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 Co-ordination Committee of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA


3rd PRC Report....Gazette Notification.....<<<Click here for report>>>>>

  *** The Foundation Day of AIBSNLEA on 1st May 2017***

AIBSNLEA is celebrating its 14th Foundation Day on 1st May 2017. AIBSNLEA CHQ extends warm greetings to all the Members of AIBSNLEA and well wishers on the occasion.  AIBSNLEA was formally launched on 1st May, 2004 by merging of 10 DoT recognized Gr "B" Associations namely TESA (I), AFSOA, AIJTOA, AIPTCE (Gr.-'B'), AIPTEE (Gr.-'B'), AIJEA, AIPTAA, ABDRA, AITSA, BSNLEA. AIBSNLEA is in the true sense protecting the interest of BSNL Executives as well as of BSNL.

On this day, we recollect the sacrifice of the May Day martyrs. We pledge to carry forward their struggle to establish a Socialist Society, free of exploitation of man by man.

All the Circle / District Secretaries are requested to organize Special General Body Meetings, Seminars, Get-togethers, Blood Donation Camps, Telecom Melas etc. to observe the Foundation Day in a befitting manner. 


Members of AIBSNLEA/South Branch greeted our member DGM/NWO/South Com M Veerappan on his last working day with flower bouquet & sweets on the eve of his transfer to his home state Chennai.We recollect the memories of working with him pat Two & half years.He also thanked us,the members & leadership of AIBSNLEA for extending all kind of support to him. Com Veerappan has donated Rs.2500 to Circle & Rs.2500 to Branch. 

We wish him every success in future for prosperity of BSNL!



On 27-04-2017 BS/North & other OBs of AIBSNLEA/North met DGM/NWO/BKP for convey our resentment against some vindictive attitude of DE/PHT/OD towards our members.Circle President led the discussion.We explained that conspiratorial posting & transfer orders are being manipulated by DE/PHT/OD  keeping everybody in dark bypassing GMs instruction for his vested interest to harass our members.We warned DGM that if this kind of tricks are not end working atmosphere in BKP area may be worsen.

DGM & newly joined AGM(Admin) were convinced in our argument & assured to take proper steps immediately to rectify the unjustified orders.

President clearly told that if justice in regard is not done AIBSNLEA will not keep quiet.However,DGM/BKP assured to mitigate the matter at the earliest.


CS,ACS and other members went to convey our solidarity to the agitation organised by several associations at telephone Bavan on 27-04-2017.CS in his deliberation told that the issues like settlement of standard E2/E3 pay scale & scrapping of MTRR/DGM recruitment were raised by UF of /AIBSNLEA/AIGETOA & we fought many struggle in this regard.We are always behind the struggle of AIGETOA to attain these issues.He also expressed that in this regard true unity is to be forged and for this reason before launching any programme all the GS of Executive Association should sit together and a unified decision is to be taken.Otherwise unity fore the core of the heart cannot be achieved,which is extremely necessary to this fight against conspiratorial move of DoT.

AIBSNLEA is ready to play its role as earlier as a true friend of DR/BR & particularly AIGETOA.



Mother of Com.Raju Roy OS/AIBSNLEA/South Branch breathed her last on 24-04-2017 morning.She was suffering from ailments sine few months.We convey our deepest condolence to Com.Raju & bereaved family.May her soul RIP. Our comrades including BS,AFS & other members will go to console at Raju's place.


GS Writes to:

The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office, regarding  Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel<<<Click here for letter>>>>


CS,ACS & President met GM(HR) & Discussed the following items:

1.Case of Sri P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC: We reminded GM about his commitment to resolve Faculty Allowance issue of Sri Mondal, GM told that due to his hectic schedule he could not take the case to CGM,early settlement is assured.

2.JTO posting case: We reminded him that as per CGMs views expressed in several development meeting most of the fresh JTOs are to be posted in External & Marketing field.GM assured most of the JTOs are posted in Area from where they came & it is the responsibility of Area to post them as per their requirement.

3.Pensioner ID Card: We brought to the notice of GM that ID cards to the Pensioners are not being issues during past few months causing several difficulties.GM inquired the matter instantly and informed that due to some technical problem the cards are not being issued.It will be issued soon in collaboration with some external agency.

4.Filling up of vacant DGM/DE posts: Due to bulk struck off in ERP of SDEs/DEs several post of DE(LA) & DGM(LA) are lying vacant in the field causing disruption of work.We requested fresh list for SDE(LA) ,DE(LA) & DGM(LA) should be prepared by HQ among those who attained the respective scale through EPP. Accordingly,order may be issued maintaining seniority.LLA arrangement practice may be avoided as far as practicable.

Options may be called for from the juniors also if sufficient numbers of candidate not found. GM appreciated our view ans assured to make early steps.

5.Some seeking transfer Cases: We reminded GM of some long pending request transfer cases.GM assured to accommodate as far as practicable during posting of new incumbents who are coming from other state to CTD. Request for release of executives came from other states will only be considered after completion of two years.

6.Training of LICE qualified JEs: We requested to arrange for early training LICE qualified JEs in order to fill up shortage in the field. GM assured as soon as training programme will be received from BBRATTC,Jabalpur CTD will release the candidates.

The meeting ended in a harmonious atmosphere & we thanked GM(HR) for his co-operation.


After meeting with GM(HR) we met GM(F) in his chamber and handed over a copy of letter requesting to retain Accounts Personnel in CTD until the Audit is over.We also discussed some problems regarding transfer & posting in units like south BA and others.We also proposed to consider stand alone CAO(LA) posting amongst the Sr.AOs where ever necessary.GM appreciated our views and assured to consider.


CS writes to CGM/CTD about retention of Accounts Personnel liable to be transferred until Auditing is over.( click to see letter)



Due to our constant persuasion & active support of our beloved GS,CHQ modification of posting order of Sri Joydeb Samaddar in the grade of DGM(F) at WBT issued today by BSNL CO.We are extremely thankful to AIBSNLEA/CHQ as well to Sri Samaddar for his loalty & faith towards our great organisation. (click to see order)


AIBSNLEA supports AIGETOA agitation

AIBSNLEA has extended its support to the agitation of AIGETOA in view of the common demands for which we jointly struggled in the past under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations. The arbitrary notification of E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales by DoT has lowered the status of JTO & SDE equivalent executives. Future recruitment of JTO & JAO will take place in E1 pay scale only. This fact was well known that DoT has processed E1A & E2A intermediatory pay scales then how the said Majority Executive Association has allowed its notification. In the recent referendum of Executives' Associations, Majority Association has been given all negotiation powers on policy matters concerning to the executives in BSNL. Hence, the Majority Association just after the notification of these intermediatory pay scales should have exhausted all negotiation channels in BSNL & DoT to get withdrawal of this notification instead of jumping into agitation directly. However, it is up-to them to take such decision. AIGETOA has preferred to align with the Majority Association for the settlement of HR issues leaving aside the platform of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA.

AIBSNLEA, eventhough is committed to support AIGETOA in their efforts for settlement of the genuine HR issues but AIBSNLEA can't be mortgaged to some association. AIBSNLEA is struggling for getting limited Trade Union Facilities at All India Level/Circle Level & SSA Level with BSNL Management and through court cases.

At present after the referendum process AIBSNLEA CHQ, Circles & SSAs are not mentally prepared for the agitation. In case the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Office Bearers & Members are victimized by the management, AIBSNLEA does not have any recognized channel to save them.

In view of this, AIBSNLEA decided to extend its solidarity support to AIGETOA struggle. We extend our best wishes and support for the success of their struggle & settlement of HR issues.



Due to our constant persuasion & active support of our beloved GS,CHQ promotion order os Sri Sumit Saha to the post of SE(Electrical) issued today.This is an end of discrimination to Sri Saha whose name was unjustifiedly left out (click to see order).


GS Writes to:

1. Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL,  regarding CPSU cadre hierarchy - Our protest against the deviations from the recommendations of the Khan Committee.<<<Click here for letter>>>> 

2. Smt. Sujata Ray,  Director (HR), BSNL Board requesting for conducting CPC for promotion of JTO (C/E) to the grade of SDE (C/E) under SCF quota <<<Click here for letter>>>> 

3. Smt. Sujata Ray,  Director (HR) BSNL Board requesting for conducting CPC for promotion of SDE(C) to the grade of   EE(C) <<<Click here for letter>>>> 


CTD received Appreciation Letter from BSNL CO for Enterprise Business(EB) at Convergence Hall,Ballygunge Place on 21-04-2017.We are proud for this performance.



Circle VP Com.Sumitra Roy has undergone knee replacement surgery successfully at Nightingle Hospital today.Com.Somnath Dey FS/TB Branch was present at the time of operation.We pray for early recovery of Sumitradi.


Com.T Narendra Org.Secretary AIBSNLEA/South Branch has been transferred to his hometown at Hyderabad.On his last working day at CTD on 20-04-2017 BS,Teasurer and other members of AIBSNLEA/South alongwith ACS,OS assembled at Alipur Exch to greet him.We recall Narendra's contribution towards Department,his sincerity,politeness and organising capacity for Association.

We wished him active and fruitful life which will enrich BSNL as well as AIBSNLEA.



Transfer and postings in the grade of Accounts Officer / Sr. Accounts Officer:

BSNL Corporate Office issues long awaited request / Hard Tenure Request / Cancellations / Re-Allotment / Retention and Long Stay transfer and posting orders in the grade of Accounts Officer / Sr. Accounts Officer. The request of CHQ President Shri S Sivakumar is also considered for his transfer from STR to BSNL Corporate Office.

<<<Click here for the orders>>>>

We are very much anxious that the requests from CTD have not been considered.CS,President already contacted to CHQ regarding this discrimination,we hope soon measures will be taken.


Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of AIBSNLEA

AIBSNLEA notifies for its 2nd Central Working Committee meeting after the 5th All India Conference Mysuru (Karnataka) to be held at RTTC, Trivandrum on 11th and 12th August 2017 to transact the following agenda:

1. Discussion and decision on organizational matters post Membership verification.

2.Discussion and decision onthe issues of importance of service/welfare matters especially issues related to:

(i) Implementation of Standard IDA Scales instead of intermediate E1A and E2A pay scales for BSNL Executives,

(ii) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and abandon of MTRR/DGMRR,

(iii) CPCs to fill up the  vacant CGM/GM/DGM (Eng)/DGM (Fin), DE/CAO, SDE(T)/AO equivalent posts,

(iv) Modification in MSRRs & Executive Transfer Policy,

(v) Notional Pay Fixation w.e.f. 01.10.2000 of JTOs/SDEs (C/E/Arch/TF) Engg. Wings and PA Cadre,

(vi) Approval of BSNL Board on pending HR issues cleared by BSNL MC,

(vii) Pay anomaly wherein seniors are drawing less pay than Juniors,

(viii) Restructuring of AD (OL) Cadre and

(ix) BSNL MRS etc.

3. Discussion and decision on the implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations for Executives in BSNL.

4. Discussion and decision on burning items related to viability of BSNL i.e. Creation of BSNL’s Tower Subsidiary, merger of BSNL & MTNL, Payment of Pension contribution on actual basic, Procurement of stores / material, Rental / Tariffs, Strategies on Sales & marketing etc.

5. Discussion and decision on the relative activities of other Executive Associations and Non-Executive Unions.

6. Any other items with the permission of chair.

All CHQ Office Bearers, Advisors, Consultants, Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries and Central Working Committee members of AIBSNLEA are requested to attend the meeting. Detailed Programme / agenda shall be circulated at the venue well before start of the meeting. The CHQ Office Bearers, Advisors and Consultants meeting will be arranged at the same venue on 10thAugust 2017 at 18.00 Hrs.

<<<Click here for the notification>>>>

Detailed instructions for smooth conduction of the CWC follows....


Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi: GS, AGS (HQ) met with Director (HR) and discussed regarding:

(1) Additional facilities to AIBSNLEA: We requested for grant of special CLs to the office bearers of AIBSNLEA for attending organizational activities and smooth functioning of the Association. Director (HR) assured an early action in this regard.

(2) Approval of BSNL Board on the HR issues cleared by BSNL MC: We requested for an early approval of BSNL Board on the pending HR issues cleared by BSNL MC long before i.e. E1+5 advance increments benefit to JTO(SRD)/JAO 2013 batch & PA Cadre, diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to Seniority quota, modification in SDE RR & E5 toE6 grade time bound promotions to DGM(Adhoc) etc. Director(HR) mentioned that as soon as HR Plan of BSNL is approved by BSNL Board, immediately all these pending HR issues will also be approved by BSNL Board. She assured an early action in this regard.

(3) Posting of LDCE qualified JTOs in SDE grade: Director(HR) mentioned that as soon as the modification in SDE RR is approved by BSNL Board and she will discuss a Sr. Advocate to take out the way for promotion in view of Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh judgment & SLP filed in Hon'ble Supreme Court in this regard.


 Active support of AIBSNLEA to the agitation programmes being launched by Joint Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations :

AIBSNLEA extends its its active support to the agitation programmes being launched by the Joint Forum of BSNL Executives’ Associations in view of the common HR issues of Executives raised in the charter of demands as the settlement of the important issues is more important rather than the credit who so ever takes it.

Further, at this juncture, AIBSNLEA suggests to have a single Executive Association by merging all the existing Executive Associations in BSNL. Single Executive Association will have a great strength and bargaining power to impress upon the DoT Administration as well as BSNL Management and to provide a safe umbrella to the entire executive fraternity of BSNL. This concept is available in many PSUs.

<<<Click here for the letter>>>>


Revised IDA rates w.e.f 01.04.2017:

BSNL Corporate Office issues instructions regarding revised IDA rates @117.1% w.e.f. 01-04-2017 for BSNL Employees / Pensioners.

 <<<Click here for the letter>>>>


48 Hrs Relay Hunger Strike at BSNL CO on 18th and 19th April 2017 and other programs by SNEA withdrawn:

BSNL Corporate Office has circulated that the SNEA has withdrawn the 48 hours Relay Hunger Strike at BSNL CO on 18.04.2017 to 19.04.2017 and Relay Hunger Strike at BSNL CO / Circle / SSA HQs on 25.04.2017 to 28.04.2017.

<<<Click here for the letter>>>> 


CS & President met GM(S & M) regarding unjustified disconnection of RSTC of Com.Badal Mondal CAO & resolved the issue appropriately.GM accepted our proposal,soon the case will be solved.


As a token of solidarity AIBSNLEA/CTD members present at the Lunch Hour in the Programme called by SNEA against the degradation of executive pay scale by DoT.ACS(HQ) addressed the gathering saying that AIBSNLEA is always in favour of executives' unity.But this unity should be based upon mutual trust & belief.Otherwise the Unity will be meaningless.To combat the conspiracy of DoT & BSNL CO we should be united from the core of our heart,by blaming other associations unity can't achieved in true spirit.

Only United struggle could ensure our victory against all type of derogatory steps including recruitment of MT/DGM  ,etc to degrade and divide the Executives of BSNL.



 BSNL CO has issued the orders allowing pensioners for payment of fixed medical allowances limited to 50% of the annual eligibility and payable in 4 quarterly installments. This payment will be taxable and BSNL will review the order after 6 months. Pensioners willing to have the facility may apply immediately quoting the order. <<ORDER>>


 Ongoing agitation program of SNEA - stand of AIBSNLEA

AIBSNLEA extends its solidarity support to SNEA agitation programme i.e. Dharna on 11.04.2017 and Relay Hunger Strike with effect from 25.4.2017 to 28.4.2017. All the Circle/District Secretaries are requested to act accordingly.


5th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA WBTC held on 7th &  8th April'17  at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata. 

On 07-04-2017 in the open session of CC of AIBSNLEA/WB our members attended the OPEN SESSION at 3-00 pm.GS,AIBSNLEA,Com Prahlad Rai addressed the members appraising the present position of the organisation,status of several demands,3rd PRC update and our task regarding latest degradation of pay-scale proposal.

Our CS & OS (E) addressed the gathering and wished the success of the conference.

On the 2nd day i,e 08-04-2017 OS(E) & our leader Com.Amit Gupta acted as the Election Commission. A powerful state committee headed by

The following office bearers were elected unanimously by the august house.

Circle  President            - Com.Kalyan Halder, CAO (Vigilance), Circle Office, Kolkata
Circle Secretary             - Com.Aniruddha Basu, AGM (Genl), Circle Office, Kolkata

Finance Secretary          - Com.Uuttam Kumar Mandal, AO (Cash), Circle Office, Kolkata

All office bearers took oath of office from Shri Prasun Mukhopadhya, O.S. (East).

Com.Prasun Kr.Mukhopadhay as OS(E) & as CS AIBSNLEA/CTD on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD conveyed our best wishes & wholehearted support to the new committee.



All members are requested to attend the OPEN SESSION of Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA/WB.Our beloved GS Prahlad Rai will address.BS/North & OS went to welcome GS on 06-04-2017 at the Airport on behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD.


CS & ACS met GM(HR/Admn.) for persuasion of following cases:

1.Faculty allowance of Sri P K Mondal,DE,NSCBTTC:GM said he will take the case to CGM personally in the next week.

2.Request Transfer Cases:GM assured that the cases are being considered,will be settled soon.

3.Release of DE/SDEs of other state:GM assured that they will be released soon in consultation with CGM/CTD according to his direction.

4.Posting of New JTOs:We requested that new JTOs to be posted under Marketing/External field in order to strengthen those field.GM noted our view and assured to pursue.


Today at the Lunch hour Demonstration against arbitrary notification of DoT to degrade executive payscale & to end pay anomaly case in JTO/JAO grade all the members of UF (AIBSNLEA/AIGETOA/AITEEA) gathered in the ground Floor of telephone Bhavan. Leaders from all the three organisation addressed the gathering.They opined that the Unity of the executives-is the need of the hour to fight out this discrimination & conspiracy to recruit DGM & MT. Circle Secretary & President of AIBSNLOA attended & addressed the meeting. AIBSNLOA expressed their faith in the unity of executive fraternity to fight out any sinister move of the management.

On behalf of AIGETOA Saikat Das CS,Dinesh Rai ,On behalf AITEEA Vineet Kumar ACS & on behalf of AIBSNLEA Prasun K Mukhopadhyay CS,Tridip Chakraborty President addressed the gathering. Subhahasis Mitra ACS/AIBSNLEA conducted the programme.



Lunch Hour Demonstration led by AIBSNLEA & AITEEA on 6th April, 2017

AIBSNLEA & AITEEA has served a notice for Lunch Hour Demonstration on 06.04.2017 at BSNL Corporate Office / Circle / SSA HQs as a protest against the arbitrary notification of DoT OM dated 28.03.2017 and non-submission of Committee report on Pay anomaly case i.e. Rs. 22820/- as initial basic for JTOs/JAOs recruited post 2007. <<<<Click here for the Notice>>>>

All the CHQ Officer Bearers, Circle/Distt. Secretaries are requested to ensure it a grand success by active participation of all the members. Further course of agitation program will be decided shortly, if need be.

We have requested all the Executives Associations of BSNL i.e. AIGETOA, SNEA(I), AIBSNLOA, BBOA,  BASE, BSNLOA, BASE, ABLE etc for their whole hearted support in making the struggle a grand success in larger interest of BSNL executives.

 <<<<Click here for the Appeal >>>>


 Call Attention Day was observed throughout CTD in a befitting manner.Our membembers took part in the meeting in every workspot in the call of FORUM.In Telephone Bhaban President addressed the gathering justifying the 4 demands of Call Attention Day i,e

(1) Settle Wage Revision of BSNL Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
(2) Settle revision of pension from 01.01.2017.
(3) Implement 30% Superannuation benefits to DR employees.
(4) Calculate pension contribution on actual basic pay.


Circle President & OS of AIBSNLEA/CTD attended the the Development meeting for 2017-18 called by CGM/CTD for all unions & associations today at 11-30 hours.The meeting lasted for about 3 hours.On our behalf President in his deliberation appreciated the initiatives taken by CGM as a leader of CTD.He put forth some suggestion for further development of CTD.Those are:

1)Staff ratio including executives should be increased in the Marketing & External fields in order to strengthen these fields.

2)Number & duration of Cash Collection Centre is to be increased in order to increase in revenue collection.

3)Lucrative & competitive plans for LL,BB & Mobile to be ascertained compared to private operators for market penetration & revenue growth.

4)Timely delivery of Telephone Bills to customers (Both LL & Mobiles) in order to minimise hardship of aged customers in particular.

5)Ensure adequate water supply in Telephone Bhavan itself.

CGM and other Ofiicers & participants appreciated our view & thanked for our positive contribution,


BSNL Corporate Office declared list of Qualified candidates w.r.t. Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion from Group 'C' to the grade of JTO (T) under 50% quota for the vacancy year 2015-16 held on 11-12-2016 - <<<Click here for letter>>>>  <<<<List>>> <<<Final Key>>>>


Organise Call Attention Day powerfully on 05.04.2017:As per the decision taken in the meeting of Unions and Associations, held at New Delhi on 15.03.2017, Call Attention Day is to be observed on 05.04.2017, by wearing demands badges and conducting gate meetings.

:::::::::Demands ::::::::::

(1) Settle Wage Revision of BSNL Employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
(2) Settle revision of pension from 01.01.2017.
(3) Implement 30% Superannuation benefits to DR employees.
(4) Calculate pension contribution on actual basic pay.

All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Secretaries are requested to organise the programme effectively, in coordination with other Unions and Associations. In case of holiday on 05.04.2017 on account of Ram Navami in some of the Circles; decision can be taken locally, in consultation with other Unions and Associations, to conduct the programme on some other date. <<<Click here for notification>>>


AIBSNLEA & AITEEA decided to hold lunch hour demonstration on 6th April, 2017 at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi, Circle / SSA HQs to protest against the arbitrary notification of OM dated 28.03.2017 by DoT for intermediatery  pay scales E1A & E2A instead of standard pay scales of E2 & E3 pay scales & non settlement of pay anomaly Rs. 22820/- pay fixation case of JTO/JAO post recruited 2007.

All the CHQ Officer Bearers, Circle/Distt. Secretaries are requested to ensure their active participation. Further course of agitation programmes will be decided shortly.

We also request all the Executives Associations of BSNL i.e. AIGETOA, SNEA(I), AIBSNLOA, BBOA,  BASE, BSNLOA, BASE, ABLE etc for their support in making the struggle a success in larger interest of BSNL executives. Notice will follow.

AIBSNLEA & AITEEA served notice for Lunch Hour Demonstration as protest against the arbitrary notification of DoT OM dated 28.03.2017 and non-submission of Committee report on Pay anomaly case i.e. Rs. 22820/- as initial basic for JTOs/JAOs recruited post 2007. <<<<Click here for notice>>>>


On 31-03-2017 the following members of AIBSNLEA/CTD retired due to superannuation.

1.Smt.Ratna Pal-  SDE/Store/Russa :Member of AIBSNLEA/CTD South

2.Sri Pramatha Ranjan Halder -SDE/Store/Behala:Member of AIBSNLEA/CTD South

We wish them happy, healthy & peaceful retired life.


 GS Writes to:

The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate office, regarding  Request for transfer /posting / Cancellation /retention in the cadre of Accounts Personnel      <<Click here for letter>>>>>


CS,ACSs & OS went to NSCBTTC,Kalyani on 29-03-2017 to meet the JTO Trainees of Batch 51 & 52.About 75 trainees were present to attend the meeting organised in the training Centre mess.CS & ACS welcomed them in the executive community of BSNL & take the responsibility organising executives for their better future & to develop BSNL as a mighty organisation. CS also explained the brief history of AIBSNLEA as an umbrella organisation of all executives cadre of BSNL,formation of UF alongwith AIGETOA & AITEEA and joint struggle to fulfill the legitimate demands of BRs & DRs as well as DoT recruited executives in true sense.

Our members of NSCB TTC were also present.

We assured that AIBSNLEA never propagate hoax news and false commitments,rather we believe in unity & struggle.We requested them to come and strengthen UF .

The session was interactive and drew attention of all the trainees present there.


Protest against lowering of payscales of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO & equivalent cadres:

United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA strongly protest against the notification of DoT OM dated 28.03.2017 wherein payscales of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO & equivalent cadres have been lowered arbitrarily, which will seriously demoralize & de-motivate  the executives in BSNL. We express our strong resentment against the DoT decision & failure of BSNL Management in this regard.

United Forum of Executives Associations will shortly finalize the protest actions against such demoralizing act of DoT / BSNL.

It is unfortunate that the matter has been mis-handled by some executives Associations by giving a call of agitation & withdrawing without any fruitful outcome. It has strengthen DoT to ignore the protest of BSNL Executives. The fact remains that efforts were taken by the same executive associations to sabotage the outgoing agitation call given by United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations in the month of Dec., 2016 and Jan., 2017 and they impressed upon the BSNL Management to victimize the CHQ/Circle/Distt. level office bearers of United Forum by issuing the memorandum & deduction of salary for two days i.e. 27th & 28th Dec., 2016 for participating in Dharna programme. These actions has strengthen the BSNL/DoT management to conveniently ignore the genuine grievances of executives in BSNL.

Hence, United Forum has to decide its own course of actions to protest the interest of entire BSNL Executives community rather coming under the trap of so called executive associations to further damage the interest of executives of BSNL.

Let us decide & keep ready for the conclusive struggle to show the strength of executives in achieving the settlement of legitimate demands.

DoT issued Presidential order dated 28.03.2017 for E1A and E2A  pay scales for JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres <<<Click here for order>>>>>


Meeting with DDG(Estt)DOT : 

GS, FS met DDG (Estt) Dot and discussed regarding 3rd PRC report implementation for BSNL executives.  DDG (Estt) informed that matter is under consideration to DOT/DPE. The BSNL's proposal to grand 15% fitment benefit in the revised pay scales has been sent to DPE.  But the final decision will be taken after the approval of 3rd PRC report by Govt.  DDG (Estt), DOT assured to support BSNL proposal in this regard.


CS writes to GM(HR & Admin.)/CTD regarding opinion of AIBSNLEA/CTD for submission to HPC formed about several matters of Job Contract Labour.(click to see)


CS and ACSs attended the Press meet of CGM/CTD on 22-03-2017 at 3-30 PM in TB Conference Room regarding launching of special feature of Landline with Broad Band facility.One can use a smartphone as a cordless extension of existing LL with BB without any extra cost.This will give LL a better utility.PGM,GM(Mktg.)were present. DGM(Mktg.) organised the programme in a befitting manner. He appealed all to popularise our plan 339 which is the cheapest & best GSM data/voice plan in the country.



Meeting with PGM (Pers):- GS met PGM (Pers) and discussed regarding-

(a) CPC from DE to DGM (Engg): 

We requested PGM (Pers) for expediting CPC from DE to DGM to fill up about 400 DGM vacant Posts.  PGM (Pers) mentioned that the proposal to fill up all the vacant DGM posts has been sent to the competent authority for approval.  Dir (HR) has already cleared the proposal and CMD BSNL approval is awaited.  He expected the approval shortly and assured to conduct CPC on 27th & 28th March 2017 so that the posting on promotion orders can be issued before 31.3.2017.

(b) CPC from JTO to SDE(T) and SDE (T) to DE(T) : 

We requested to fill up all vacant DEs and SDEs (T) posts. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the APAR/VCRs collection of eligible SDEs(T) is in progress. Similarly APRs/VCRs of eligible JTOs to the promotion of SDE(T) will be completed just after the stay order on promotion from Hon'ble High Court Kerala is vacated. He further mentioned that SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court has been filed today against the judgment of Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh in the court cases from JTO(T) to SDE(T) seniority quota & LDCE quota, also against the judgment in the case of SDE to DE.  After getting the proper order from Hon'ble Supreme Court against the Hon'ble High Court Chandigarh Judgments on SC/ST roaster implementation from JTO (T) to SDE(T) seniority quota, JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE quota and SDE(T) to DE promotion, the CPC will be expedited.

(c ) CPC from JTO(T) to SDE(T): 

We requested  for making efforts through BSNL's advocates for early pronouncement of the court judgment form Hon'ble High Court of Kerala. In case the stay order on promotion is vacated  then  the CPC to fill up about 8000 vacant  SDE posts. PGM (pers) assured  to look in to the matter.

(d) Restructuring of AD(OL) cadre :  

PGM (pers)  informed that  the queries  made by DOT has been replied  and  Director PSU, DOT   has been requested for an early clearance.

(e) Consideration of   request/ tenure transfers  of SDEs and DEs: 

We requested for consideration of  pending request /tenure transfers of SDEs & DEs. PGM (Pers) assured to consider the cases shortly.


Later CS & ACS(HQ) met GM(HR) and discussed about some request transfer/posting case settlement. JTO posting & distribution of them in the field.We also mention the case of Sri P K Mondal DE/NSCBTTC for granting faculty allowance.GM assured the he will take personal initiative.We expressed our resentment for not granting further chance for EPP by BSNL CO.We requested to see that the increment of the incumbent may not be freezed.GM advised us to apply in this regard & after getting clarification from BSNL CO AGM/Staff I may decide in this regard.

We thanked him for settlement of procedure of permission for acquisition/disposal of movable/immovable property as per AIBSNLEA's demand & hoped for cooperation in future also.


CS & ACS(HQ) attended the CGM meeting for development of CTD on behalf of FORUM/CTD on 17.03.2017 at CGM's chamber. GM(HR) & GM(Fin) were also present.

CGM said that marketing & advertising activities in CTD has been enhanced,as a result of it SIM sale in CTD has been increased, we are achieving targets even surpassing it,still we are not able to achieve revenue target.In future we will be having 2000 BTS to cover the network,Wi-Fi Hotspots for individual & bulk customers are also being installed on experimental basis.To enhance the speed of BB DSLAMs are being installed in BTS Site,Voice over BB also will be given..He expressed though we are not able to increase revenue this fiscal we can restrict losses & with our united efforts surely we can be positive in next financial year.

From FORUM side Convenor conducted the meeting and assured CGM of full support for developmental activities of CTD. We also presented some problems of billing/mailing,distribution of staffs & executives especially in external & marketing,etc.

The GMs present there took note of the problems and assured to solve.

At last FORUM Convenor & CGM from management side thanked all for extending cooperation and hoped that in near future CTD can turn around.


Enhancement of Death / Retirement gratuity as per 7th CPC recommendations

DoT issues orders regarding implementation of 7th CPC recommendation : Applicability to the BSNL / MTNL absorbees opting for pension for combined service governed under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. The maximum limit of Death / Retirement gratuity shall be Rs. 20 lakh w.e.f. 01.01.2016 with change of the formula for pension / family pension.

<<Click here for the orders>>>>>


CS & Other Circle OBs met GM(F) & CGM/CTD regarding transfer/posting case of accounts/Engg.personnel.We expressed out resentment regarding the way the request transfer/retention cases are being dealt by the respective sections.CGM assured that the applications will be duly forwarded to respective sections of BSNL CO for decision.


GS Writes to:

 The GM (FP) BSNL Corporate Office regarding

(a) Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel. <<Click here for letter>>>>>

(b) Request for transfer / posting / cancellation / retention in the Cadre of Accounts Personnel. <<Click here for letter>>>>>


GS writes to:

Smt Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board,  regarding

Granting of facilities to the AIBSNLEA consequent upon the membership verification – our submissions regarding.<<Click here for letter>>>>>

Facility of informal meeting to Support Association in BSNL

BSNL Corporate Office has issued instructions to all CGMs regarding grant of regular informal meetings to Circle and SSA level bodies of AIBSNLEA with local management so that they can effectively function as "Support Association".

While issuing these instructions BSNL Corporate Office has mentioned that on account of securing majority votes AIBSNLEA has been granted status of Support Association vide letter number BSNL/5-1/SR/2016 dated 13.12.2016 and is granted some facilities including the facility of informal meeting at the discretion of the management. Denoial of meeting under the clauses of discretion of the management would be against the spirit of BSNL (REA) Rules, 2014.

Regular meetings with major association(s) of executives will help to maintain healthy and harmonious industrial relations in the company and boost the performance of the executive.

<<<Click here for the instructions>>>>


Night Free Calling facility to BSNL Pensioners approved by BSNL.

GS met with GM (Admn) and discussed regarding BSNL Management Committee approval on Night Free Calling facility to BSNL Pensioners. GM (Admn) informed that the competent authority has approved this proposal and necessary orders will be issued shortly. Consistent efforts AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA thus yielded result in getting the proposal moved from Admn. Section after the Directions given by Director (HR) in the informal meeting held with AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA and now got approved from BSNL MC.


On 03-03-2017 CS,ACS(HQ),FS alongwith BS/Central II met DGM(MM) with all our members at PHS.We discussed about some problems of Stores such as acute shortage of Executives,Complex situation arose out of unplanned implementation of ERP,Request transfers of our members working at PHS for over a decade from far away vis-a-vis recent transfer order issued by GM(Plg) in the name of sensitive post.

It has been decided that BS/Central II will represent formally to DGM(MM) demanding complete reshuffling of Executives of PHS including Salt Lake/Ranikuthi Stores,orders to be issued by HQ,implementation of request transfers,posting of JTOs /SDEs under DGM(MM) immediately in order to run the organisation effectively.


On 2nd March 2017 FORUM organised a convention at SUBARNA BANIK SAMAJ HALL opposing sinister moves of Central Govt. especially PMO to make BSNL suffocate & sink including establishment of Subsidiary Tower Company, favouritism to RJIL. Our members in good number attended the convention in jampacked hall at 3-30 PM.FORUM convenor Com.Saibal Sengupta presided over the convention.On behalf of AIBSNLEA/CTD CS & ACS were present on the dais amongst leaders of all the constituents of FORUM.

CS in his deliberation gave a clarion call to forge the unity among executives & non executives of BSNL to stop the move of DoT & to make 100 % state owned PSU BSNL strong & profitable.

All the leaders urged upon to make the 9th March 2017 rally which will start at 2 PM from Subodh Mallik Square to Rani Rasmoni Road a historic one so that we can show our will power to make BSNL survive as a strong,healthy PSU defeating Govt.'s conspiratorial activities.Thus, we could ensure our & national interest & make the management compelled to implement 3rd PRC & wage revision.

All members of all constituents of FORUM resolved unanimously to take part in the mammoth rally on 9th March 2017.



 Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board:

GS, FS, AGS (Finance) and OS (West) met Director (HR) and discussed regarding-

(a) Facilities to be granted to AIBSNLEA: We requested for granting of facilities to AIBSNLEA for its smooth functioning. Director (HR) assured to look into the matter

(b) Partisan attitude of CGM (WB) Telecom circle towards AIBSNLEA: We express our serious resentment against the partisan attitude of CGMT (WB) circle towards the members of AIBSNLEA and requested Director (HR) for her immediate intervention to avoid agitation. In some more circles also AIBSNLEA is facing such problems. Director (HR) directed GM (SR) to issue instructions to the circles to be impartial in solving the problems of AIBSNLEA members by holding meetings.

(c) Feedback / comments on CPSU cadre hierarchy: We expressed our concern against delay in implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and not discussing the matter with AIBSNLEA by Pers. Cell of BSNL CO. Director (HR) immediately directed PGM (Pers.) to hold meeting with AIBSNLEA to take the feedback on implementat