSNLEA/CTD extends full moral support to the mass casual leave campaign of AIGETOA on 02-11-2016 for immediate implementation of 30% superannuation benefit(SAB).We wholeheatedly wish  the success of the programme.


On 26-10-2016 the Bijoya Sammilany Programme organized by AIBSNLEA/South Branch took place sucsessfully.CS,President,FS,BS North & Central Branch & other Circle OBs attended the function.Around 70 members were present covering AIGETOA AIBSNLEA members as well as some members of other organisation..The programme was conducted by BS/South & VP/Circle jointly.Com Supriya Kar,Com Uma Biswas,Com.Partha Chakraborty presented vocal recital to amuse all. They were assisted in Tabla by Com.Amar Hazra. Com.CS presented recitation of poems which was a source of enjoyment for all.Com.N K Das BS Central played synthesizer.Com.Mita Guhathakurta recited her own poem on women empowerment.

Biggest attraction was Com.Biswanath Das's vocal recital which was enjoyed by all.Sri Das is an OB of AIBSNLEA/North.

CS & President in their short speech congratulated the organisers & reminded of our task ahead to make AIBSNLEA No.1 in the forthcoming  membership verification to preserve the unity and congenial atmosphere as well as to make BSNL progress.




Today at TB RJCM room FORUM/CTD leaders met.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD CS,President & OS attended. After detailed discussions by the participants from constituent organisation,the following decisions were resolved unanimously.

1.EARS circular in MEDHA by DGM/Plg.:

FORUM constituents criticized the way of circulating re-introduction of EARS.FORUM is not against any step taken to impose discipline in attendance. But before implementation a threadbare discussion with FORUM was needed.Till such discussion FORUM decided not to participate.

2.CGM's development meeting on 17-10-2016:

FORUM leaders expressed their dissatisfaction against the attitude shown by  CGM in the meeting. Instead of discussing he started dictating & interrupting.FORUM convenor explained that protest was not expressed as the meeting was not with FORUM.He also criticized the way one association blamed others in that meeting.It had been decided that FORUM will seek meeting with  CGM regarding several issues.

3.Meeting regarding development of CTD:

FORUM will meet on a suitable date to discuss different proposals for development of CTD before seeking meeting with CGM.CS asked for co-operation of unions in imposing discipline by taking steps against non-performing employees.

4.Protest against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company:

As per decision of All India FORUM in CTD FORUM will organise protest meeting in every work place on 27-10-2016. All constituents will take part in gate/lunch hour protest meeting against the decision of forming Subsidiary Tower Company by the authority. Beside this FORUM will take steps and organise meeting to educate members about the ill-effect of formation of such company.


CS & President met GM(HR & Admin) on 22-10-2016 for some discussion:

1.Transfer & posing of executives:

We informed that some executives are joining from other circle,still request transfers are not being considered. We demanded immediate issue of transfer order of requesting members.

2.Immovable Property acquisition:

We expressed our dissatisfaction regarding non settlement of procedure of getting approval of Immovable property despite assurance.We demanded immediate settlement.

3.Inclusion of transferred executive for Verification:

As executive membership verification process is deferred to December 2016,we requested to include transferred executives in the voter list upto November.GM assured to consider subject to guideline by BSNL CO.He requested us to pursue this with HQ.

4.EARS circular given by DGM Plg.:

We expressed our dissatisfaction against the circular by DGM(plg.) im MEDHA.Though we are not against the record the attendance,we wanted a central circular by GM(HR & Admin) embracing all section of executives & non executives in CTD,not a particular section.Before that,as discussed earlier,a consensus should be reached to get maximum effect.We demanded proper,fruitful disscussion before its implementation.


Emergent CEC meeting will be held on 03-11-2016 at 3-00 PM in Association Room.All CEC members are requested to attend punctually.Discussion will be held on forthcoming verification.

Joint Circle OB & BS meeting with AIGETOA will be held on 05-11-2016 at 2-00 PM in Association Room.All concerned are requested to attend without fail.


Bijoya Sammilani 2016 organised by AIBSNLEA/South Branch will be held on 26-10-2016 Wednesday at Russa Telephone exchange premises at 4-30 PM. All are cordially requested to attend to make this programme successful.


1st Membership Verification Process - Printing of the Ballot papers:

BSNL Corporate Office releases final sample ballot paper and requests to keep them printed and ready by 26.10.2016 <<<Click here for the letter from SR Cell>>>


Recognition of majority representative Association of serving executives in BSNL - extension of dates for conduct of election, counting of votes & declaration of results:

BSNL Corporate Office extends the dates of following activities mentioned in BSNL Corporate Office notice of even number dated 23.06.2016 as follow:

* Conduct of election:                                                     07.12.2016 (Wednesday)

* Counting of votes & declaration of results:               09.12.2016 (Friday)

 <<<Click here for full text of the letter of SR Cell>>>>


Transfer order of  Manik ghosh AO,President AIBSNLEA/South got effected,Thanks to AIBSNLEA/CHQ

<<<Click here for orders of SEA Cell>>>>


CS & President attended the development meeting called by CGM/CTD on 17-10-2016 at Conference Hall. Other GMs from different vertical were present. CGM sought suggestions from the leaders of Unions & Associations for development of CTD. Because CTD is not performing well recently.

On our behalf we put forth the following suggestions:

1.Shortage of staff Especially executives:

CS pointed out that staff & executives are retiring in large numbers.As a result there is an acute shortage specially in the outdoor/Mtce. We demanded again rationlaisation & rearrangement in this regard.

2.Regularisation & timely payment of JC labors:

We demanded that though the JC labors are being paid regularly since recent past,the date of payment varies in different Area. We requested the GM(F) to make sure that payment may made on 7th to avoid unrest causing loss of work.In this connexion we again reiterated that issuing of PO/SO in SAP/ERP is still a problem & requested early settlement.GM(F) & CGM admitted the fact and assured early solution.

3. Imposition of discipline in every level:

As we have pointed out in earlier occasion also we demanded imposition of discipline in every level.Punctuality in attendance,timely disposal of file work,settlement of medical/staff claims in time bound manner is necessary to improve work culture.Co ordination within different wing is also necessary.

4.Strengthening Marketing Wing:

We suggested that strong & professional marketing is the need of the hour.So Ventral/Area marketing wing to be revamped with young staff and executives to cater better service.

5.Mobile data service:

We pointed out that though with the installation of 2G BTS voice service of mobile someway improved, data speed is not adequate due to poor coverege by 3G BTS.We need to improve for providing better data speed.

6.Setting up a legal notice monitoring Cell:

Legal Notice are being served to defaulting Customers by AOTRs.But no proper follow-up is being possible in most of the cases.Prerident suggested for setting up a centralised monitoring cell cell for following up such cases in order to increase revenue collection.\

7.Network expansion in newly developed area:

We expressed the need of expanding/extending N/W at fast developing areas like Rajarhat/Newtown etc.Administration informed the case has already be taken,work in progress.

8.BB connection with increased limit:

President pointed out that in different section BB connection with greater speed is need for better service.CGM informed that in general it is not possible at this moment but whenever  required it may be allowed on need basis.

The meeting ended in cordial atmosphere & CGM expressed the next such meeting will be held after 2 months to review the position.


On 14-10-2016 CS & President met CGM/CTD ,GM(Fin) & other officers to convey Bijoya Greetings on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD. We wish them prosperity of BSNL/CTD and assured wholehearted cooperation in this regard on our behalf.


Appeal of Director(HR), BSNL Board to all BSNL employees to either forego the token PLI announced or defer the same till after 3rd PRC <<<Click here for appeal>>>>>

BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding Grant of Productivity linked Incentive(PLI) to BSNL Employees for the year 2014-2015    <<<Click here for order>>>>>>



After active persuasion of CS it has been learnt from reliable source that the training of JAO LDCE qualified candidates of CTD most probably commence from 24th October 2016 At NSCBTTC,Kalyani. All 25 candidates will be accommodated in one Batch.

Best wishes from AIBSNLEA/CTD.All are requested to strengthen AIBSNLEA for the sake of benefits of BSNL Executive community.


AIBSNLEA releases its manifesto for the forth coming Membership verification:

Today, in a meeting of the CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries stationed at New Delhi GS released the manifesto of AIBSNLEA for the forth coming Membership verification scheduled to be held on 16th November 2016. <<<<Click here for the Manifesto >>>> The Circle Secretaries are requested to get it translated into their regional language, if required and publish.

<<<<Click here for the Photo 1 >>>> <<<<Click here for the Photo 2 >>>>


Judgement of Court the Case in Hon'ble Chandigarh CAT regarding LDCE Quota promotions from JTO to SDE (T):

Hon'ble CAT Bench Chandigarh has pronounced its judgement in the matter of OA No. 060/00504/2015 & MA No. 060/01142/2015 filed by Swinderjit Singh and others against Union of India and others. Hon'ble CAT has allowed the OAs.   <<<<Click here for the copy of the judgment >>>>




CS attended the GB of AIRBSNLEWA/WB at CTO  Hall on 01-10-2016 at 2PM. CS in his speech assured Pensioners that we are taking initiative in different area for 78.2 fixation & pending medical bill settlement.A new strong body was elected from the AGB meeting.


 DOT, Gov. of India order regarding implementation of Superannuation pension scheme in respect of Directly recruited employees in BSNL 

<<<<Click here for order copy>>>>>